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If your living room is also your kitchen, dining room or even bedroom, use block furniture and handy storage to divide the space.
Here’s one thing I know for sure… no matter how big your house is, you need more storage! If you’ve got a hallway that is more than 36″ wide, there could be an opportunity in it! If you want to save yourself the trouble of finishing the edges of the plywood, try using MDF. Similar to the shelving on the edge of the dresser a few images above, this is just an inspiring reminder that shelves can be made in any size to make use of just about any nook or cranny you have.
The shelves attached to the cabinet are fastened through the cabinet itself from the inside, while the ones on the wall have little mounting boards underneath. Unless you were raised at Downton, you’ve most certainly experienced the explosion of disorganization that frequently occurs under the kitchen sink.
While I for one think the forces of the universe take a personal interest in keeping that area one of mayhem and destruction, you could try to tame it with a pullout tray. One of the most frustrating issues with small spaces is clutter which is greatly exacerbated by all of our modern gadgets. Similar to the space next to the fridge, there is often extra space in the laundry area that can be made good use of with a little bit of wood (in this case, melamine), some glue, and a decent cordless nail gun.
And, if all else fails or you’re just not wanting to get your toolbelt out, there are always creative shelves you can order on Amazon. I actually prefer open space above cabinets as compared to the common alternatives which are either a closed in soffit or a closed cabinet so high you can’t reach it. As for the other picture with the towels on the floor near the toilet… I can see where that would be kind of a bad idea. As for me here and so vast space, is the use of “save space” in a private house!
5 Hanging tiered baskets can be used to sort toys, mail, accessories, and all sorts of different things.
Small spaces can be functional, organized and offer plenty of storage, if you know a few tricks on how to use the space.

I love to use bookcases as another way to help corral clutter and store items in a small space. If building fancy drawers is too far out of your wheelhouse, you can find freestanding units that have nice fronts already on them and just roll under the bed. I think it was just put there in the picture to hide a bit of not so pretty architecture… the bathroom has kind of a chase on the wall there. She believes that style is about embracing your unique sense of life and expressing it in your home and the way you live. There are so many beautiful boxes & baskets in which to store things and they look great on bookcases.
Whether it’s a strategically placed shelf, a small storage cabinet squeezed in a corner or a wall-mounted unit, the important thing is to make sure the room doesn’t become cluttered.
If you do live in a small house (mine is a little cottage by the water at a cozy 1000 square feet) you really need more storage!  I’ve collected a group of ideas and links below that might offer you some glimpse of hope or a dose of inspiration! Because I’ve cleaned homes with them and found most housekeepers do not clean up there, usually because it requires use of a ladder. However, in contrast to those of you who have house not too large and distribution of any small office.
In 2012, Peggy launched the blog Decorating Files to share her experience and knowledge to help readers create a home and lifestyle that reflects their own individuality and personal style. The five bathrooms we have selected as examples might be small but they surely don’t lack storage space.View in galleryIn this bathroom, the solution for saving space was to have a narrow shower with a transparent glass wall, a sink cabinet with integrated storage compartments and a matching wall-mounted cabinet above the toilet. They can become a greasy mess in a kitchen, as we all know, it is an invitataion to insects and odors. Today I have seven more small space storage ideas that will help you to make the most of the space you have and keep you organized.
Floor-to-ceiling bookcases or shelving will give you plenty of much needed space-saving storage. To maintain a simple, airy look, the bathroom has a lovely white and beige colour palette.View in galleryBecause this bathroom is narrow, the solution was to have a corner storage unit placed above the bathtub unit or bathroom suites for small bathrooms. It has both open and hidden storage spaces and can be sued both from inside the tub and from the other side of the bathroom.

Actually a small room can also be looked extensive, if you can arrange it neatly and maximal.
It’s great for storing towels, lotions as well as for displaying a few decorations.View in galleryIn this bathroom, one wall is occupied by sort of built-in storage structure with a space in the center featuring the sink vanity with towel bars on each side and a mirror. On either side of this space are two high and narrow storage spaces with shelves and compartments. Visually, the overall design is elegant and beautiful.View in galleryThis is a great example of a small bathroom with lots of storage space. Small space storage ideas, you could probably make guidelines to overcome them.All those who have a small space must be very clever to set storage of goods, there is a small space storage idea that you can apply in your home. The double sink cabinet provides plenty of drawers and compartments white the space in between the two mirrors is also occupied by a wall-mounted storage cabinet.
It’s simple, not cluttered and very handy.View in galleryThis is a clever for using the space adjacent to the bathtub. In that space you can create a ladder rack or drawer is very useful and can be used for home decoration or store your collection of books. This shelving unit is great for storing towels and keeping them close at hand but also for storing and displaying decorations, lotions and all sorts of other items. Sofa can also be used as a storage area, of course with a sofa that has a storage area underneath.
This is also an effective way so that wall doesn’t look empty and at the same time can be used for storage.
Several boxes of different sizes and also at the hanger you can also Adding cabinets in the closet to store your collection.Actually, not so difficult to store items in a small room. All the problems of storage of goods in narrow spaces will be overcome with creative ideas that you get from Internet, friends or magazines.

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