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GTA 5 PC RETAIL COPYS TAKES UP 7 DISCS GTA 5 has been one of the largest game releases ever, remaining popular when released on the lat generation consoles and a year later on the current generation consoles. I set mine onto Steam pre-load at the first opportunity to let my poor old ADSL line struggle with it! Given that so few people use disc-based installs now, and so few people have blu-ray readers, I have to say I'd be surprised. GTA 5 still needs the rockstar social application regardless of where you or how you get it though.
I do, and I said 'also', remember how this happened with CD's and DVD's when they sold a version of both (Battlefield 2 comes to mind). When I bought Mafia II it included a disk, but the keycode for activation was also a Steam key that I could enter in Steam directly and just download it off there without needing the disc.
Can't imagine this would be too expensive for game developers, especially when they will be cheaper for them to buy than for me as a consumer.
Yes, but eventually businesses are going to realize that DVD players are a thing of the past, especially with online movie streaming and rental now being more popular than ever, and usually cheaper than their physical equivalent. Then computer manufacturers will shave off some cost by not putting them into systems anymore (cheaper laptops already do this). Yeah i'm crapping my pants over this because I had to spend 13 minutes downloading a file while I sat on my PC doing other things.
Some people have slow internet and using anything else makes their bandwidth suffer for the download.
I'm one of those poor SOBs with crappy internet (ie less than 2Mbps down, less than 0.5Mbps up). If you download GTA through the Rockstar downloader and not with steam you need the windows media player to be installed. I'm on 70mb optical now but before that I lived in a very remote farm house in Dorset and we had 2mb with a 100gb cap on it and were paying ?50 a month just for the internet !! The game has a significant amount of offline content so it would be silly not to make it available to those who do not have the internet or have extremely limited internet. I'm sure there are others who just like to have physical media they can touch too and tbh the artwork and the maps are part of the game.

Anybody know if the physical disk copy on amazon for this game is going to be able to play from Steam? Well for the past four years I've always found it cheaper to buy from Amazon, physical copies. We won't share your email address with ANYONE, and we will only email you with updates on site news, reviews, and competitions and you can unsubscribe easily at any time.
As we keenly await for the GTA 5 release date, Rockstar Games has been continually teasing us with GTA 5 screenshots and cinematics of the game. Although I would consider myself to be a long-time GTA fan, there?s something particularly exciting about the release of GTA 5, and although I, like many others, was rather disappointed to see the original Spring release pushed all the way back to near Fall, I?m still as intrigued and eager to play the game as ever. The gameplay trailer is about five minutes in length, and offers a running commentary of some of the characters, missions, and vehicles. Grand Theft Auto 5 will be releasing for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on the 17th of September, and if you haven?t already, you can pre-order from most of your favorite outlets. It’s interesting how the PS3 shipped with a 20 or 40 GB harddrive back in 2005, which seemed like a lot at the time.
Than again maybe Sony offered a smaller stock hard drive on purpose in order to help boost sales of high capacity notebook drives, never know with these corporations. Again i say this site is the worst for fact checking and now censorship since they deleted my comment that said that. I’m glad the first thing I did before even turning on my PS4 was installing a 1TB drive.
Would any of you want to see a transition to Blu- Ray disks or to stay on the aging DVD format. I tend to buy all my games as disk based versions, well at least on PS4 anyway but I always buy digital on PC, but honestly wouldn't mind getting the 7 disks for this. If anything having it stand alone so you dont run 2 clients sounds better then having to run steam to run social thing and then launch gta 5, better to just have 1 launcher.
Like the biggest part of the market is people that buy cheap pre-builds that don't have them, and even under enthusiasts like us optical drives are disappearing completely. I'd say that was a pretty good solution, even if it kinda puts Steam into more of a monopoly position than they already are.

But as long as neither parties (either the ones that make DVDs or the ones that play them) make this move, we will be stuck with this outdated, slow, and inconvenient media.
I have a large oak dresser cabinet I keep all of my games in Plus buying the media usually works out cheaper than buying on Steam any way. Of that minority of PC gamers without decent internet access I think it's safe to assume far more of them have DVD drives.
To really gauge how good a title is and more importantly, whether we can see ourselves going out and buying it, a gameplay trailer always helps, and today, Rockstar has, as promised, delivered just that. Although we?re used to GTA being a bit of a shoot-?em-up, there?s something quite a la Sims about GTA 5, with activities such as tennis and bike riding accompanying the usual feast of vigilante activity and bounty hunting. In such cases, a user will have to hook up an external HDD or pony up a small fee for a USB pen drive, and while this isn?t much of an inconvenience to most, it?s certainly something you?ll want to have in place and ready before you go out and pick the title up. Rockstar has revealed the disk space requirements for Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PlayStation 4, and you better start clearing out some space: GTA 5 requires 50 GB of storage on the PS4. Since most games on the system tend to copy pretty much everything to the harddrive in order to improve loading speed, Rockstar is dumping the entire contents of the 50 GB Blu-ray disc onto the harddrive. Making it available on blu-ray would only limit the potential market as after all all Blu Ray drives can read DVD's. That was one of the most recent games I've bought, just shows you how crap PC gaming has been lately.
We’re sure all the new, high-res textures and graphical updates take up a considerable amount.
Don't need a dedicated launcher, it really annoys me when I clean install, which is what I do regularly.
The new Wolfenstein game is pushing up to 45 GB of required disk space, making it pretty much the biggest game on the system.

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