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Called the V60 Cross Country, the new softroader continues Volvo’s tradition of taking a wagon, adding some ride height and butching up the exterior.
Total length is a hair under 183 inches for both crossovers and overall width is within an inch of each other.
Volvo is known for having some unusual engine options and it looks like that will be the case for years to come.
That’s right, the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine is supercharged and turbocharged to produce 302 HP and 295 lb-ft. Strangely, the V60 Cross Country is pigeon-holed into offering just one drivetrain, even though the regular V60 wagon has more choices. Part of the reason for the XC60’s poor real-world mileage could be blamed on the engine’s start-stop system.
Once that initial lag goes away, there is so much more torque and power throughout the rpm range in the XC60. Both Volvos are rated to tow 3,500 pounds and the V60 Cross Country has a slightly smaller turning radius. With a lower load floor, the V60 Cross Country’s cargo area can carry a lot, 43.8 cubic feet to be exact with the seats folded down.
Deciding between these Volvos isn’t easy, but if it’s a crossover you’re after, then get the true crossover, the XC60. Volvo Cars of North America is working with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to make the new XC90’s launch smoother.
Volvo is avoiding all the complexities of modern vehicles in order to set itself apart from the luxury crowd. Volvo is well on its goal to deliver cars in which no one is seriously injured or killed by the year 2020. Volvo Cars of Canada said that the new engine, currently available in the S80, V70, XC70 and XC90, will broaden the appeal of the companya€™s newest product.
The T6 AWD can also be optioned with an R-Design package for $3,000, which adds 20-inch alloy wheels, unique grille and mirrors, skid plate, exhaust pipes, fog lights, sport chassis, and unique steering wheel, floor mats, sport pedals and sport dials.
Launched in early 2009 exclusively with a 281-horsepower T6 engine, Volvo Cars of Canada Corp.
Prices for the XC60 3.2 start at $39,995 and vehicles come well-equipped with features such as power driver seat, Electronic Climate Control, heated front seats, electronic parking brake and 16" alloy wheels. Regardless of trim, every XC60 will include the Volvo City Safety system as standard equipment. For the XC60 T6 AWD, buyers can also add an R-Design upgrade for $3,000 to enhance handling and visual appeal. Now that you’re familiar with our models, it’s time to learn about some additional options. We equip every Volvo with IntelliSafe technology that does everything possible to avoid a collision, just short of driving the car for you. Each car is also equipped with Drive-E technology that optimizes fuel efficiency and carbon byproducts, so you can feel as good about your car as you do about the warm cappuccino in the cup holder. And Sensus technology allows you to effortlessly control your vehicle, right from the driver-control interface.
We’ve equipped the S60 with state of the art features like Pedestrian Detection and the new Lane Keeping Aid. The S80 has features galore to keep you safe, from the enhanced Blind Spot Information System to Park Assist. Let torque vectoring smooth out your ride as Full Active High Beam automatically adjusts your headlights. Many of the car’s features can be effortlessly controlled from the driver-control interface. The V70 comes standard with the enhanced Blind Spot Information System and Park Assist, which will help guide you safely into a parking space as little as 1.2 times the length of the car. The smart storage compartments and split, foldable rear seats make for cargo capacity that’s about as infinite as the kids’ imaginations, while interior mood lighting may become more pertinent at times when your kids are not in the car.
The XC60 comes standard with a heated windscreen, heated steering wheel and Full Active High Beam technology.
Instant Traction Control and Hill Descent Control keep you, the driver, in control of your ride, while a lighter power train makes for better fuel efficiency. And the XC70 has many safety features like Park Assist and the enhanced Blind Spot Information System.
It has seven real seats made with handcrafted materials that have been tested for contact allergies.
The XC90 has glorious safety features like the Anti-Skid System and Integrated Child Booster Cushions to keep you and your passengers safe.
Earlier this month we told you about Volvo's Polestar Performance package available for models equipped with the T5 engine.
Volvo Cars of Canada is giving fans of Twilight a chance to win a Volvo XC60 or tickets to the world premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon in Los Angeles and an opportunity to meet some of the cast members.
Vancouver residents are getting the opportunity to test drive the new Volvo XC60 under the "From Sweden with LA¶v" campaign. Starting November 1, 2009, entrants will have a chance to win a Volvo XC60 like the one Edward Cullen drives in New Moon, by putting their Twilight saga knowledge to the test in an interactive game-like contest.

Chrysler Group plans to suspend production at several US pants and the Windsor, ON plant for as many as four weeks in order to lower inventories of unsold vehicles. Inventories rose this year when high gas prices shifted demand to cars from pickups and SUV on which Chrysler depends. A group of automotive journalists from the United States and Canada have selected the Honda Fit, the Saturn Aura and the Toyota Camry as finalists for the 2007 North American Car of the Year.
The awards are designed to recognize the most outstanding vehicles of the year based on factors that include innovation, design, safety, handling, driver satisfaction and value for the dollar. General Motors expects to sell 1 million or more pickups in the North American market in 2007 even though analysts fear the segment's sales will shrink, the automaker's product chief said today. Volvo is giving us a sneak peak of its BMW X3 contender in the luxury compact SUV sector in the form of the XC60 Concept. Ontario students who quit high school before they graduate or turn 18 risk losing their driver's license under a law passed yesterday. The measure is part of a package that includes a wider variety of education options for students who don't do well in traditional classrooms.
But critics say taking a teen's license away will make it even harder for young people who drop out to get a job. Transport Canada has issued its latest recalls, which may affect some Volvo, Suzuki and Chrysler vehicles. On certain vehicles, the certification label information was not printed in the prescribed manner or order. On certain vehicles, the engine throttle may stick in the open position, due to throttle body icing in temperatures near or below minus 20 C. On certain vehicles, the hood latch striker may break and allow the hood to open while driving.
Ita€™s always interesting when a non-automotive publication gives their opinion on the best vehicle(s) for any particular task. In a bid to stabilize market share and bring its North American operations back to health, Ford Motor Co. Having seen the signs, Volvo opened up its eyes and is introducing a second crossover of the mid-size variety. It joins the aging XC60 in Volvo’s lineup, which did receive some new life for 2015 with the introduction of new, more efficient Drive-E powertrains. The XC60 is available with no fewer than four different engines, depending on trim and drivetrain.
All Cross Countrys come equipped with a 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine making 250 HP and 266 lb-ft.
Both vehicles come standard with 18-inch wheels, but the XC60 can be fitted with optional 20-inchers if desired.
Overall, the XC60 drives more like a crossover while the V60 Cross Country drives a lot like a car.
The V60 has a lower seat cushion and headroom only works because there is a valley dug out of the roof liner.
But that’s still 23.6 cubic feet less than the XC60 and the XC60 does come with a power lift gate, pop up hatch divider and hidden storage space under the floor – features absent from the Cross Country.
That puts them both just under the $50,000 mark, with the V60 Cross Country having a $1,000 price advantage. The V60 Cross Country is good, but is too much of a compromise between a wagon and a crossover – especially considering Volvo already has one of each.
The following is text from a booklet I put together, outlining how we at Volvo might speak about ourselves and our cars.
With tons of coveted cargo space and the lightest powertrain yet, the V model wagons are ready for any and every adventure you can dream up. When our features become industry standard, it’s because someone like you actually needed them. Torque vectoring gives you a smooth ride around curves, and Full Active High Beam automatically makes you a nicer person.
This luxury vehicle has the versatility of a wagon with the comfort and handling of a sport car. This premium wagon has all the safety features to keep your family secure, in a sleek body with just a nod to our design heritage. Customize your XC90 with the Interior Air Quality System, rear seat entertainment and the premium sound package for a comfortable ride for you and your passengers.
We knew it was only a matter of time until a similar upgrade was made available for the T6 engine.
Since the puzzles increase in difficulty, players are encouraged to exchange hints through Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. The Chevrolet Silverado, Ford Edge and Mazda CX-7 are finalists for the 2007 North American Truck of the Year. To be eligible, vehicles must be "all new" or "substantially changed" from the previous model. Ita€™s cheaper than the A3, looks considerably better than the Mercedes-Benz B-Class and can be had with more horsepower than the BMW 323i. Lutz expects the trucks, which boast industry-leading fuel economy, to sell at full sticker price for several months.

The law raising the age limit for mandatory school attendance from 16 to 18 is expected to be in force later this week. The least expensive AWD isna€™t listed (Suzuki SX4) and what about the infamous Jeep Wrangler? Ford has looked at the success of the Dodge Charger and wants to capitalize on the strength of the Mustang name. New this year are the Drive-E engines, the most interesting of which is the twin-charged T6. But with the extra power, it can still run from 0-60 MPH in 6.5 seconds, a half second fast than the Cross Country. There’s a heavy delay in re-firing the engine once it stopped, which lead me to hammering down on the throttle more than I planned to as I waited for the vehicle to get rolling.
This begs the question though, if you want something that drives more like a car, why not get an actual car, the regular V60 wagon?
The XC60 offers more legroom, more headroom and a more open feeling thanks to a panoramic sunroof – something not offered in the V60 Cross Country. The XC60 T6 will also be offered with a new R-Design package to heighten the visual appeal and handling of the vehicle. The company provides marketing, sales, parts, service, technology and training support to the 41 Volvo automobile retailers across the country. Some of us like a little more space and strength, without riding in something that looks like it belongs 800 feet under water. With mood lighting, the Elegance digital display theme and the new Connected Touch system, it just may be your turn to drive. Hill Descent Control makes sure you stay in control of the vehicle as you ride down those tough hills. Customize your XC70 with one of eight exterior colors, fog lights and dual chrome end pipes. The XC60 Concept practically previews the production version, especially in what concerns its exterior design. But the measure allowing a truancy court judge to suspend a dropout's license won't come into effect until sometime next year, when more alternative-learning options are in place. Therea€™s no doubt that the vehicles listed are great in winter but there are some glaring omissions.
Product planners are seriously considering creating a sedan (and possibly a wagon) variant of the famed Mustang pony car. The supercharger adds extra power during low engine speeds, while a turbocharger adds grunt at the higher end. Unlike the new Drive-E engines, it remains partnered to a six-speed automatic and all-wheel drive.
And, even with more power and more weight, the XC60 has higher efficiency ratings than the all-wheel-drive V60 Cross Country, thanks to that Drive-E powertrain.
Again, sitting in the V60 Cross Country feels more car-like, while the airier XC60 feels more like a crossover. Step in height in the XC60 is better situated for adults, while the lower entry height of the V60 Cross Country is better suited for kids. Not only does the XC60 offer more passenger space and extra features, but it also gives you so much more choice.
But we take our S models a step further by offering you a ride that’s dynamic and responsive.
The best part is Volvo Canada claims no impact on fuel consumption (assuming the pedal is kept out of the floor).
Analysts estimate that a brand-new model can bring in from $5,000 to $10,000 in profit per vehicle. The automaker will also face new competition from Toyota Motor Corp., which will launch its redesigned Tundra pickup next year. Although it sounded strange to us at first, who can argue with the idea of building a 300+hp RWD mainstream sedan?
And despite all this innovative technology, the twin-charged engine can run on regular gas. But, during real world testing, the two vehicles nearly tied with the V60’s observed average of 25 MPG beating the XC60’s average of 24.8 MPG.
Turn on a dime with torque vectoring and set the mood with a playlist that’s controlled by the sweet sound of your voice.
The T5 will use the 218hp turbocharged 5-cylinder and will come with a six-speed manual transmission. For now, it only comes in front-wheel-drive versions of the XC60 T6 and is hooked up to an equally new eight-speed automatic transmission.

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