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Portable storage containers and enclosed trailers are an excellent resource when your business hits a growth spurt or moves thru seasonal spikes. Are you looking to expand your current retail, office, warehouse or other commercial business space?
Maybe you’ve been researching the cost of downsizing your current space in order to cut costs? Whether you’re going into an expansion mode or pulling back on space, shipping containers and trailers are a great way to prepare for your business relocation.  Load up as needed while keeping production going and minimizing downtime during your move. We understand that expanding or contracting your business facility is a big decision with long lasting repercussions. Give us a call today, visit online or stop by to find out if renting shipping containers or semi trailers is the next move for the changing needs of your business.
Here is helpful resource guide and comparison of why using Portable on-site storage is better than using self storage facilities.When you are looking for storage solutions at the most convenient and best possible prices,  portable storage containers are the best solution.
Learn why Great Lakes Kwik Space can provide a more convenient cost effective solution with on site storage units compared to using traditional self storage service places. Why rent a U-haul truck, load the truck, and then drive multiple times back and forth to a warehouse storage facility, when we can do the work by delivering a portable storage container right to your home or business location. What comes to mind when you think about getting a storage space? Most of us picture packing our stuff into a truck and carting it off to a secured facility.
Storage facilities such as Public Storage or U-Store have multiple locations so it’s easy to find one near you.
Wondering how many boxes, rolls of tape, packing peanuts, another other packing materials you will need? For so long, PC and Mac have dominated the field of computing and the battle between these never seems to end. Unlike in the past where Mac was a reserve for the rich and those involved in really creative professions, the PC has level up to a quality that favourably competes with the Mac. Nowadays, having a small business calls for ownership of a powerful computer to make the tasks and processes faster, easier, less laborious and more effective. Making a choice between Mac and PC still remains a challenge as each of them comes with different incredible features, as well as their own share of disadvantages.
For instance, PCs cost $300 to $700 on average while a Mac with similar features will cost between $1500 and $3000 on average, which indicates a very huge price difference. If your small business is looking for affordability, then PC’s are the perfect choice. Each of these models and brands come with different features and depending on your unique needs, you can choose one that perfectly fits you. PC’s are manufactured by different companies with frequent updates to the features, which allow you to own the latest software and hardware in the computing industry. In addition to this, most Windows and Linux software for PC’s are easily accessible with some of them being free.
On the other hand, Mac computers have their software specifically designed for them and cannot be accessed easily as compared to PC software. Given the fact that the number of PC technicians is much higher than that of Mac technicians, it comes to say that maintenance of PC’s is much easier.
Even were repair and replacement of parts is concerned, it is much cheaper and more accessible when you own a PC as compared to when you own a Mac.

When investing in computers for your small business, it’s of great importance to consider the kind of maintenance requirements you are prepared for.
If your IT technician is an expert in PC systems and you don’t plan on hiring a Mac systems technician, then you will be better off with PC’s. Mac computers, their operating system and the software used are designed with the most powerful security provisions. On the other hand, PC’s are very susceptible to viruses and you will have to keep updating their antivirus, antimalware and firewall software frequently for safer and more secure use.
This may also be attributed to the huge number of PC users in the world as compared to the number of Mac users.
Apple usually designs their devices with user interfaces and body designs that are easy to use and very user-friendly.
Mac’s user interface is easy to maneuver and its controls are so basic, easy to understand and easy to manipulate.
Display is also a great strength for the Mac especially with the invention of the Retina Display screens that reduce glare and provide a high resolution display that is safe and comfortable to the human eye. Mac’s screen and display quality will be particularly important if your business is mainly involved in tasks and processes that require use of high resolution screens, such as graphic design, animation and gaming among others. The quality of each of its parts, starting from its chassis, keyboard, screen and webcam among others is built with strength and durability in mind. Given their hefty price tags, it is obvious that Apple has to ensure that their computers are a worthy investment, and that they are not built with flimsy and low quality materials such as weak plastic. On the other hand, PC’s cost much less, which obviously means that the materials used to build them are not as expensive and high quality as those used in Mac computers. As much as Mac computers come with little internal storage in the form of SSD, their storage space is compensated by the provision of iCloud storage which enables storage of data over the internet.
This is even better because it allows easier and more effective synching of all iOS and Mac devices over the internet.
Connectivity to peripherals has also been made easier, with faster transfer speeds, thanks to the Thunderbolt feature in Mac. Mac and PC have grown a great deal over the decades and with the improvement of features and design, it has come to a point where they are at par in terms of competition. As a matter of fact, the choice between PC and Mac is currently based on personal preferences. It is advisable to choose a computer that you can use with ease as the transition from PC to Mac or vice versa will definitely take some duration. Backup and transfer of data should also be considered as transferring it from PC to Mac or from Mac to PC is more challenging as compared to transferring from PC to PC or from Mac to Mac. For any small business owner who wants to invest in computers for their business, the above factors should always be considered before finally choosing to purchase a Mac or a PC. InvoiceBerry is an online invoicing software for small businesses, sole traders and freelancers. Business owners can sign up within 2 minutes and start sending their first invoices to clients.
Many business owners and decision makers, whether in Colorado or far away, don’t realize how quickly and inexpensively they can expand, reduce and relocate space by utilizing portable storage units. The Front Range commercial real estate market presents a challenge for small to medium size businesses needing a larger footprint, with rental rates and real estate prices reaching all-time highs.

If you’re looking at cutting leasing costs but not confident on committing to a smaller space, you can be left on the fence for months while your bills keep eating up capital. An additional benefit is that you are prepared for a stall if you hit some bumps with your new space. Our team at Colorado Storage Systems is available to discuss your needs as you work through the process.
Whether you’re remodeling your home, de-cluttering your space, or need to store businesses inventory, before you decide to call one of those self storage warehouse places, you should consider a better and more versatile storage option.
We provide a full range of services, including trailers, custom container modifications, and container delivery. An Oregon native, he enjoys finding new creative ways to move boxes, exploring new ways to enhance his team, along with playing piano and visiting Bend with his friends and dog Riley. Even with similar features and specifications, it can be seen that PC’s will always be more affordable. Mac also has more secure features to reduce the probability of being hacked as compared to PC’s.
With their incredible keyboard designs, typing on a Mac computer is always a joy, even in the dark as the keypads are illuminated.
Mac computers have always held top position when it comes to design, attention to detail, durability and user friendliness.
As much as PC’s have also embraced cloud storage provisions such as Dropbox and Google Drive, the quality and ease of use can never beat that of the iCloud.
The learning curve to using any of these two computers should also be considered before investing in one.
She loves making our customers happy and handles the social media presences of InvoiceBerry. Denver and surrounding areas are also thriving with startup companies, many of whom need the ability to expand rapidly while keeping costs in check. Making use of rental containers or trailers can restore your confidence as you downsize your commercial real estate footprint. Permit issues, wiring problems, final inspections, loan paperwork complications, even weather (like a couple of recent Colorado blizzards!) can cause major setbacks and financial burden during a move. We are positive that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of options we can offer your business in transition. Leasing additional space places a great deal of revenue pressure on a business and can quickly damage the debt to income ratio.
Retain that much needed capital by moving to a smaller space and renting portable storage units that expand or contract your total space as needed. Whether your move is delayed by red tape or El Nino, keep your business running and wait it out by using shipping containers or semi trailers as a temporary, extended workspace.
Portable storage units, on the other hand, provide physical and financial flexibility with only a month-to-month commitment and a small investment per unit.
That way, you’re only paying for the space you need at the time you need it – not to mention saving on the cost of heating and cooling that unused square footage!

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