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The cost of storage units which do not offer the climate control may vary from $35 to $175 per month. The cost of this kind of storage unit may high as it will also offer you additional facility and prevent your important items from environment change. Other variables on which the cost may vary are climate control, security, ventilation, and electricity supply etc. A small storage unit of size 5ft x 10ft may cost from $35 to $55 per month and a large storage unit of size 10ft x 30ft may charge $175 per month. A small size of storage unit can cost $120 to $180 per month and a large storage unit may cost up to $350 per month.
It can be done if you are thinking to setting up something for a long time like shops, family storage for upcoming multiple generations.

You rent a storage unit and then store the extra items into it from your home or your any business purpose. The standard size of any storage unit can have any one from these: 5ft x 5ft, 5ft x 10ft, `10ft x 10ft, 10ft x 15ft, 10ft x 20ft, 20ft x 20ft, 10ft x 30ft. Before renting a storage place you should prepare to choose the unit which satisfy your requirement and suitable according to your location and price.
Some security offers gated security, motion activated floodlights and also 24×7 CCTV surveillance. Even you can easily rent a unit with climate and moisture control, electrical hookups and even ventilation and light. The cost may be $5 to $15 per day and it also depends on how far the storage unit will go from your house.

One can find exterior storage unit which has no control on climate and another is established inside large interior structure with control on environment.
The interior storage units cost high because it will assure you that your items will be safe in any situation.

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