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What size units do you have available?We have over 700 storage units in 10 different sizes ranging from 5'x5' to 10'x30' to fit all of your storage needs!
What are the Facility hours?Office hours are 8am - 5pm Monday through Saturday and Gate Access Hours are 6:00 am - 9:00 pm everyday of the year!
What is the cost to move in?Payment of your first month's rent plus a one time $15 admin fee. Will my belongings be secure at your facility?We have a State of the Art Security System with a Door Alarm on every unit, Personalized Access Codes, Electronic Security Gates and 24 Hour Video Surveillance.
How does the Free Move-In Truck work?You schedule the truck; we provide a driver and even pay for the gas! Can you help answer questions about our storage needs?Our Friendly and Courteous Staff is trained to help with any questions or concerns that you my have. Do I need Insurance for my stored property?First we suggest you check to see if your homeowners or renters insurance can cover you, otherwise insurance available when you sign your rental agreement.
What can't I Store at Thornton Road Self Storage?We ask that you don't store any hazardous, flammable or toxic materials or any living things such as plants and animals. What can I store at Thornton Road Self Storage?Household Items, Furniture, Mattresses, Appliances, Computers, Electronics, Office Supplies, Tools, Exercise Equipment, Collectibles, Toys, Documents, Boats, Cars and Motorcycle's.
We pride ourselves in going the extra mile, making all of our customers feel secure, and 100% satisfied with our level of service, we look forward to making you another one of our happy customers.
We realize that you have other options when looking for an Elk Grove self storage provider and we'll do our best to make certain that you are 100% satisfied with your decision. Whether you need storage for personal or business needs, Sentry Storage offers clean, secure storage units at an affordable price. The pricing and availability of storage units in Stockton will depend on several factors such as the real estate climate, the number of people moving into or throughout the area, housing conditions in the city, and the general wealth and prosperity of the area.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most professional, safe and convenient self storage experience possible.
In order to give you a better idea of these factors in Stockton, we pulled in data from the US Census.Self Storage and Moving in Stockton, CAMany people use storage as part of their move, so if there are many people moving to Stockton, you might expect storage prices to be higher and unit availability to be lower. Although the moving process can be overwhelming, our friendly and knowledgeable management staff at Sentry Storage is here to help you make it easier.
A city with a high amount of moving activity should see substantial changes in population, so by looking at population data for Stockton we can get a better idea of the amount of moving activity.
You will quickly understand that you have made the right decision by storing your belongings with us. Each of our self storage facilities comes with a promise that you will be treated with respect and sincere care by one of our exceptional customer service consultants. The US Census provides us with housing value and median rent data for Stockton which we can use to get a better idea of what to expect in terms of price and availability for Stockton self storage.
We will prove to be your best choice when it comes to finding a self storage company to fulfill all of your storage needs. Census data tells us that the median home value in Stockton is $208,000, which is higher than the average median home value among the top 100 US metros. Also, considering the fact that the median income in Stockton makes up 25.66% of the median home value, we can say that housing in Stockton is less affordable than other US metros. 58% of Stockton homes are owner occupied, a lower percentage than other big cities.Median rent is $1,026 in Stockton according to the US Census, a higher rate than other sizeable US cities. Between 2005 and 2013, the median rent in Stockton grew by 8.11%, a lower rate than comparable cities. The median rent in Stockton would eat up approximately 23% of the median income, which makes Stockton less affordable for most renters than comparable cities.

37% of Stockton housing is renter occupied, a higher rate than other major metros.Another way housing may affect storage demand is in the general size of homes in that city, with areas where homes are smaller often having a greater need for extra storage space. The median number of rooms per home in Stockton is 6.2, which is lower than the average among the top 100 US metros. The median price per room in Stockton is $33,548, which is higher than average among the top US metro areas.One way to get an idea of the demand for housing and storage space in Stockton is to look at housing occupancy and vacancy rates.
If housing occupancy rates in Stockton are high, it's probably safe to assume that storage facility occupancy rates in Stockton are also high, which would push unit prices up.
That's a lower vacancy rate than the average for cities in the United States, and suggests that storage facility vacancy in Stockton may also be lower. Low vacancy allows storage facilities to charge higher rent, so a cheap storage unit could be trickier to find in Stockton than in other cities.Stockton, CA Self Storage Prices and EconomicsCities with a wealthier population and a faster-growing economy may see higher storage prices. Looking at economic statistics for Stockton can be particularly helpful if you're moving from another city. According to the most recent US Census data, median income in Stockton is $53,380, which is lower than the average for the top 100 US metro areas.
3.4% of the population in Stockton make over $200,000 a year, a lower proportion than in other large cities. According to the latest US Census reports, Stockton has a GDP of $20,603,000,000 and a per capita GDP of $29,223. 27% of Stockton residents over the age of 18 have a high school diploma, 11% have a college degree, and 5% have a graduate or professional degree.

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