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Ella (Barton) sneaks off one night to snoop through her fiance’s storage unit in the outskirts of town.
Winn: We shot it in a studio and when you go to a movie studio, there’s a guy at the gate for security.
See how celebrities are honoring Prince after his deathStill reeling over the death of David Bowie just over three months ago, the music world was hit equally hard yesterday with the equally unexpected news of the death of another giant, Prince, at 57. Meghan Trainor set to embark on summer tourPop singer Meghan Trainor has just announced a 26-date summer tour set to begin on July 24.
We are an authorized U-Haul pick up and drop off location, we also sell boxes and packing supplies. But deep in the lower levels of the warehouse, Ella and a half dozen storage unit customers discover there’s more than old furniture and memorabilia being locked away here. I went out to get something late at night and there was only one guy there at the front desk. My dad would take me to meetings and I loved movies, I love watching movies, I always wanted to make movies. She is a writer and a model is has been featured multiple times in Orlando Talent Magazine.

Versatile and an ideal size for those awkward to fit furniture into places, this antique piece is striking and useful.
A relentless psychopath has started his own “collection,” and unless Ella and the others can survive the blood-soaked rampage of the Hoarder, and find a way out of the maze-like building, they’ll never see the light of another day.
So for me, driving to that studio every day and going through the gate and smiling at the guy, and knowing they were going to let me in the lot in the first place was actually my dream come true.
She also appeared as a extra in projects such as ROOM 236, The Awakening Tales Web Series and The Night Shift: Inner Circle. When you’re at that level, people are doing it for the love because they’re not getting paid. Eventually another producer I knew came and had some money… We got the money and shot the film.
They could make more money selling car insurance, so they’re doing it because they like making films.
We were working very long hours and everyone was kind of in it together and you don’t want to mess it up. I thought somebody could jump out of one of those units and attack me right now and nobody would know.

It got me thinking about a bizarre, scary environment where you don’t know where you are, everybody’s got these units, it’s like a maze, you get lost, you’re on your own--It was deserted in the middle of nowhere.
It takes a lot of time to get them ready, that person is in makeup and your guys are ready to shoot and they’re calling for them and you’re watching the clock…that is all a bit stressful. There were some dangerous scenes; We had a chainsaw and we didn’t want anyone to die…there were some fight scenes with some stunt women that we use. We had another scene where the smoke alarms go off in the facility and water gets pumped out and we had to drench all of our actors in water. Everybody was covered in weather gear and Evelyn got wet and almost electrocuted everybody, so that was quite stressful as well.

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