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The Augusta storage cabinet can be used with the Augusta L-Shaped workstation to complete an office setting or be used independently in another area. The amount of things that an average person can accumulate over the years can be unimaginable. If you are looking for a great way to keep these items available but at the same time reclaim your space, you may look to use a public storage.
Using self storage for home storage is the best way for you to store the things that you may not be using regularly. Having an Ottawa public storage space is a much cheaper alternative for people who are living in smaller homes. Self storage is even more useful when you are moving and need a solution between locations.
If you need to free up some space in your home or apartment, then why not check out Gladwin Self Storage, Ottawa’s Price Leader in Self Storage keep your home organized, and your things secured! My wife and I had been looking all over Ottawa for an affordable self-storage facility because we were getting ready to sell our 3 bedroom townhouse near Bank and Hunt Club and needed to renovate the main level.
The Gorilla loft is an overhead garage storage unit that gets your clutter out of the way and organized overhead.
Our friendly staff can find the perfect storage unit to meet your specific needs and answer any questions that you may have about our storing your goods in our secure facility.
At Just Right Self Storage in Ottawa, protecting your goods during their stay at our secure self storage facility is a top priority. Just Right Self Storage offers you convenient and hassle-free personal self storage solutions in Ottawa for your personal self storage needs.
Our clean, bright, secure facility is a great place to store your belongings during a renovation or while you’re downsizing or moving. Our climate controlled residential storage units come in all sizes ranging from 25 to 300 square feet. Just Right Self Storage is your local supplier for moving and packing supplies in Ottawa such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, peanuts, tape, and moving boxes. We stock many different sizes of moving boxes in Ottawa and a variety of moving and packing products in addition to clean and secure storage units in Ottawa.
You should always keep in mind that no matter how long you keep items in a self-storage unit, the main aim of the unit is to serve as a temporary location to store your items.
There are a number of things that you can do when you’re ready to make a trip with your jewelry, whether you’re moving to a new home or if you just tend to travel very often. There are a number of different items that you can use to help you store your stuff when you need to.
It’s hard to think about winter when the weather in Ottawa has been absolutely gorgeous lately, but today we want to talk about winter vehicle storage. Gladwin Self Storage has been helping its clients store their vehicles for over 12 years, and we pride ourselves on offering a clean and secure facility that is also accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Our low-curb, drive up storage units provide our clients with an affordable and reliable storage solution regardless of their vehicle’s size. Gladwin Self Storage offers 9 foot doors, which make entering and exiting our storage unit’s simple. Get your car detailed – inside and out.  It’s always nice to take your vehicle out of storage looking brand new! Get an oil change (replace the oil and filter) and be sure to let the engine run to circulate the new oil throughout the engine.  This will help lubricate and prepare the vehicle for prolonged storage.

Inflate your tires properly; you don’t want to come back to your vehicle after months away to find a flat tire!
When you store your vehicle, it’s also a good idea to disconnect the battery to preserve the battery life, and to assist in starting the vehicle up when it’s time to take it out of storage.
Make your reservations early if you are renting for the winter, otherwise, you may be left out in the cold!
Ottawa offers many great seasonal activities, but the arrival of fall usually means preparing for winter. Gladwin Self Storage makes it easy to access your items, with self storage facilities just 1 min. Gladwin Self Storage will provide a secure place to store items that they you need to use or access intermittently, like camping gear and seasonal clothing that can pack closets. Gladwin Self Storage’s storage units will help to de-clutter, while at the same time protecting your investments in items that you will undoubtedly need next year. Whether you need short term, or longer storage periods, Gladwin Self Storage will keep your belongings accessible and secure until you need them again.
We have the largest self storage facility in downtown Ottawa with more than 1,100 climate controlled storage units.
It can be extremely easy to purchase new things that may be needed to a particular hobby or purpose, but these can build up over time. Many families living in Ottawa take advantage of using Ottawa storage facilities where they can safely and securely store their things.
Putting these items in a self storage will keep them available just when you need them, and out of the way when you don’t.
Moving storage will make it easy to stage your existing home, as well as incrementally move all the way to providing flexible space to ease the move in allowing you to have all your things transferred where you need them most. Our drive up self storage units will allow you to drive right to your storage unit’s door to load and unload without the hassle of loading docks, pushing carts down never ending corridors, long elevator waits or carrying up stairs and let your truck do the work.
They were willing to try and get me after hours access just to help me out in an emergency, brought me water bottles when they noticed I was dying in the heat, recommended movers for my way out, the list goes on and on. This unit can be installed on open or finished ceilings and add over 1 m3 (35 ft3) of new storage space. We offer more storage space sizes and mini storage units than any storage facility in Ottawa. As a result of our diligence to keep your goods safe, we have equipped our facility with a humidity and climate control system that maintains the optimal temperature and humidity within our facility to prevent the development of mould, mildew, and environmental processes that can damage your goods (such as the development of rust). If you want to truly expand your home’s space, consider us for longer-term residential storage of your household goods, furniture, or other personal items.
Additionally, our storage facility has advanced security features, including state-of-the-art security systems such as 24-hour digital video surveillance, computer-controlled secure access and a sheltered drive-thru lane for easy and secure access to your belongings.
Our moving and packing supply centre has everything that you need to make your move easy, safe, and affordable.
There are a number of things, such as memorabilia, paintings, fine art, collectibles and more. When you get to your destination, you want to ensure that your jewelry stays in a good condition anywhere you move them around. There are a number of things that you will realize are very helpful to you, your family and even your business.

You tend to see many people using different shapes and sizes of cardboard boxes to place all their stuff in when they want to move it or store it. In addition we offer wide drive aisles making it easy to back your vehicle into your spot if you want.
Storage with Gladwin Self Storage in Ottawa storage units come in handy when summer activities settle down and the time comes for  fall  cleaning  to make room for moving inside. Free up valuable driveway and garage space with car self storage, or storing the boat, ATV, car or RV.
Gladwin Self Storage features wide driveways that can handle even large moving trucks, simplifying loading and unloading.
A drive-up unit allows you to load and unload directly from your vehicle or truck. With this you can load and unload without the hassle of loading docks, pushing carts down never ending corridors, long elevator waits or carrying up stairs!
You can also watch the video clip for a visual walk-through of our secure, climate controlled storage facility located in downtown Ottawa for your convenience. Furniture, clothes, appliances, gym equipment and sporting goods can all have seasonal or intermittent use, but can take up some space when not in use. Using the Self storage as an extension of your home storage is just an alternate place where you can store your things when you don’t have enough room in your home. The cost of the monthly rent of a home storage space is much cheaper compared to paying for a larger house just to accommodate all your unused stuff.
It’s your space and your peace of mind; we are here to make your residential storage easy and hassle-free. We make sure that your goods are safe so that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your goods are secure. We sell only professional grade moving boxes that are appropriate size and construction so you can now have the same moving supplies the professionals use at competitive prices from one convenient location in the same facility that provides you with exceptional customer service and secure storage in Ottawa for your valuables. However, these types of items tend to be very fragile and not quite able to stand up to various environmental conditions.
We’re going to show you some of the great reasons that utilizing self-storage units can be really useful to you.
Cardboard storage boxes serve their particular purpose, but there are various different options that are available to cater to your needs. Mini storage with Gladwin Self Storage allows for a number of options, with many storage unit rental options to allow the perfect sizing of space for your seasonal items. Our facility offers complete peace of mind with digital video surveillance and leading edge security systems.
Self storages are generally flexible in perm and storage unit size, allowing you to get just the right self storage size for your needs. We’ll give you some pointers on the things that should be removed from your self-storage unit.
There are things such as mold, mildew, water, sunlight, temperature and humidity, which will spoil or damage your possessions.
With easy access to your unit, you can swap the patio table for your shovels, and still get access to whatever you need, to save you from re-buying items that you may have simply forgotten about.

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