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Northern Tool + Equipment, Generators, pressure washers, air compressors, power tools, trailers, heaters, stoves, food processing, go karts, and more! Store your yard lawnmower, rakes, shovels, gas cans, tools, bicycles and more in one of these outdoor storage sheds. Shed includes 2 shatter proof windows that open for increased ventilation and shelving system is customizable and steel reinforced for added strength. High-pitched roof support a-frame trusses provide 6 feet 8 inches of head room and the steep roof allows for quick drainage of rain and snow. This vertical outdoor storage shed is just the right height for rakes, shovels and other long-handled equipment.
This is also small enough to fit nicely inside your garage for handy access to your lawn tools and other items. The extra large wooden shed by Leisure Season that’s pictured here has double doors to allow easy access to lawn equipment and other items that you store in it. Cypress wood is very decay resistant, so you’ll be able to enjoy this shed for many years. This inventive storage shed is made of decay resistant wood and keeps trash bins and recycle bins organized and handy, while keeping them out of sight at the same time! You’ll be well pleased with the performance and durability of this outdoor storage shed.
Steel frame, windows, dead bolt locks and many other features will make this a shed a popular one should you decide upon it.
If it is a large space that you require then look no further than this massive, almost house like, storage solution. This tough plastic shed won’t ever rot, peel or dent, unlike its wooden and metal competitors. This sturdy double door storage unit by Rubbermaid is constructed of durable materials and has four shelves for you to hold a variety of items in your home, garage or back yard area.

It will hold paint cans, tools and other items you use for working around the house, or items that you want to keep, but don’t use often. This is a perfect cabinet to use for garage storage, where its slightly homely appearance won’t matter, and where wooden or metal cabinets would be likely to get dinged by yard tools, cars, and so on.
Suncast Garage Storage shatters the notion that garage organization needs to be metal to be strong and durable. Bio: I am Laura, a retired professional and I enjoy writing about various products and services available online.
These have become extremely popular these days and are one of the hottest trends as well as the Tiny House Shed. It has windows on each side to give you light and it offers ample room to store lawn equipment and other outdoor necessities. High arched, steel-reinforced doors offer a 4 foot wide by 6 feet high door opening, lockable doors with internal latching mechanism. High density polyethylene floor included does not crack, chip or peel; slip resistant surface with beveled edge and is resistant to oil and stains. It has 14 windows with contrast trim and robust double doors with articulating metal hardware. The wood and resin design is durable and attractive and will offer you years of storage solutions for your outdoor items. The large double doors on this storage shed allow you to easily place and remove items that you need. Do consider placing a shed like this one on a cement base, if possible, as it will prolong its life and aid its stability. It is a standard shed size at 8 x 6 feet and comes with 5 feet wide double doors which allows for bulky items to be passed through into the interior easily.
Furthermore, the double door at the front of the shed makes it easy to get big items in and out of the shed without strain or hassle.

The cabinet is easy to assemble-you don’t need tools to do it, though a soft mallet may be helpful. The Suncast Tall Storage Cabinet is engineered from heavy-duty, blow-molded resin and stands up to whatever you throw in it – or at it. Avoid messy trash that can become sodden in rainy weather by keeping it safe from the elements.
Even if one is not overly tidy you will find it a boon to have a storage facility outdoors, especially in wintertime when many items will be out of use for long periods.
Constructed with reinforced, adjustable shelving and lockable handles, it protects equipment and gear and keeps dangerous tools and equipment safely stored out of the way. Remember that wet trash can be several times heavier than when its dry so cover it up with a storage container or shed. Consider all of your options from the very small containers to the enormous sheds and I hope that you will find the solution that best suits you. Plus, the resin housing is resilient to warping, rusting or denting, but is lightweight to make set-up easy. You’ll find that plenty roomy enough to fit your garden supplies, tools and other odds and ends that might be lying around your yard. Also, unlike other products with bulky, squared-off edges, Suncast products have a sleek design that elevates the garage environment, creating an attractive space. The Manor storage shed comes in a gray color, the gray is a light, dove-colored gray that’s a good match for light-colored homes.

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