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Storage space can be a problem, let the Suncast Tremont Resin Storage Shed be your solution. Your SUNCASTA® Building, Shed or Gazebo has a TEN YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY against product failure resulting from defects in manufacturing or materials. Yes, Larry, the Suncast Tremont shed does include the resin flooring, but we also strongly urge you to install it on a wood or concrete foundation. Although the Suncast Tremont model BMS8700, Larry, like all the Suncast sheds, comes complete with resin floor panels into which all the sides assemble, these sheds also require a wood or concrete foundation on which the shed will sit. If space is limited, turn to this narrow-profile vertical storage shed from Suncast to store outdoor essentials that need protection from harsh environs.
Suncast warrants to original purchaser only that the enclosed product is free from material and workmanship defects under normal household use at time of purchase.
Instructions for constructing these foundations are included in the assembly manual.We encourage you to review the manual at the Home Depot site or at the Suncast web site for this model. Instructions for constructing these foundations is included in the manual.To maintain the stability and integrity of the shed, the additional concrete or wood foundation is strongly advised. Ita€™s constructed with heavy duty resin and assembles seamlessly to inhibit pest and moisture incursion.
I have not yet done so, but intend to see if any of the wire shelves sold for closet organizers that already have the hanging rod as an integral part of the shelf might fit.

You'd have to drill for the dowel and not only would it weaken the integrity of the unit, it would make it top heavy.
The Suncast vertical storage shed, model BMS2000, is intended for outside storage of long-handled tools and other garden items. Getting a hanger pole installed should not be a problem as long as you are careful when installing the hanger pole hardware. Not sitting the shed on such a constructed foundation could result in ground settle and distortion or damages to the shed. If not used, the ground could settle beneath the shed, causing distortion and damages not covered under the warranty. Easily add up to four separately-sold shelves and secure into position on the notches fashioned into the side and back walls of the storage locker. The double-walled resin construction may not be as conducive to attaching a clothes rod.Suncast has not tested this kind of modification to the intended purposed.
Follow installation instructions carefully and place the unit on a level surface so that the doors open and close easily.
Damages from not following directions would not be covered under warranty.Thank you for your question and your interest in Suncast products, Larry. The double-door handles come together on the front so you can fasten a padlock (not included) for extra security.

Should you proceed, any damages that might result would not be covered under warranty.There are instructions in the manual for cutting and installing wood shelves. Resin Storage Shed 3 answers Does the shed have to sit on a concrete base or does it come with a floor? Resin Storage Shed 2 answers When the shead door is closed in or locked, the top of the door has an open space. The Suncast Tremont shed is constructed of blow molded resin that is as durable as it is strong. That being said, it hasn't been tested supporting a hanging clothes rod and therefore cannot be recommended as an alternative purpose.We do appreciate your question and your interest in Suncast products. Also included in the roof are 4 skylights for easily navigating your shed in the daytime with natural light.

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