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Screw one end of the leader hose, supplied with your reel, onto the female end of the water coupling. Connect the female end of your garden hose onto the male end of the water coupling on the reel's drum. After doing the research I figured the 7.5 x 10 shed would be an ideal storage place for my delicate instruments.
Place the hose reel or cart near a water spigot outdoors or in a garage or shed with a water supply. The water coupling has a female and male fitting on it, with internal and external threads respectively.
Heat and sunlight deteriorate garden hoses and cause breaks and splits that need repair or replacement.

The female end is usually horizontal to the ground and the male end of the water coupling generally is vertical to the ground. Retract the hose onto the drum by turning a manual handle clockwise or pressing the retraction button on an electric hose reel.
Attaching your garden hose and leader hose to your assembled hose reel or cart correctly ensures ease of use. All the listed parts came without a problem and having been anxious about ita€™s arrival I started setting it up right away. With the help of my brother, who would also be using the shed for his meteorological instruments, we had it up by the next week.
Most of the tools were supplied, such as special wrenches, but the rest were standard and could be found in my garage.

We did have a little issue with the roof being crooked, but were able to correct it before it got too out of hand.So far so good. I was afraid about the durability of the shed as the equipment inside was very delicate and easily breakable. The weather in my area gets rather windy at times but I was happy to find out that ita€™s very durable and so far, it not leaked. Besides for one incident with a baseball and a baseball bat at point blank range, Ia€™ve encountered no problems whatsoever.

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