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Enjoy free economy shipping on orders of $75+ to any address in the 48 contiguous states, simply add the code to the promotion code field in your shopping cart, just to the left of the checkout button. Designed for swallows, this all-wooden nest box features a special slotted entrance The oval entrance makes it easy for swallows to enter because of their "V" shaped bodies, but House Sparrows dislike this entry opening. Swallow houses are situated in the immediate vicinity of objects where there is a medium to heavy swallow population. A welded and galvanised metal frame, wooden planks and plywood, rendering base, bitumen shingles, house martin nests made of wood concrete, guide rails for the drawer system and fixing material. Watch birds grow up healthyThis lovely, intimate-sized birdhouse offers a complete view of the nesting family.

Pivoting side access ensures easy ability to check the health of nestlings and also makes clean-out simple. The swallow house provides the birds with an attractive alternative and attracts them away from the object to be protected. The distance of the swallow house to the object can be increased after an appropriate time when the birds have settled-in. Enter your details once and then you can send your order with your email address and password. They prefer a natural habitat in areas with tall vegetation and a forest with a dense canopy of trees.

Ventilation is provided by openings on each side and there are drainage holes in the nest box bottom. A mirror is attached underneath, allowing you to repeatedly admire any eggs in the nest—without disturbing the birds.Nesting birds will enjoy an enclosed living area, protected by the built-in predator guard. The slanted roof has a wood grain finish that acts as a runoff, directing rain away from the nesting area.Square birdhouse is made from green recycled plastic and PVC.

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