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Proper storage prevents spoilage and protects profits Prevent spoilage by storing hay and forage in a ClearSpan Fabric Structure.
Storing hay and forage in ClearSpan Fabric Structures limits wildlife access to it, reducing the risk of bovine TB being transmitted to livestock through feed. ClearSpan structures have many customization options for proper hay ventilation while keeping it secure from wildlife. Rodents and other unwanted pests have no place to hide or nest in a corner-free ClearSpan structure which means you realize increased health benefits and savings in feed, exterminations and repairs.
Low in cost per square foot, with little or no property taxes, minimal foundation requirements, and easy maintenance, ClearSpan buildings retain their value and can be relocated or expanded as your needs grow or change. Look again, this photo shows how our building covers provide a made to measure, cost-effective alternative to warehousing on a large scale.

Temporary fabric buildings have gained popularity in many industries for applications such as: hay and feed storage, horse riding arenas, commercial, manufacturing, warehousing, sand and salt storage for county council and road maintenance departments, environmental management, aviation, airplane hangars, marine, government and emergency shelters. If you have a similar issue or indeed if this solution would work for you, just submit an enquiry for a building cover by clicking the enquiry banner below. The finished result is always a high-impact, durable, all weather building wrap that can be fixed almost anywhere. If you have a similar issue or indeed if this solution would work for you, just submit an enquiry for a building wrap by clicking the enquiry banner below.
ClearSpan feed and grain storage buildings make it convenient to store feed, equipment and harvesting tools together in one wide-open space. They are printed in-house using state of the art solvent inkjet machines, giving durability to the finished prints whilst ensuring vibrant and sharp images.

We produce building wraps, digitally printed mesh banners, scaffolding covers, billboards, outdoor advertising, wall murals, printed media, large signs and full colour hoardings. Our engineered structures (DP, GP, and Hybrid series) are safe for human occupancy and designed to meet your local wind, seismic, snow and unbalanced snow loads.

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