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For companies that experience seasonal demand for their products, the supply of temporary building structures can be a cost-effective, flexible method of storage to cope with the peaks in business. Likewise, businesses that need additional space to protect goods over the winter or require extra space for short periods of time, also find that temporary on-site buildings can provide a perfect stopgap – and with no large capital outlay or permanent build costs the expense can be kept to a minimum. One client that finds working with Spaciotempo of major benefit is the C&C group, whose major cider brand, Magners, took the market by storm a couple of years ago. Spaciotempo also develops bespoke solutions to meet the exact requirements of customers and can provide a full planning service if required. Warehouse & Logistics News is the UK’s only fortnightly magazine for the warehousing and logistics industry and has a circulation and frequency which is unrivalled in the industry. The magazine is distributed 21 times a year in printed, digital and online formats, which suits the needs of today’s generation of industry professionals.
Construction projects often necessitate the need for temporary storage structures for keeping materials and equipment out of the elements. An open interior – Big Top’s innovative design eliminates the need for support poles and guide wires, which maximizes space and maneuverability within our structures. Easy assembly – With a modular design, our structures can be easily erected, expanded, and disassembled by a team of untrained workers.
Portability – Our fabric buildings are available with a variety of mobility packages, including jacks and wheels, rails, and crane lifting packages, which allow the structures to be easily moved around a worksite as a whole.
Additional options – We offer all kinds of optional packages including HVAC systems, flooring, lighting, and much more.
Water Direct provide a wide range of temporary water storage solutions, including static water tanks, bladder tanks and pillow tanks.
We provide a full on site plumbing service in order to ensure the safe connection of our water storage tanks to welfare and catering units etc.

Water Direct operates the National Alternative Water Container Bank on behalf of many of the UK’s water utility companies.
Water Direct provide a range of temporary drinking water storage tanks holding from 1,000 - 200,000 litres of clean drinking water. Our range of portable water bowsers can supply water to areas inaccessible by water tankers, ideal for deliveries to remote locations. Our fleet of dedicated drinking water tankers are used for the nationwide transport of bulk volumes of drinking water. Come and see us at 2015 shows!After a very busy Summer we’re really looking forward to Autumn here at Water Direct. Sign up to our newsletterEnter your email address and receive the latest Water Direct news and offers direct to your inbox! With vast stocks of high specification, heavy-duty, off-the-shelf buildings, the company prides itself on its rapid response and cost-effective approach to storage issues, large and small.
From simple canopy structures to fully enclosed buildings, Spaciotempo also offers an unrivalled choice of roof, door and window configurations, as well as heating, air conditioning and ventilation options for more specialised storage needs.
A massive surge in orders left the company with too little space to store stock and so the company chose to work with Spaciotempo, who provided an incredible 7,500 sq m of additional on-site warehousing space. We combine the best of printed and new media to get your message to the senior buyers and decision makers in the warehousing and logistics industry. Because our fabric structures are custom-made and highly adaptable, they are useful for a variety of applications.
We supply temporary portable water supply solutions for outdoor festivals, air shows and fun days, along with construction and civil engineering sites, as well as for commercial use.
This works on the principle that each company deposits a number of their water tanks, which we keep clean and ready for emergency deployment.

With standard dimensions from 5 to 30m in width, unlimited length in 5 m multiples and up to 8m eave height, the majority of storage problems can be solved instantly.
Each structure is not only simple, quick and efficient to erect, but importantly provides the same safety standards as a permanent building.
The unit proved more cost effective than the option of hiring off-site storage and also meant that no further transport movements would have to be accommodated into the delivery schedule. Our temporary storage buildings are built with heavy-duty galvanized steel frames and are covered with your choice of 18-, 22-, or 28-ounce, flame-retardant, PVC-vinyl fabric, so you can be certain that they are well-equipped to protect your business’s assets from much of what Mother Nature can inflict.
The temporary water storage is used to act as an alternative water supply for many reasons in the event of a piped mains supply not being available. If more space is needed, buildings can be gutter-linked to create larger temporary warehouses. All Spaciotempo structures are designed to surpass relevant British and European quality standards and are well proven out in the field.
For businesses operating in particularly tricky locations – such as areas that may mandate adherence to strict seismic, wind-load, or snow-load requirements – Big Top is staffed with engineering experts who will be happy to help you create a storage structure that meets your required specifications. Water tanks are deployed on streets on behalf of our water utility clients in order to provide an emergency water supply to their residential customers. With Spaciotempo’s expert installation team, each building can be professionally erected within extremely short deadlines.

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