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This question is from 44 Combo Drawer Small Parts Storage Cabinet 1 answer Can you mount this to pegboard? This question is from 44 Combo Drawer Small Parts Storage Cabinet 1 answer dimentions? When I ordered this I guess I was thinking of Akro-Mills products from 15 years ago and this is not one of them. I own about 8 sets of drawers I bought from Akro-Mills in the late 90's and they are excellent.
Even after all of these shortcomings I still recommend this product because it is made in the USA and I can't find anything better made today.
When I first got this item I was concerned about the drawers being too wiggly and not staying in properly.
The kicker is, every drawer HAS the slots for the dividers, yet when you call them, or search for them at home depot, nobody offers them. The Pratt Retail Specialties Heavy Duty Extra Large Moving Box is ideal for shipping or storing larger and longer items up to 36 in.
Want to move your car back into the garage, but have too much stuff in the way, Take a look at the BMS7790 shed, constructed out of durable double-wall resin which is sure to last. I would need to pick this up from store but am concerned that the box might be too big for my pickup truck. One box slid into my 2013 dodge grand caravan very tight took some elbow grease to get it out, the second box was too wide so I got rid of the box and slide the contents into the back on top of the first box.

Not sure about the exact dimensions, but it was 2 boxes and fit in the back of my buddies Tacoma. HOWEVER, unlike in the past, these organizers no longer come with the same amount of drawer dividers for each drawer. This really needs to be resolved by Home Depot by putting pressure on Akro-Mils to offer consumers one divider per drawer in the box. To others of us though, who are all about organizing properly & neatly, this is a major deal.
It's functional, but I would say the "Prettiest" out there, but it will hold what you want it to hold. The metal truss and ridge beam provide roof support, while the reinforced floor is designed for lawn tractor support. Nothing on the website gives a clear set of dimensions that the PACKAGING takes up, just the size of the assembled shed.
I received mine via the HD shipping company and it came in two separate boxes, wrapped together, and mounted on a palate.
The strong, rugged frame is constructed of high impact polystyrene for years of use and abuse. I have put it on my laundry room wall to hold bandages, small medicine bottles and other paraphernalia. Sorry, but I rather pay a few extra bucks and have it look nice, rather than take the advice of some here who say make your own dividers.

Our unbreakable, clarified polypropylene drawers are flexible, strong, see-through, and feature finger grip drawer pulls. The double wall heavy duty construction is ideal for long term storage and for moving valuable and fragile items. D Plastic Ventilated Storage Shelving Unit 13 answers Would you consider using this shelf in a dorm room?
Even though the drawers fall out, the tabs that are supposed to stop that keep catching on items in the drawers. Heavy duty boxes are a great choice for storing in non-climate controlled areas such as attics, basements, garages and mini-storage warehouses.
Use this multi-purpose storage organizer in your home, garage, basement or utility area to keep your space neat and manageable.
I would put containers and baskets etc to hold stuff but can't find any reviews on such????
HDX designed it to hold most storage tote sizes, providing you with options for every room.

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