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The Tiger Shiplap Pent is a classic pent style wooden shed in quality tongue and groove shiplap cladding. If DIY is not your strong point then fear not because our professional home installation service will do it all for you!
A Firm and Level base must be in place and accessible before installation can take place - failure to provide this may incur additional costs. Professional Exterior Silicone is a premium quality high modulus acetoxy cure silicone sealant which prevents mould and fungal growth.
A garden shed does come pre treated with a cedar red water based preservative for storage and transport purposes. This alarm is a convenient and effective PIR (Passive Infra Red) motion sensor alarm that offers piece of mind through round the clock protection. Shiplap cladding, also known as tongue and groove cladding, is made up high grade planed boards where the joint of the protruding ridge (or tongue) of one board locks within the matching groove in the board beneath. Our 12x6 apex garden sheds are of the best that can found on the Internet, in quality and in price.
The Tiger Shiplap Extra High Pent shed gives an excellent option for our classic style pent shed with that extra floor to ceiling height and an extra high door. Why not improve the aesthetics of your garden building by adding on an attractive window box. With artists such as Maximo Park, Iron Maiden and even Professor Green shunning traditional rock star memorabilia to put their names to homebrewed beer, it seems that there is currently an increasingly invested interest in homebrewed beer both here in the UK and across the globe.
Hop plants are particularly important here in Britain as it is largely considered that British hops are amongst one of the tastiest in the world.
Paul Spencer, Head Brewer at Ossett Brewery agrees stating that “Hops have been grown in Britain for many centuries, and in this time have evolved their own unique character. British h op production has a long and turbulent history which peaked in the 19th Century with 1878 seeing 77,000 acres of hops being grown in Britain. All this sounds great for the future of British hops and interest in drinking the product is not the only way in which the industry is going, the rise in popularity of micro brewing and community hop projects are also helping to bring this industry forward. You may or may not have heard of community hop projects, but they are certainly something you should know about as they are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason; not only does community hope growing enhance the hop industry but it also brings communities together. The idea of community hops is the brainchild of Helen Steer, co-founder of City Farmers, who realised that both the beer she was drinking, and its ingredients, was imported from countries outside of the UK.
As you can see, through initiatives such as community hop growing, we are seeing not only a renewed interest in British hops, but also a real sense of community.
At the end of 2013 it was predicted that sale of craft beers were due to skyrocket in 2014 and according to figures released by Camra, the real ale advocacy group, 187 new breweries have been launched across the UK in the past 12 months.
Having read about the thriving hop industry, we wanted to get some of the Tiger Sheds readers involved in growing your own hops.
As spring approaches, many of you reading are probably starting to think about what projects you want to work on in your garden. The Tiger Overlap Apex shed proves popular year after year because it provides great storage for all manner of garden equipment at a really reasonable price meaning that customers are getting real value for money. The Tiger Shiplap Apex shed is not only one of Tiger Sheds’ most popular and prominent products, but it is one of the best selling garden buildings in the UK. The Tiger Shiplap Pent is a classic pent style wooden shed which is ideal for use as both an outdoor storage unit or work area. Whether you are looking for more outdoor space for bikes and equipment or enough room for an outdoor workshop the Tiger XL Heavyweight Workshop is the ideal choice for both.
We have seen an increased interest in the Tiger Potting Shed over the past few years, typically around spring time. We have recently launched this amazing Tiger Contemporary Summerhouse which adds something truly unique to the Tiger Sheds range. Here at Tiger Sheds we know that our readers are dedicated to their gardens and as spring approaches, might be looking forward to thinking about what they can be doing to it this year. With this in mind Tiger Sheds have put together a handy online garden projects tool aimed to help our readers fulfil their project needs.
Research has found that only 1 in 5 people now buy a real Christmas tree over the festive period. Most artificial trees are made of metal and plastics, typically PVC, and are non-bio-degradable. It is definitely suggested that whatever route you go down, you must ensure that the tree you purchase is sustainable in order for it to be friendly to the environment.
100-string Christmas tree lights left on for 10 hours a day over the 12 days of Christmas produce enough carbon dioxide to inflate 60 balloons so it is definitely important to make sure that you are monitoring your energy usage over the festive period.
So the big day has arrived, the tree is adorned with low energy LED Christmas lights, your centrepiece is decorated with festive natural pieces and the turkey is roasting in the oven. Although, obviously, we don’t all have big farmers markets conveniently placed near where we live, it is important to keep in mind that organic vegetables purchased from a local greengrocers are often better for you as well as for the environment.
One of the most significant environmental impacts of Christmas time is the waste that cards and wrapping paper create.
What all this waste means is that instead of cards and wrapping paper being recycled, it is being thrown straight into landfill sites and as landfill waste can create methane which is a powerful greenhouse gas, we can see why we need to be more aware of what danger throwing our cards and wrapping into the big could be doing to the environment around us. As you can see, if we make a change to waste less this year, our environment will thank us for it. Ensuring that you choose the right tree for the environment doesn’t stop when you purchase it, it is equally as important to ensure that you dispose of your tree correctly. The BCTGA was established in 1979 to provide a quality standard for Christmas tree growers in the UK and champions the purchase of real Christmas trees.
Research by UK charity Play England has found that while 72% of adults preferred playing outside when they were younger, only 40% of today’s children would choose outdoor play over time spent in front of the TV or computer. Jan Cosgrove from the charity Fair Play for Children has other concerns; he believes that the rise in numbers of cars on the street, both parked and moving, has meant that there is no longer space for children to play safely outside their homes. Safety has also been named as a cause, with parents becoming extremely concerned that their children are in danger when left unsupervised and being scared to let them play outside. When discussing outdoor play it is first important to understand the notions of structured and unstructured play. A study conducted by Josie Gleave and Issy Hamilton found that over time unstructured, self-directed play has become replaced by more structured and educational activities organised by adults. You can pick a clear treatment if you already love the colour of your Tiger Shed or you could give your garden shed a bit of colour!
Once you’ve treated your shed you should reapply treatment at least once a year to keep your shed protected! This customer has also added window ledges so they can place ornaments and to give their shed a more homey touch.
It is essential that all windows are sealed inside and out as soon as possible after assembly. We would also advise to keep an eye on this especially over wet conditions and colder months. Before deciding where to place your garden shed it is vital that you consider what could be in contact with your building and could therefore damage your shed!
Painting your shed can completely change the whole look of your garden shed and give it some originality!

Many of our customers get really creative when it comes to painting their shed and go for different patterns and themes. Over on the Tiger Sheds website you will find a beautiful selection of Cuprinol paints here.
To make your shed look better and to give your shed a strong purpose it could be a great idea to give it a theme.
To get the most out of your garden shed consider the theme of your shed before picking one. Anything from a hanging basket to a garden gnome can really transform a garden shed and take it from being an outdoor building to something much more personal. We have some other great blogs which offer some inspiring advice on transforming your shed and home; New Year New Shed , Fun Storage Solutions for around the home and She Shed Inspirations (just to mention a few).
If this post hasn’t answered any of your questions then the Tiger Sheds Help Centre may be useful to you!
Here are some pages that will you look after your shed and ensure it’s installed correctly. In general you want to check your shed as often as possible, especially after very bad weather, to ensure there’s no damage so that you can rectify this issue before it gets any worse. This simple but very popular garden building is hardwearing enough to last for years and will provide an excellent outdoor storage or work area.
The pro-install team will contact you soon after the delivery of your garden building to arrange a suitable time and date for the fitting.
Pro-Installation does not include the fitting of any extra items such as locks or handles, and windows will be tacked into place only.
This tight fit cladding ensures complete resistance to wind and rain penetration meaning that garden sheds with tongue and groove shiplap cladding are built to last. Available in either 12mm shiplap tongue and groove or extra thick 9mm overlap cladding, there are great options for anyone. The 100mm Kasp Hasp & Staple can be used to complement the 50mm Kasp premium brass padlock and is ideal for all our wooden sheds and garden storage buildings. One of the most important ingredients which make up a particularly delicious beer comes from the flower of the hop plant, a herbaceous perennial of many varieties, which gives beer its distinct flavour. In addition, they give a range of mostly subtle flavours well suited to English beers served at cellar temperatures”. However, changing tastes and a desire for a lighter beer saw its acreage decline to 32,000 by 1909. As Helen Steer mentioned, hops are ideal for growing in urban areas and are something that we could all make use of in the garden. Here at Tiger Sheds we know that our customers take real pride in their gardens so we thought we would give you a rundown on which sheds you should be taking an interest in this summer! Not only is it structurally sound but the stylish windows and generous eaves height also mean it looks very aesthetically pleasing in the garden.
The Shiplap Apex comes with a lock and key as standard so that you can be sure your garden equipment will be safe and sound. The building is simple in design but the groove shiplap cladding makes it extremely hardwearing and it will last for years.
This extra large model is the ultimate versatile outdoor space with two full height double doors and stylish windows which can be fitted either side. The Tiger Potting shed is ideal for any keen green fingered enthusiasts as it is the perfect place for potting plants.
The Contemporary Summerhouse comes with fantastic high quality full paned windows allowing for maximum light during the summer months and the toughened glazing ensures maximum safety and security. Tiger Sheds offer fast delivery, great service and competitive pricing on all our garden buildings but what makes us extra special is the quality of timber we use. Also, with increasing numbers of people choosing to renovate their existing homes rather than buy new ones, people are taking more pride than ever in their gardens.
It is really easy to use, simply select the area of your garden that you want to work on, pop in some dimensions and we will tell you approximately how much paint, turf, fencing etc you will need as well as an estimated price for materials!
If so, we hope that our garden projects tool is useful, please feel free to drop your comments below to let us know how you have found it! More waste is produced at Christmas than at any other time of the year and people are still generally quite mystified by the big real vs. This means that more and more people are migrating towards bringing artificial Christmas trees in their homes. Studies suggest that a real tree is five times more environmentally friendly than an artificial tree.
Considering most of these trees are manufactured in the Far East, transporting them to the UK adds to the trees’ carbon footprint.
These are Christmas trees which generally have their roots still intact so that after enjoying the tree over Christmas, it can be re-planted in the garden. Sustainable nurseries should follow the practise that a new tree should be planted for every one which is harvested; this keeps the life cycle going and ensures that we are replenishing the damage done to trees of this type each year. They also pose other dangers; take tinsel for instance, this traditional Christmas decoration has the tendency to shed which leaves waste on the floor and can be very harmful to small animals if carried outside.
Nuts, fruit and pine cones make excellent traditional decorations and provide great colours for the home. Charity shops and car boot sales are a haven for lovely antique decorations at a fraction of the cost of new ones. Obviously, you spend more time at home over Christmas, you also probably entertain more than usual and, as the nights are darker, you will need the lights on more than usual. They also last longer and release less carbon dioxide into the air, therefore, saving you money and the environment harm. Try putting your outside lights on a timer so that they don’t stay on all night or during the day when they are not needed as this should dramatically reduce both your bill and your carbon footprint. Try and choose ones made from natural ingredients such as beeswax and soy as paraffin candles contain toxins which are bad for both you and the environment. It’s no secret that organic food is the way forward when it comes to having an ethical Christmas, especially when it comes to meat, and as around 10 million turkeys are consumed in the UK each year at Christmas, it has never been more important to make the switch to organic.
Unfortunately, most are confined to large barns and feel too nervous to venture out so be mindful of where your turkey is from and the reputation of the farm. For example, if everyone in the UK recycled just 1 card this year, this would save 1,570 tonnes of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases – the same as taking 500 cards off the read for a year and if we recycled the 13,350 tonnes of glass thrown away every year this could save up to 4,200 tonnes of CO2.
Have a merry Christmas everybody, and try and make sure that you make a green change this year for a more environmentally friendly 2014! This means that our children are missing out on extremely important time spent outside, not to mention development processes which will shape how they are to grow as adults. Jan Cosgrove also believes that the unwelcoming attitude of neighbour’s scaremongering children who play out on the street is also an issue.
Structured play occurs when an adult organises play for children whereas unstructured play is when children organise play themselves.
They play out the battle of good and evil and it is through role play that children get possible ideas for the future.
This will last around one month so we would advise to apply treatment to your shed either before installation or after.

We offer mahogany, red cedar and dark oak as well as clear and you can view our selection of preservatives here. Please view our Installation Page for full Terms and Conditions, which can be found here.As standard cabin installation does not cover the installation of roof shingles. This product is ideal for sealing in the windows of your garden building, and also includes beading. However, we do recommend that you retreat your garden building with a high quality solvent based wood preserver and we offer various types and colours of treatment to treat the shed yourself. 12x6 wooden sheds from Tiger Sheds are available with free delivery to most of the United Kingdom. We believe that something needs to be done about this and are going to tell you why, as well as showing you how you can contribute to the growth of British hops by growing some yourself at home. Twenty three years later this had dropped again to 16,500 and the golden age of British hops looked distinctly far away.
To explain how to grow your own hops in a bit more detail, we have put together a great visual which you can find here (please be sure to click on the magnifing glass image in the bottom right hand corner for a larger view!) .
It also features 12mm thick shiplap T&G cladding making it extremely weatherproof and tough against the elements.
The building can also be customised to include a window box for those who want to brighten things up with some flowers. This is a high quality secure shed and a light and spacious greenhouse all rolled into one.
The cladding and framing used to make a Tiger Shed is thicker than most on the market and we don’t use any cheap materials such as OSB or chipboard. Although there are many common advantages of artificial Christmas trees, such as cost and convenience, people are generally mistaken in assuming that artificial trees are better for the environment than real ones.
Studies have shown that an artificial tree has three times more impact on climate change and source depletion, compared to a natural tree.
Most businesses should have sustainability written into their plan, however, if they don’t it is suggested that these companies be avoided at all cost. The most obvious one to use is holly, which is a symbol of Christmas and wonderful natural plant. This all means that it is hard to be eco conscious when it comes to energy usage over Christmas, but there are a few things that you can do to both help the environment and the cost of your energy bills. We have enlisted the advice of Charlotte Palmer, a Food Specialist, to share with us her top tips on choosing the most ethical foods over the Christmas period.
If you can’t think of anyone who may appreciate the gift then you can always donate it to a charity shop or similar organisation where it will be appreciated. The same study found that elements of play which parents fondly remember from their own childhood - making daisy chains, playing hopscotch – are virtually redundant activities for our children. Research also suggests that being overweight as a child actually leads to physical changes in the brain called metabolic syndrome. Exploring and playing in the natural environment of the outdoors leads children to use their imaginations and be creative. Her work has led her to conclude that outdoor play “produces bright and balanced children and, therefore, bright and balanced adults. They also use it to get rid of aggression and eventually it is through role play that children become real, balanced people”. This is another very important factor as if you don’t do this you will experience leaks and dampness, which can shorten the life of your garden shed drastically. If you purchase a cabin with shingles and would like the shingles to be installed in addition to the building itself you must also add on the 'shingle installation' option at additional cost.
Our very own high quality Tigercare preserver offers maximum protection of your garden shed or fence, manufactured by preserver specialists AChem. Unfortunately, breweries began brewing foreign beer under a license which required a particular brand of hops contracted for use, usually sourced from Germany and the USA. You also get some free internal shelving included with this and the option to have the door at the other end for no extra cost! Each Tiger Shed is made by hand using care and attention to give customers exactly what they want, this means that you can choose from hundreds of designs, and customise each one further, to get things just how you want them.
That is why Tiger Sheds have brought you our definitive guide to having a greener Christmas, hopefully some of our hints and tips will help to guide you into the new year feeling more eco-friendly and clued up about how to handle the Christmas period with much greener fingers!
Every acre of Christmas trees grown produces the daily oxygen for 16 people and a hectare absorbs six tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. Just be careful not to put holly within the reach of children as its spiky nature could cause little accidents. Not only is the extremely eco friendly but it is also something thoughtful and nice to do, especially if you gift it to someone less fortunate than yourself.
Metabolic syndrome has a negative influence on the ability to perform mental tasks such as math[s] and reading”.
A stick can become a sword, a leaf can be a plate, and the top of an acorn can serve as a teacup. If we keep children locked inside they will not be able to form the social skills they need to tackle the adult world”. A playhouse can become an imaginary home, carboard boxes are forbidden castles, buckets act as boats; the imagination that unstructured play brings out in children is extremely integral to how they see and experience the world both in their childhood and their future. It is vital that you treat your shed as soon as possible as the treatment will protect your shed from the elements and bad weather, therefore it will help your shed last longer and look better. Our solvent based wood treatment will penetrate deep into the wood giving years of protection against the weather. The introduction of the Hop Marketing Board in 1968 saw a slight rise in acreage but British hops remained a shadow of their former selves. If you choose your shed through Tiger Sheds then you can guarantee that you are getting a superb quality hand-crafter garden building, made from the finest materials available! The trees also have a positive effect on the environment in terms of helping to stabilise soils and protect water supplies.
See here for some great homemade Christmas decoration inspiration using natural ingredients. Playing outside is also a wonderful sensory experience, with opportunities to explore in the water, dirt, sand and mud. Overlap sheds are also thinner at 9mm thick and made from rough cut timber whereas shiplap sheds are made from thicker 12mm thick smooth planed timbers.
1 in 7 parents have admitted that they do not feel fit enough to play outside with their children which means that it is even more integral that we assess why outdoor play is so vital for children and what can be done to encourage children (and parents) to spend more time doing it.
Moving and playing actively are also great for gross motor development and help with natural stress relief”.

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