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An 11×14 foot former vegetable patch eventually became the home for this tiny backyard house designed and built by sustainable building advisor Megan Lea. Her 154 square foot retreat, which was built in less than six months, contains salvaged lumber from three barns in Oregon, a salvaged copper roof, natural plaster walls and a wood stove. Megan’s company, Rise Over Run provides consulting services for building and design projects. As someone who designs tiny homes, I enjoy seeing small spaces that aren’t necessarily tiny homes, but could perhaps become them. I wonder maybe some should look back in history to see what a tiny house really started out like on the prairie and in the woods. I see a few comments OBJECTIVELY pointing out their opinion, and you decided that gave you license to call them names. The negative comments remind me of watching television shows about people looking at homes and saying, no, not for me, I hate the paint colors! Reality TV’s latest programme takes on tiny homes in Tiny House Nation about Americans down-sizing to the extreme. There will be plenty of speakers there with first hand experience to guide you through designing your own tiny house – Google even has its own design tool for this – how to work with limited space, information about composting toilets and grey water.
This movement for these tiny houses seems to have grown out of the desire for financial freedom and also the ability to move the home to different locations as and when necessary. Most normal bathrooms can accommodate a bath with a shower over it plus a basin and toilet at the very least. One way of dealing with a lack of space is to have an open wet room which definitely makes the most of the available space. Where cloakrooms are concerned there are smaller size toilets and basins which fit into these spaces. For now at least, even though the thought of being mortgage free is tempting, we’ll stick to our average-sized homes with fully-fitted modern bathrooms thanks. TweetSmall House Living is not a new concept, but with the recent global recession small housing is getting a lot more attention. Owning a smaller house produces a lower commitment than a larger home, and with this lower commitment, there is more flexibility when it comes to relocating for potential opportunities. A lot of people can most likely relate to the idea of a “consumer treadmill.” By actively living below your means, you will much less likely to allow your lifestyle to creep up to a point where it consumes the majority of your income.

If you have a 700 square foot apartment full of crap, there is a good chance you will have a 2500 square foot home full of crap. Less time messing with a giant yard and home maintenance and more time for loved ones and activities that you enjoy. Small house living also promotes smaller energy bills and less maintenance that results in waste. Camera Buildings designs and builds tiny prefab houses and spaces that can be customized to accommodate any type of need including a yoga space, extra bedroom or office. The 107 square foot Filter Studio can be placed on any foundation and includes efficient LED lighting, solid hardwood flooring and low-VOC interior finishes. Camera Buildings are switching to a manufacturer of their homes and are hoping that a production line technique will make the homes more affordable.
If you are a landowner or are interested in learning more about a tiny house community near Vancouver, Canada please contact John at Camera Buildings.
Since her veggies were not getting enough sun, she decided to bite the bullet and build an environmentally friendly house out of salvage 100-year-old barn wood behind her main home in Portland, Ore. The salvaged barn wood on the exterior is from Barnwood Naturals, a company that sells reclaimed vintage wood. She emphasizes green building and useful, artful spaces that minimize environmental impact.
Part of tiny house living is having creative, inspiring imaginations translated into reality.
It seems this is more than just a concept for television, there’s a whole movement called the Tiny House Movement which is hosting a Tiny House Conference in Portland, Oregon in April!
Of course there will also be tiny house show homes for visitors to wander round or should that be taking a peek inside?
But for many it is a big change as they move from homes of 2,000 plus square feet to homes under 200 square feet. Most of the tiny homes don’t have room for a full-size bathroom with baths and showers as well as toilets. Back in the world of average sized and even huge homes, there is plenty of room for what is still often referred to as the smallest room. Many en-suites opt for a shower, basin and toilet and for those with plenty of space, we’ve seen a trend for double sinks, separate showers and bidets as well.

If you have room for it, the actual shower area can be partially partitioned off with smart glass panels.
Living in a small house will most likely give you better perspective of what is important when it comes to spending your money.
Big homes are a trap as they cause nearly all your life expenses to go up and lock the homeowner into the rat race. Buyers also have three designs to choose from: the stylish Filter Studio or the larger Filter House and the mobile Lighthouse. The unusual design allows light to filter in, making this tiny studio seem larger than it really is. The loft contains a comfy sectional sofa and the floor of the loft and its supports are exposed to show the structural elements. It it a beautiful clubhouse, retreat or bedroom, but it can not be called a house and as such I don’t see how any claims of sustainability can be made for this fancy a bedroom. That means absolutely no clutter and that could mean downsizing some of your favourite possessions.
Now imagine how much easier it would be to relocate if you had a $50k home versus a $200k home.  Let’s also not forget that you have to pay an estimated 6 to 7% to get out of most homes, which means it will cost you about 400% more in fees to sell your 200k home. The Lighthouse is a 100 square foot home on wheels that includes a sleeping loft with high pitched ceilings, a bathroom, kitchen, living and work spaces.
The cost of the Lighthouse or Filter House will depend on the features included and delivery distance.
Bedrooms are normally the cheapest and easiest rooms to build but with all the materials that went into this one, including all the furniture it is not low impact, despite using some old barn wood for siding. If you aren’t able to sell right away, you also have much lower carrying costs in the smaller home.
The unique features of this THOW are the large windows and skylights which let in a ton of light. Small spaces do however foster ingenious solutions such as fold-up baths and baths built below floor level.

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