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Here is the run we got for free from someone my sister knows - Thanks Grandpa Jim, you saved me a lot of construction agony! Here is a good view of our little coop I made - Hen Pecked General Hospital and our chairs we set up to watch Chicken T.V.
As for the scraps, I wouldn't give them too much at first, but later (next day) give them pretty much anything they want, in moderation.
Also, is there anything I should avoid like giving them the kitchen scraps right away for example?
I believe the chickens I'm getting have not seen grass before and that they have been kept in crowded conditions. The coop footprint is 8ft x 8ft and is 2 ft off the ground which give them a nice outside shelter. We really enjoy our 4 chickens, Rhode island red, black australorp, and 2 plymouth rocks my son 9 just loves them!
Since ACV is good for chickens would it work like bleach to keep algae from forming in the water? He calls them by name and they just come running to him waiting for the treats he has for them.

We can help you open the door to your child’s imagination by giving them a place to call their own, or we can help you hide the unsightly items that take away from the beauty of your yard like yard tools and waste bins! It's just that most seasoned chickeneers have had bad experiences keeping out predators with just poultry wire and will always recommend the hardwire. So, whether you are looking for one of our children’s playhouses or storage sheds, be sure and check us out and let us know how we can help you open the door! You may have to physically put them in the coop the first couple of times, when it is time for them to go to bed for the night.
I went a little over kill on the run but my son said that he wanted them to have plenty of room.
I read that chlorine (bleach) and fluoride (some cities use it still in their water systems) leach calcium and since egg shells are made of calcium that maybe those two chemicals should be avoided for egg layers?
Adorable TV screen you have there!  We don't subscribe to cable TV either when we have a big sliding door to watch our own big screen chicken yard!
When we were away from home our coop got attacked by a stray 90-lb German Shepherd that broke through our gate. Anyway after reading that and smelling our lousy city water we started using bottled water (5-gallon refill bottles) and we noticed we're not getting funky looking shells with bumps or thin spots now.

A good way to make them discover for themselves it is safe is, in the morning, just open the coop door and walk away. He didn't get to the chickens, scared them though, and although the poultry net wire kept him out he bent the wire so badly it can't be fixed or returned to it's original shape.
If a neighbor hadn't heard the chickens hollering and scared off the mutt he just might've torn enough of the poultry wire to get at our birds.
Holding tank is about 25 gallons, have to put in a little bleach in to keep alge from growing.
We have since repaired the gate and added a second so that any intruder will have to break TWO gates to get into the yard now.

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