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For small to medium sized gardens, the Victorian Classic Glasshouse provides ample space and height for all your needs, whether growing from seed, producing prize chrysanthemums and giant sunflowers, or stringing up high, heavy-cropping tomato plants. Classic styling with decorative roof ridge cresting and finials, elegant proportions with generous height and a steep roof pitch, and a sturdy hinged door with brass furniture amply demonstrate its Victorian origins. One often associates a gallery with an element in architecture: a long spacious hallway frequently decorated with sculptures, paintings and frescoes.
First Pic : Abandoned Victorian Style Greenhouse, Villa Maria, in northern Italy near Lake Como. Spanning nearly 27 ft long and 13.5 ft wide, this grand structure offers plenty of space in which to create your very own gardening paradise. This traditional greenhouse can shelter a variety of plants, including everything from vibrant tiger lillies to hardy hibiscus and anything in between. The curved glass roof of this classic old-world custom greenhouse is constructed using a century-old technique of overlapping small panes of glass.
A superb rendition of the iconic Victorian-era conservatory, the design of this fully functional, yet completely custom greenhouse is based upon the renowned Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. When the owners first met with Tanglewood, they presented books with images of the type of timeless old-world-style greenhouse they sought to bring to life.
Tanglewood’s story begins with a commitment to the history and tradition of the nineteenth-century conservatory.

The challenging questions seemed to be: 1) could a modern-made building be designed and built so that it truly captured the essence of the old-world style they sought? For Tanglewood’s creative designers, no more captivating or challenging opportunity could have been presented. As production progressed, owners, architects and contractor visited Tanglewood’s facility and gained a firsthand sense of the experience, capabilities and character of the Tanglewood team. Back to TopProduct Q&AAsk a Question There are currently no questions and answers for this product.
The Hartley Victorian Gallery is your very own horticultural Gallery where you can enjoy cultivating, growing, attending to, or purely enjoying a display of your own potted plants of fruits, vegetables or flowering exotics.
Exploit the Manor’s large interior by arranging a variety of growing areas, or take it a step further and use internal partitions to create a mix of distinct climates. Its ample height can accommodate tropical species, palms and other exotic plants, while its roomy interior provides a haven for potted plants throughout the winter season. The owners became enamored of the historic structure and wanted to recreate a greenhouse conservatory that would be true to its historic heritage. As students of this tradition, we seek to capture its intricacy and elegance in all our designs.
2) Could the requirements of a fully functional greenhouse environment be incorporated into the old-world Victorian conservatory structure they envisioned?

After much work, the questions were answered and the design evolved until the entire team was satisfied.
As with other Hartley structures there is an optional choice of many accessories or you can simply create your own interior.
Questions about the relative merits of building in steel versus wood, about the use of single glazing versus insulated glass, about what types of mechanical systems should be used, were all explored. The owner, devoted to her love of gardening, would be spending many, many hours inside the room. Their projects range from individual room additions and new construction to complete renovations of existing homes.
The shorter 5' tall sidewall makes this Junior model less expensive and easier to heat while still featuring extra thick aluminum profiles and 4mm tempered glass for superb durability. They provide a wide variety of architectural services with unwavering commitment to quality and an exacting attention to the details. Whether you are growing vegetables or flowers or need a frost free overwintering spot for your valuable cacti or orange trees, this beautifully designed glass greenhouse offers a solution that perfectly meets your needs.

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