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1.) When you buy a new spec house (home constructed by a builder before finding a buyer), you pay higher interest because you pay interest during construction and for the time that it takes the home to sell. Remember the builder can never take less for a project than the day it has finished; every day it doesn’t sell more interest has been paid. 4.) Because of the risky nature of spec building, the builder has to be more conservative on the fit and finish of the house because of the inflated cost of spec money and real-estate commission. Out of the ashes of the worst recession since the great depression I am seeing a glimmer of hope for new construction. One refreshing trend is houses that made sense for people before the recession are not the same houses that people are looking at today. Houses of the building boom era were fueled by greed, homebuilders were encouraged to build bigger because homes were being sold by the square foot. Homebuyers today are buying or building houses without expecting huge immediate financial gains and are focusing on buying homes that work for their lifestyles and finances. We are designing for clients who are talking about raising young families or couples nearing retirement who are down-sizing and are ready to simplify their life. Many spec homes built today are financed with “Hard Money” which is a very expensive way to finance the construction of a project. There are additional costs associated with buying a spec home; the builder must include in the purchase price the cost of financing until the house sells. For the convenience of buying a finished house, the consumer could pay $50,000 or more in points, interest, and real estate commission – a hefty amount that could instead go to upgrades on a custom build. The intention in building a spec house is to build a house as inexpensively as possible that works for the largest number of people as possible. In the spec scenario, the builder is not your advocate. A custom built home will be superior quality and the money you spend on your project will be seen in terms of features and amenities, not finance charges to borrow hard money, real estate commission or holding cost on the projects. The biggest advantage in building a custom home is that you get a house that is tailored to your needs and wants. If you love your new home and you don’t find yourself moving every five years, you are able to recognize huge interest savings over the life of your mortgage.

If you are thinking of building a new home, support your local economy and environment by building an environmentally friendly energy efficient home that is reflective of you and your lifestyle. Whether you live in a city like Bridgeport, where many of the houses are expected to have decks, or you just want some extra space to entertain guests, a deck is a great way to enhance your backyard and add value to your home at the same time. I am not saying the process is easier, but if you are up for the challenge you can get more for your dollar.
The real estate community advised everyone to make the houses bigger and quality was traded for square footage, all on the expectation of huge financial gains when you flipped the house. The unifying factor is that they are all talking about energy efficiency and green building practices as part of the requirements and program.
For example, if it takes 8 months to design and build the project, the builder needs to include all of the interest it takes to finance the project in the sales price plus he needs to anticipate it may take 6 month or longer to sell the house once it is finished.
Additionally, you are able to control the money and see how and what the money is spent on.
People often forget even when you make money on a real estate transaction if you have to get another loan to buy your new home you are starting over on a new 15 to 30 year loan where you pay primarily interest for the first 10 to 15 years of the loan. Work with small local builders and tradesman in lieu of large out of town developers that come in and build poor quality track housing and leave when the market softens. Here in North Eastern PA The average is $16-$20 per square foot, depending on the county, township, or city you are in. Many of the houses built from 2004 to 2008 are reminiscent of the poor design and manufacturing the US car industry suffered from in the ‘70’s: big, inefficient, poor to drive and bad to look at.
When people are not looking at their home as a speculative venture but as a home, they make sane decisions about what they are buying or building. If you have the finances in place and the time to dedicate to building a custom home now is an ideal time.
If building green and energy efficient is a priority ,you can be party to that process and see what the cost associated with those design features are and make your own decision on how far you will take your project.

Chances are if you live in your house for 10 years and then sell and make a profit the new house you buy will be more expensive than your last and the profit may not off set the cost of your new mortgage especially as interest rates increase. It costs roughly… $11-$13 for the materials and contractors average about $5-$8 per square foot for labor, not including steps.
If you factor the rising cost of energy into your new home equation, you can make decisions about energy efficiency that will continue to save money for as long as you live in your home. It comes in several colors from red to brown, and weathers quickly to a yellowish-red or gray. Aside from wood, there are alternative materials that can be used for decks, made of composites. All are practically maintenance-free and some look very similar to real wood, without having to cut down trees.
These composite materials run from $13-$22 a square foot.In addition to the cost of floor boards, there are other factors to consider when pricing a deck.
Railings, steps and fences also add significantly to the price, depending on the complexity of the design and size.
A general estimate puts the national average cost of a 16’x20’ wooden deck at about $11,000, and a composite deck at about $16,000. Whether you build it yourself or hire a carpenter, a professional should be consulted.Mark Stevens is a writer from New Jersey who has written over 100 home improvement articles.

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