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Whats going on at Perrywood?For all you BBQ fans the Weber Grill Squad will be here this Saturday!
Picking out christmas presents for people is never an easy task and it can be even more difficult finding gifts for those into design who value form, function and quality.
Certainly not your ordinary wallet, these remarkable card holders by Slim Timber are made from single pieces of solid walnut and are each capable of holding around 8 standard cards along with some cash.
A card case like this might not be suited to someone who seems to have a loyalty card for every store they frequent but it can be ideal for those who tend to just carry a few cards and some cash.
We saw the new Pencil stylus by 53 unveiled last week but unfortunately it’s only on sale to the USA and Canada at the moment and is perhaps a bit too pricey as a gift. This chunky iPad stylus is a play on the iconic Staedtler pencil design and is available in yellow red or white. Push is a lovely little minimalistic dish created by Fundamental, a German design company who specialise in geometric furniture. Push Trio was originally intended to serve as a jewelerry bowl but as you can see it could be suitable for plenty of other small objects such as coins or keys.
This started out as a tumblr blog which due to its popularity has since been assembled into a book. Plicate is a watch designed by Benjamin Hubert and features a 3 dimensional, textured face made up of pleats.
If I was writing this list last year then I probably would have featured one of the lower end minimalistic watches from Uniform Wares such as the 103 series but their latest designs have been very lacklustre.
Timber isn’t just valuable when used for kitchen worktops; indeed, for a Christmas present that is both thoughtful and long-lasting, we highly recommend choosing an item made from solid wood. Our iPad stands are fantastic holders for a wide range of tablets, and would make a great addition to any kitchen – or indeed any room. This cool walnut clock responds to sound and touch, meaning that you only need click your fingers or tap the cube to activate the display.

A lovely twist on classic cutlery inserts, these trays can be used to organise drawers or as an attractive ‘tidy’ for the table when serving food. These handmade heart-shaped boxes are fully customisable: a wonderful gift for a special someone at Christmas.
Available in 3 sizes and adorned with a personal message in your choice of font, these engraved cases make excellent jewellery boxes, but could also be used for bedside storage or even in the kitchen.
Of course, these are but a few of our top Christmas ‘picks’; from solid oak floating shelves to solid wood chopping boards and even timber iPhone stands to match our featured tablet holders, we have a wide selection of accessories that would make ideal festive gifts.
Our website uses cookies to enable you to place orders online, and for us to provide a better service. We’ve compiled this little list with a few suggestions that cover a wide range of price brackets to give you a head start.
The insides of these wooden wallets have been masterfully hollowed out and a simple leather strap secured by a magnet holds your belongings in place. A slim wallet like this can also be useful for evenings out where you don’t need all that clutter and there are fewer important cards to replace should the wallet go missing.
The more playful pencil stylus by Suck UK makes for a great small gift however and basically serves the same purpose.
We have previously featured their Herakles table although Push is a far smaller and more affordable product which would make a great christmas gift. A version with a single larger bowl called Push Solo is also available which perhaps better allows the customisable nature of the pliable surface to shine through with it being possible to make several dimples in one dish. It’s basically a collection of amusing anecdotes from people who work the design industry including freelance web designers, graphic designers and animators relating to the bizarre requests they receive from their clients. Just about anyone will be able to relate to the hilarious anecdotes featured in this book as they don’t rely too heavily on technical knowledge. As some others have pointed out their latest editions are becoming over-designed and as a result are losing a lot of the iconic minimalistic charm we saw in their earlier watches.

Ideal for browsing the net whilst cooking, reading recipes, or watching movies, and sure to keep your loved one’s tablet safe and secure. The display is something special, too: with a time face that seems to ‘hover’ on the wooden block, suspended mid-air as if by magic.
Our skilled workshop team craft these cutlery trays from the same high-quality timber that is used for our worktops, and even designate the compartments to certain utensils with handy carved ‘labels’, making it easy to store a full set of cutlery. Available in three sizes handmade solid wooden heart-shaped jewellery box, stylishly engraved with your choice of name and message for a subtle yet enduring message of love.
Do take a look at our Christmas Gifts page to browse the full collection, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions. It comes as a flat circular sheet with a geometric pattern etched in which can be pressed in with your finger to create dents which serve as dishes. The book was originally released back in 2010 but a second edition has now been released although unfortunately this is only available on kindle and so not ideal as a gift. This is a really fun watch made up of quite raw materials including a corrugated plastic strap and a humorous popper clasp.
These stands are made from solid wood and are suitable for tablets with a thickness up to 11mm. The cube is made from solid wood with a veneer finish – a stylish yet practical gift suitable for any home. These can be reset and altered over time to suit your needs and also makes Push very portable.

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