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14 Bright Ideas for a Better Wood StoveThe Alliance For Green Heat recently announced the 14 finalists that will compete in the first-ever Wood Stove Design Challenge, an international competition that showcases some of the cleanest, most efficient next-generation wood stoves.
This unit combines the firebox of a traditional stove with the internal stack of a rocket heater. The IntensiFire is a low-cost downdraft retrofitted stove designed to improve combustion by up to 60 percent.
The Gymse showcases the inherent qualities of a masonry heater, including a user-friendly design, highly efficient burns that are also clean, and 24 hours of heat from a single fire.
The Hwam Autopilot's Intelligent Heat System measures combustion conditions through the use of a lambda oxygen sensor and a thermocouple.
The Kimberly Stove is a portable gasifier unit that features a thermoelectric generator, hot water coils, an oven, and a 12-volt blower system.
The Mulciber features automated heat recovery, ventilation, and burn-control systems that respond to changes in the burning environment and then control airflow to maintain ideal combustion conditions. Though based on a traditional European Kacheloefen design, this stove integrates a modern combustion chamber similar to those that have satisfied Austrian Eco-label requirements.
The SmartStove is an automated system that analyzes the burn and then physically operates draft and fan controls to manipulate the amount of air entering a stove. We all enjoy the coziness of a warm fire, but danger can be lurking if precautions are not taken.
Be sure to follow the manufacturers' directions and the local building codes for proper installation, use and maintenance of your wood-burning stove. Keep a fire extinguisher handy and make sure that everyone in your household knows how to use it. Advice and information contained in this publication is presented for general educational purposes and to increase overall safety awareness.
When used properly, a fire extinguisher can save lives and property by putting out a small fire or containing it until firefighters arrive. Short of fire, nothing causes more damage to the inside of a property than leaking water.  Water from failing pipes, hoses, plumbing fixtures and appliances cause over 50% of all property damage. Use light bulbs that match the recommended wattage on the lamp or fixture.  Replace bulbs that have higher wattage than recommended. Extension cords are not intended as permanent household wiring and should be used for temporary power only. Over 85% of all homes with basements will experience some form of water problem in their lifetime.  The chance of basement flooding is greatly reduced with the installation of a sump pit and pump. A dry Christmas tree is a serious fire hazard as it can be ignited easily.  Keep the base reservoir full and add water daily. Candles are enjoyable, calming and fragrant, but don't ever forget that when you burn them you are dealing with fire!
Position candles well away from flammable objects and materials like curtains, lampshades and plants, and keep away from possible contact by pets or children.
Place candles on a flat, uncluttered surface and use candle holders that are sturdy and won’t tip over easily.

Blow out all candles when you leave the room or go to bed.  Avoid the use of candles in the bedroom and other areas where people may fall asleep. The accumulated buildup of snow and ice at the edge of a roof can cause serious damage to your home.  Ice dams are formed primarily by heat loss causing melting below freezing temperatures.
You can avoid the hassle of water damage through proper maintenance, regular inspections and prompt repairs. Mainline backwater valves are installed in the sewer line and reduce the risk of sewer backup in your home.
Never keep combustible items such as paper, cardboard boxes, paint cans and other storage items near the furnace.  Always maintain at least 36” of clear space around the furnace.
Keep BBQ grills on a level surface at least 2-3 feet away from siding, shrubs, trees and furniture.
While there’s no foolproof way to stop every break-in, many burglaries are preventable.  Keep in mind that burglars search for easy targets.
Slips and falls are one of the most common causes of non-fatal injuries.  All home owners are responsible for managing the risks of slipping and tripping to prevent injury and liability claims. A heat detector is a fire alarm device designed to respond when the thermal energy of a fire increases the temperature of a heat sensitive element.
Use large, deep ashtrays that can’t be knocked over and wet down ashes before disposing in a metal container. Ensure smoke alarms are installed on every level of your home, including the basement, and are located near every bedroom.
The installation of Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors on every level of your home is a necessary safety precaution to protect your family from this deadly colourless and odorless gas.
The hoses that are provided with new washing machines are typically of low quality, usually lasting no more than four or five years, and can fail without warning. Look for signs of unusual wear like dryness, cracking or swollen points and replace immediately if cut, frayed, rusting, corroded or leaking around the hose ends.
Also examine the drain hose at the back of the washer which is inserted into the main drain line. Replace both the hot and cold washer hoses every five to seven years, even if they appear to be in good condition.
Consider upgrading washing machine hoses to heavy duty stainless steel braided hoses with auto-shutoff connectors. Practice turning off your hose valves when the washing machine is not in use, or install an automatic shut-off valve. The leading cause of clothes dryer fires is the failure to clean the appliance, lint filter and vent. Never operate a dryer without the lint filter and make sure you clean it after each load of laundry.
Vent the dryer outdoors using rigid or flexible metal material, and check that the vent flaps open freely when the dryer is turned on. Let clothes that have been soaked with flammable liquids like gasoline or paint thinner dry completely before washing and drying as usual.

Power bars, surge protectors and extension cords are not a substitute for permanent wiring. Many of the same precautions taken to discourage burglars may also prevent arson and vandalism to your home. This maximizes combustion, reducing the need for the user to constantly make adjustments in order to keep a fire burning efficiently. Green or unseasoned wood burns cooler than well-seasoned wood and can cause creosote to build up at a much faster rate. Some of the many problems include cracked or missing bricks, a blocked flue, missing mortar, a deteriorated crown, corroded flashing, corroded pre-fabricated chimneys and creosote build-up. Smoke detectors can be purchased at most hardware, home building, and a variety of retail stores. Keep your fire extinguisher well maintained - if it does not work, it won't do you any good!
It is not intended to be legal or expert advice, and should not be used in place of consultation with appropriate professionals. They will clean out any creosote build-up which could start a fire and fix any cracks, blockages and leaks. Green wood burns cooler than well seasoned wood and can cause dangerous creosote to build up at a much faster rate.
Hot coals can easily ignite nearby combustibles if not removed and left a safe distance away.
It takes an average of 45 minutes for the fireplace to cool to a safe temperature after the fire is switched off.
This prevents the potential ignition of gasses when compressors and electrical equipment are activated. Hot, turbulent gasses enter a second vertical combustion chamber, after which heat extraction occurs.
Heat is stored in high-density firebrick and will radiate for up to 24 hours when fired twice a day at a high burn rate. Napoleon 1900, Napoleon 1450, Napoleon 1150P, Napoleon 1900P are just some of the Napoleon wood burning stoves we offer.
Red River Mutual disclaims all responsibility for any liability, loss, injury or risk which is incurred as a direct or indirect result of the use of any of the material in this publication. Shop here for Napoleon wood stoves where you will always get the lowest price and best customer service.Napoleon Cast Iron stoves are clean burning and safe to heat your entire home. Keep the ash container at a safe distance away from the house and any other nearby buildings.

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