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If you have intermediate Photoshop knowledge, a natural wood inlay text effect is not hard to create. In this step, you'll add all the wood texture image layers which will be used in future steps.
A) Open the gold leaf texture image, copy the image, close the file, then paste the image into your work file. C) Verify that all the layers are in the correct order and rename them as shown in Figure 2.

B) Click precisely on one of the black border lines or corner ornaments to create a selection area. K) As in Step 6F, you can unlock the image mask and adjust the position of the wood grain for maximum effect. B) To create a spotlight on the wood, create a new layer and position it at the top of the list. C) To create a glossy light reflection on the wood, as if the wood were varnished, create a new layer and position it at the top of the list.
Some of the finest furniture created by craftsmen have custom and intricate inlay designs that cause onlookers to pay special attention and take a closer look. It is used to embellish and enhance simple, clean lines by drawing the eye along the edge of a surface. This step-by-step guide will demonstrate a few simple tricks that simulate the elegant look of a wood inlay. Use the pencil tool (2 pixels, black) to draw thin lines that connect each corner ornament (hold down the shift key to constrain the lines). With the image portion of the layer selected (note the broken border in the image above) you can now reposition, transform and modify the image portion of the layer to achieve the best look (in our example we rotated the image and positioned the best grain area within the rose. Using the Elliptical Marquee tool , create a vertical half-oval selection and then fill with white. Though the string may appear delicate, it is durable when glued into a groove because it is supported by the material around it.

Another way you can help to support the Forum is to purchase custom designed gifts from the Forum's Ships' Store, or shop for items in the Forum's Amazon Store. Then again there are instances when intricate inlay patterns make one stop to try to figure out how in the world the craftsman ever created such a magnificent design of varying colored woods.
Besides wood veneer, metal wire, thin plastic or even dyed epoxy can be used to fill the groove. Luxury interior design is easy to achieve using the natural luster and elegance of antique wood.
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The problem that remains for many woodworkers is that there is little information to be found on how to create bandings for wood inlay. The process is surprisingly simple, and with the right tools it is an easy skill to master.

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