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Mather & Smith can implement many varied wood graining techniques and metallic finishes to transform both simple and intricate moldings.
We provide a cost-benefit analysis to help you pick the right wood for your baseboards, moldings and chair rails. While interior wood trim is an important design element in Craftsman and Victorian-style homes, other styles of homes can benefit from quality trim work. Many design programs feature adding trim and crown molding to jazz up a home's interior spaces.
Here is a quick guide to the equivalent lumens between LED, CFL and Incandescent bulbs based on wattage.

At only $38.50 for the entire light fixtureyou might as well just replace the entire fixture. These fixtures are so inexpensive that the replacment cost of the entire fixture does not warrant the cost and effort to inventory, package and ship the diffusers individually. Chair rails are sometimes added to break up the plain appearance of large walls and define specific areas. Baseboards add a finished touch to any room and conceal imperfections in the wall, floor or the intersection of wall and floor.Hardwood varieties of moldings will resist denting and damage better than softwood varieties.
Use hardwood in high-traffic areas or where chairs and toys will bang into them, such as baseboards and chair rails.Below are some of the woods to consider when adding trim or molding to the interior of your home.

Additional items you will need in order to install interior wood accents include a tape measure, chop saw, adhesive and nail gun or hammer and nails.MahoganyMahogany is considered an exotic wood because it is not only a hardwood, its natural, deep reddish-brown color is beautiful.
Soft maples like red maple and silver maple are popular choices for budget-minded homeowners who want the look of a finer wood.

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