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Ikeda Spa is proud to have won many local awards, but this time, we’re excited to announce that we are a Global Winner in the World Luxury Spa Awards. Ikeda Spa Prestige, which opened only in March last year, beat 30 day spas nominated from a list of more than 10 countries, including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, France and the United Kingdom.
Ikeda Prestige Spa brings Japanese communal bathing to Singapore with the first onsen-style public bathhouse. Onsen water used in Ikeda Spa Prestige is artificially created using the latest white ionisation technology from Japan which infuses hot spring micro-bubbles directly into the water. Onsen water containing high content of magnesium and sodium, which reduces pores and improve skin complexion. The bath house tub is made of hinoki wood, Japan’s most prized cypress wood once reserved for royalty. Hinoki wood releases natural wood oil with soothing scents and anti-bacterial enzymes into the water. Hinoki wood is used as active ingredients in most Japanese cosmetics product to treat skin irritations. After the bath, you will have the chance to try on our traditional Ikeda Spa Prestige’s yukata with difference pretty designs!  Soon, our friendly and professional therapists will take you on a 90min journey of a relaxing full body massage or a deep cleansing facial.
For couples, step inside warm tatami rooms, luxuriate in steaming onsen baths, robe up with intricate yukatas and find a quiet moment to observe the soft lapping waters of the Singapore River inside our two VIP couple suites decorated with a kakejiku (Japanese scroll painting) of stark beauty. Inyou symbolises complementary opposing strokes and movements “in” and “you” working in unison to encourage deep relaxation and a sense of inner peace. A Japanese healing art that has been used for centuries to relieve sore muscles and unblock your body’s Ki (energy). This compress is a blend of Japanese rice bran, black sesame and aromatic herbs rich in natural essential oils. Guest writer Emily Eaves reviews one of the oldest Coaching Inns still in existence, set in the heart of the historic Sussex market town of Midhurst. Now famous for its well heeled residents and Cowdray Park’s centrality to the English Polo scene, Midhurst has some serious substance to match its style.
The Spread Eagle Hotel is in fact one of the oldest coaching inns in the UK, thought to date back to 1430. There’s a bright, quintessentially English conservatory to take afternoon tea in, or there are wood panelled lounges with roaring fires and dark mahogany furniture where you can curl up with a book and lose yourself for hours.
We were staying in a huge room 25 to 30 m2 (269 ft2 – 376ft2) with spectacular views of the Grandvalira ski slopes. The Spa area is very children friendly but don’t panic adults as after 6 pm no children are allowed to use it. We were staying in a huge roomA 25 to 30 m2 (269 ft2 – 376ft2) with spectacular views of the Grandvalira ski slopes.
There are several ways you can fancy up your towels for your guests–catch a few ideas on YouTube to put a creative spin on your display. A tray ceiling, double French doors and direct access to the pool and spa help make this space nothing short of luxurious. Ideally located between the coast and the Surrey border, this picturesque village gives Cotswolds favourites a run for their money. The building has been beautifully maintained and manages to build upon the stunning backdrop of its 15th century features (think oak beams, leaded light windows and inglenook fireplaces) to offer the ultimate in comfort and contemporary luxury (roll top baths, excellent food, beds that you can melt into).

You may however not want to even leave your bedroom; the rooms here are wonderfully creative and filled with quirks and history whilst enveloping you and providing the ideal place to catch up on some serious sleep.
Said to have hosted Queen Elizabeth I in 1591, the vast space offers guests an impressive bathroom, lounge, four poster bed and, wait for it, a wig and powder closet.
The swimming pool is an excellent size and adorned with loungers which invite hours of magazine flicking and daydreaming whilst you potter in and out of the spa. When it comes to skiing my favorite ski resort is Grau Roig, which is part of the Grandvalira ski domain.
The main focal point of this master suite is the master bath area by individual ceiling designs.
We are publishing amazing interior design, decoration , home design, hairstyle and wedding ideas and creative inspirations.
I loved how it was all decorated in oak wood, the cow leather huge pillows were amazing to lean on.
The sauna and steam room are perfect after a hard day of skiing in where your muscles need to relax. I have to say I was impressed regarding the choice on offer at the restaurant and the presentation. The kitchen island includes Now that summer is here, many East Enders are turning their attention to their homes. Take note of how the ladder has been used as a stylish and offbeat accessory to hold the towels!
Perhaps you’d prefer the White Room then, it has a secret passage entered by a hatchway that leads through the roof and is said to have been used by smugglers and those fleeing the press gang.
Whilst walking through the hotel I talked to a lot of families who book year after year to come back and stay. Make sure you book as the restaurant can get very busy both with people staying as well as a lot of local people too. Luxury hotels often provide spa items to Don’t worry, help is at hand; here are five gift ideas that will guarantee you are in her good books right up to Christmas. Some of the most extensive makeovers in today’s home—where the majority of home renovation money is spent—are based in the kitchen and bathroom. Andorra also called principality of the valleys of Andorra is a sovereign landlocked microstate in Southwestern Europe, located in the eastern Pyrenees mountains and bordered by Spain and France. Dunia the hotel manager shared with me that there are families in where she has seen them grow over the years. The selection was excellent with very unusual tastes, and what an eating experience it was. Kitchens have been Much attention has been given to the spa inspired bathrooms, with Croce adding digital multi-head “Every room here is unique, and custom-designed. No two room designs are alike anywhere in the Curtiss Hotel.” Croce sees the target demographic Wouldn’t a visit to spa-like oasis every morning be a wonderful way to start your day?
There is a elegance, simplicity and the way in which a simple glass frame has been used to demarcate the shower area is remarkable.
If you think you can’t afford to go to the spa all the time, then, here are a few Bathroom ideas and tips for bath spa on how you can turn your regular bath tub into a relaxing and truly rejuvenating home Jacuzzi. Since most of us can’t do that every day, updating your bathroom is a great way to give you that spa-like feeling at home.

There is a cool lounge area where you can relax and enjoy a wide range of wines to choose by. The room had a balcony with outdoor furniture and this was perfect to appreciate the beauty of Grau Roig.
After a long day, you naturally would want In this post, we will explore some of the most luxurious bathroom designs on the homify platform this exposed bathing area resembles an at-home Swedish spa. By using rich textures, a minimalist colour palette and of course, efficient design, view more at Spa Bathroom Ideas.
Black granite backdrop, pristine white oval bathtub and gray stone pebbles that add a touch of authenticity make it picture-perfect.
Set in stone and using a rough and unpolished stone as footstep, the only discernible accessory here is a teak footstool with beautiful curves [by The Sakura Group]Compact Japanese bath in a single flowing toneLove the single tone, the bowl-like bathtub and the mirror doors here.
There is so much going for this design and the best part of it is that it is both space-conscious and does not appear to be trying too hard to fit in. Less is definitely more when it comes to this bath.Ergonomic and small Japanese home for space conscious interiorsNeutral shades, plenty of white and ergonomic design ensure that this Japanese bath is for those who prefer to keep things organized, sleek and chic.
The lovely oval mirror, the giant cabinet and again a sporadic presence of nature ensure that it is ideal for contemporary homes.Feng Shui bathroom with lavish wooden presence If you are thinking of a Japanese bathroom, then Feng Shui might not be too far away from your interests and this room surely incorporates it with lavish and at times exaggerated use of wood. That does not take away from its charm though and the transparent glass encasing of the shower seems to act as the perfect and yet apparent contrast.Gorgeous zen styled Japanese bath in glass and stoneA dream Japanese bathroom clad in glass and stone and completely engulfed in white, this is a design that is both audacious and excessive. Yet there seems to be an innate sense of simplicity and the uncomplicated form along with plants and shrubs ensure that nature is invited inside.Lovely Japanese bath with bamboo bath and mirrored doorsYou need not always have loads of room to incorporate a lovely bath and that is probably the most alluring aspect of the Japanese designs. Sporting mirrored doors and plenty of bamboo covered surfaces, here is an inspiration for those who are cramped for space.[by Design Intervention]Minimalist white Japanese contemporary bathroomMinimalism seems to be an intrinsic quality of most Japanese designs and the on view here is no different either. While we have seen wood and glass combination before, this uses plenty of stone and as is the pattern, sticks to gentle neutral shades.Modern Japanese bathroom with opaque glass windowOpaque glass doors seem to be bit of a popular feature in most modern bathrooms, irrespective of whether they are inspired by Asian themes or not. The unusual hangings at the center the dark cabinets, the light shades of the bath and a ‘glassy’ shower area give it a regal appeal.
Perfect for those who love to express themselves!Simple master bathroom in New York loft with strong Japanese overtonesThis is particularly impressive as it shows that modern Japanese bath spaces can be incorporated even in the most urban settings. Nothing shouts out ‘contemporary and trendy’ like a loft in New York City and the simple master bathroom showcased here has been part of one since long. The captivating work of art at the back, the bamboo cabinetry, the open window that invites the green from outside and even the soothing and simple bathtub seem to come together seamlessly to create a perfect space. Even the counter seems to be made out of stone, while the bath is accompanied by a simple footstool. Graceful and gorgeous [by The Sakura Group]Tranquil Japanese bathroom with serene Shoji screens Shoji screens do seem to add a sense of authenticity to anything that is Japanese! There are no contrasting shades here as the entire space seems to be flowing in a single tone and once again the smart use of glass screen ensures there is textural variety on offer.
The bright lighting, intense tones of violet and maroons, the gentle sprinkling of flowers and green accompanied by dark stone backdrop ensure that this Japanese bath is a both a visual treat and a treat to the senses.

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