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Once the glue dries, the shade is turned right side out and little plastic rings are sewn on the back of the shade to hold the drapery cords that will open and close the shade.
Using leftover paint from the gold ceiling in the nursery and some fabric medium, I painted the traced polka dots. And when the paint had dried and they were hung in the nursery with care, I had fully functional Roman shades perfect for a little girl’s room.

So we also covered several other small projects that will help with energy efficiency besides a new HVAC. But it’s just as beneficial to be able to close them at night to help trap the heat in and keep it from leaving your house. I used some old CDs to layout my polka dots before tracing them with pencil onto the front of my shades.

Obviously it’s not enough on it’s own, but working in tandem with an efficient HVAC system is a great and stylish energy solution!

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