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And then there is all the stuff that feels so particular to living right here, surrounded by wetlands, supported by the summertime crowds, waiting for vegetables.
Here too, in our lovely village, all the local businesses have freshened up, dusted the cobwebs of winter away and opened up the doors to welcome once again the summer crowds. Most of the ice cream shops have opened back up, for one, which I really should have said before all that bosh about back burners. The whole kitchen smells like waking to somebody already cooking breakfast, like Thanksgiving, like a happy childhood.

The daffodils opened up a few weeks ago, and then I saw the roadside maples with their blood-red buds, and then it was just BAM!
Can my kids stay awake for the Friday night frog hikes in the trails around the lighthouse? The pear tree behind the oldest barn, the one loaded with a welcoming committee of juicy fruit when we moved twenty minutes up the road last November, went from tiny green buds to full bloom in the span of just a couple days this week. We didn’t do much more than cram the pears into our mouths during our first walks here last fall, but maybe this year there will be jam or pies or something poached.

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