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Located in the TCU area of Fort Worth Woodshed has a cool location right on the Trinity river across from the Zoo and Colonial Country Club. Over All: All in all I feel woodshed is a great place to come drink a beer on a comfortable summer night and eat some of the tenderloin served cold.
I live in Fort Worth these days and my significant other is all about food (cooking and eating). Most of the menu items are smoked, but four different woods are used in four different smokers in the smoker room. On my way out I talked to Chef Love who had been chatting with the party next to me at a communal table in the bar area. Find whatever you're craving, see what's good at any restaurant and learn what foodspotters, friends and experts love wherever you go. Register!The 4th Annual CJC Memorial Clay Shoot and Fundraising PartyLast year was a tremendous success with 30 teams of shooters and over 200 people at the party.
It's Texas Tech v TCU weekend in Fort Worth so come be a part of the fun while giving to a great cause! This is a sit down BBQ joint on the nicer end of most BBQ’s I’ve been too and by far the most modern.
One rib is fine even though I’m a big eater, not bc of its size but the rub sets in differently and is a bit strong in the long run. There is a wood legend on the menu letting you know which wood is used for each of the menu items. Pork baby back ribs that used to be available by the rib are now only available by the fourteen half rack or a twenty-eight dollar full rack.
I enjoyed the smoked cauliflower on previous visits but this time I went for the most normal item I could find. It’s funny because as I walked in it had more of a Dallas feel which in Fort Worth can be considered a bad thing.

I showed him this post and he said “we are definitely going there once I’ve earned it” (meaning he’s trying to be healthy and shed a few pounds and this won’t help).
Unfortunately I will always prefer Southern crispy corn bread over that fluffy stuff, but I could make a meal of all these meats anyway. It looked like it had been through a ricer so it wasn’t quite mashed and barely held together with a minimal amount of dressing.
Luckily I visited on a Texas August day when the temps somehow are about 80, that is NOT ordinary and I wonder how it would be to eat here in a deep heated sweat.
If your looking for a fancy modern BBQ place and don’t fancy flavor as much, Woodshed is the place. At five dollars per portion (twenty dollars per pound) this might be the most expensive brisket in Texas. I asked the server if I could get a quarter pound of lean brisket and a quarter pound of fatty brisket. Instead of being warmed or smoked and served as a full link the duck sausage was sliced on a bias and warmed on a flat top.
The buttermilk pie and chocolate marshmallow pie that I had enjoyed on both of my previous visits was no longer on the menu. Not everything I had on this visit was a homerun, but I’d be glad to bring back three friends and give that beef shin our best shot.
Now that they’ve remedied that glaring exclusion from their menu I decided to come back to the Woodshed for another visit. Fort Worth’s Black Rooster bakery has been relieved of their duties and the Woodshed kitchen now prepares all desserts in house.
The sausage had a fine grind without a great deal of smokiness but the casing was well cooked and the filling was very rich in a good way. A smoked chocolate meringue pie was a solid stand-in with definite smoky notes and lots of little pockets of surprising salt.

What I got were two big slices from the fatty end that in all fairness was more than a quarter pound. Like many things on the menu it was very salty but the punch of the mustard certainly offset that. There was not much of a developed bark and no smoke ring to be seen but the meat did look juicy. The ribs on this visit thankfully did not suffer from the normal over seasoning that I have seen in the past. On previous visits there was as much rosemary on the ribs as you’d find in brunch potatoes. This time the seasonings were more subtle this time allowing a nice crust to form and a good smokiness to develop. The half rack of ribs here is served whole and I was pleased that the meat kept its integrity when cutting in between each bone. I needed to sip from my pint of one of their many fine craft beers on tap to adequately wash it down. All in all I much prefer overcooked and over seasoned brisket to undercooked brisket that is tough. He said it stays unwrapped throughout the cooking process so I’m not quite sure how it gets so little smoke while getting so over tender.
Chef Love did lament the challenge of providing fresh smoked meats for lunch and for dinner service.

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