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Springville – Dave Giles is a soft-spoken, unassuming man with a business that serves people in some very loud and assuming situations.
Giles is the owner of The Gavel Store, a company that makes and sells custom gavels from a small workshop in an industrial area of Springville. In 1996, the early days of online commerce, Giles recognized the potential of the internet for reaching a huge range of potential customers, a necessity for selling niche products. Most of the gavels he sells are intended as gifts to congratulate new board chairs, presidents or others in leadership positions.
Giles sells gavels in a variety of styles and sizes, from miniature to a 36-inch decorative gavel.
In addition to traditional designs, Giles has made gavels with heads in the shape of houses, apples, baseballs, barrels, bullets, nuts and bolts, and many others. The Gavel Store operates out of small shop in Springville, where he has several lathes to do his woodworking. Giles says that, while he doesn’t expect his business will ever make him rich, he loves the work and hopes to continue well into the future. After working at his father’s custom millwork business for 17 years, craftsman Dave Giles decided to start his own business selling custom gavels online in 1996. Giles’ original goal was to start a niche woodworking business making small items that would be easy and inexpensive to ship. His father had always used gavels to promote his business, and Giles decided to try his hand at those. His second year in business, a Chicago manufacturer made Giles an offer to sell their mass production gavels with his custom ones, which he accepted. Unique design requests are always welcome, especially with sports fans for whom he’s made soccer ball, football and basketball gavels. Church Leader and United States Senator, known for his unimpeachable honesty, loyalty, dedication, service and patriotism. In 1975, Dave Giles got into the woodworking business through his father, Bill, who was a partner in Ferre's Mill and Supply of Provo.
In 1997, Dave Giles, a talented woodworker, was determined to use his gift to make some extra money on the web. When I was standing in the reception line earler tonight everyone said that I have a unique business.
PROVO -- When the Democratic National Convention adjourns today, six dignitaries will be going home with a Utah artisan's handiwork. Dave Giles, proprietor of The Gavel Store, an Internet business, sold six ceremonial custom-made gavels to the Democratic National Committee for presentation at the convention in Los Angeles' Staples Center. Giles got into the gavel business through his father, Bill, who is a partner in Ferre's Mill and Supplies. Giles, who worked as a foreman in the plant and knew how to create decorative posts and woodwork, was looking for a side business. Giles said the DNC contacted the Illinois firm seeking gavels, but since the order was for custom-made pieces, they referred the request to Giles. The DNC gavels are oversized -- 15 inches long -- solid walnut hammers, with a satin-lined presentation box. Like Alprin and many other Superior Court judges, Judge Brooke Hedge thinks that gavels would be superfluous and presumptuous in a modern courtroom. Until this year, when she began hearing civil cases, Hedge was the presiding judge in the court's domestic violence unit. Giles also does a lot of business with fraternal organizations, such as the Freemasons and the Elks, and with law schools, local governments and other organizations a lot less shy about pounding a gavel now and then. Each month, Bright Builders will spotlight one client that we feel has “bragging rights” for a website that performs a cut above (or several cuts above) the rest. He has also contracted other laborers to help him produce his own quality gavels, including a wood curer and an engraver. His initial reaction was similar to the way many of us might react: a small amount of panic, sleepless nights, and discouragement. For example, he is in the process of developing a gavel made out of a new material (which is a secret for now).

Woodworkers are considered to be call foring when it comes to the quality of the tools, and that’s why the residence of woodturning as properly as and add-ons The Toolarticle () did hard to make together among the finest and numerous extensive choices of woodoperating resources available anyplace on the World wide web. Giles makes every gavel that is pounded by the celebrity du jour during the ceremonial closing or opening of the New York Stock Exchange.
It’s a niche business, but he’s been able to make a living from gavels since the mid-1990s thanks to an early presence on the internet and quality craftsmanship.
He also makes and sells the sound blocks people strike the gavel against, as well as commemorative plaques and other trophies. He was commissioned by the state of Alabama to make a gavel with a peanut-shaped head, in honor of the state's peanut crop, and by the state of Idaho to make one shaped like a potato. Giles owns and operates The Gavel Store, an online distributor of handcrafted gavels from his Shop in Springville, Utah. I used to put push pins in every country or whatever city I got an order, but now it’s just out of room so I had to give that up,” said Giles. The wooden gavels sell for anywhere between $5 and as much as $1,000 for a gold-plated one.
Recently, Giles filled an order for ten large custom gavels to the New York Stock Exchange.
He also served as vice president of Western Pacific Railroad, Grand Central Mining company and several other corporate organizations. Giles was so successful at selling his handmade gavels that he eventually attracted the attention of a national gavel distributor.
I would like to thank the Reed Smoot Selection Committee and the Provo-Orem Chamber of Commerce. Giles spends his evenings and weekends turning out gavels, ranging in price from $5 to thousands for gold-plated ones. Superior Court, one of the biggest and busiest courthouses in the country, no one can remember a judge ever pounding a gavel the way their cinematic counterparts so often do?
Many have at least a couple lying around their chambers and perhaps another at home on the mantel, all of them usually given as gifts when the judges were sworn in years earlier.
Alprin said as he uncovered a small gold-colored gavel in an engraved wooden case on a bookshelf behind his desk. It's an easier reach, but it apparently hadn't been used any more than the one on the shelf -- at least until Alprin, after answering so many gavel questions, decided to give his a pound.
A couple of years ago, during a motions hearing in a criminal case, the lawyers started jawing at the top of their lungs. But where he earns his keep is in crafting customized gavels, which can run from $100 up to $1,100 for the top-of-the-line gold-plated brass mallet. A crack of the gavel sounds the entrance of the justices of the Supreme Court for each session of the nation's highest tribunal, and there's no talk of changing that tradition. Giles, a talented woodworker, determined to use his gift to make some extra money on the web.
While he had certainly made his product unique and it may have promised a lucrative future, Mr.
Giles about his toughest obstacles in running a web store, the first problem that came to his mind was the lack of a shopping cart and order management system when he first began to sell gavels on his website. Giles, a seasoned web store owner, says that one of his toughest obstacles happened only recently. Giles, The Gavel Store was #1 in Google’s search results for the keyword “gavel.” I visited Google search again today and found him #3. To fight his way back to the top, he updated his pay-per-click settings, made meta tag and content changes, and found ways to increase his link popularity.
Giles plans to continue making his own custom gavels, keep working with the distributors who supply him with many of the gavels he sells, and offer new products.
Giles for a wonderful interview and priceless insights on the struggles and triumphs of a successful Internet-based business.
Discerning woodworkers demand the fairly best when it comes to tools as nicely as accessories, but which doesnt need to mean limitless item research and trawling via suppliers as a result of the fact of the team within the Toolpost.
We have decided to take a closer appear at the product so we can inform our readers whether or not it is genuinely worth buying Teds Woodworking Package or not.We should start by letting you know what you should anticipate from the item.

In 1988 I jumped from nonfiction to fiction -- specifically science fiction -- and published two novels and numerous short stories for magazines and anthologies. He also makes every gavel wielded during the Democratic National Convention every four years.
Dave, who worked as a foreman in the Mill and knew how to create decorative posts and woodwork. Many well know personalites as Condoleezza Rice, Judge Judy, Newt Gingrich and even the talk show hosts Regis and Kelly have a gavel on their desks. Another, supposedly used by the 19th century lawyer Daniel Webster, was a gift from her college roommate. But his business hasn’t always been on top and he didn’t immediately know what to sell and how to market his product the day he opened his first web store.
Although the yo-yos were beautifully crafted and one-of-a-kind, he learned that he couldn’t sell enough of the higher-priced yo-yos to make a good profit. With so many search engines changing their inclusion criteria, some businesses have been pushed right off the search results pages.
In other words, he took the time to understand the current search engine criteria and changed his website and his submissions accordingly. He also takes the pictures of the custom gavels on his website and cleans them up with Paint Shop Pro.
These websites work together to give an instant boost to link popularity and to cater to three different consumer types.
In order to protect his privacy, we ask that you please do not contact him personally unless you are one of his customers purchasing a product from his website, in which case he would love to hear from you. Among the UKs most widely utilized retailers associated with woodoperating resources and add-ons, with the store as properly as workshop within Didcot, Oxfordshire as nicely as an on the internet shop at world wide Internet. The quality of the information found in Woodshop (Woodshop : One Of The Finest Selections Of Woodworking Tools Available On-line At The Toolpost) is well above anything you will discover on the market today. Giles’ father had been co-owner of a mill in Provo, and he had made and given away gavels to local organizations as a way to promote the mill’s larger woodworking jobs. He has also contracted other laborers to help him produce his own quality gavels, including a wood cutter (Fit-Rite of Salem) and an engraver (Mullett-Hoover of Provo). His path to success has been a gradual growing and learning process that has brought him where he is today. Although the package is addressed primarily to knowledgeable carpenters, it could be employed by less skilled folks, as nicely.
They are particularly popular in Austria, Australia, England, France, Germany, Australia, England and Spain.
He enjoyed making the quality, distinctive gavels, which proved to be unique and in demand. The woodworking plans vary from easy to medium and advanced, so purchasers can boost their abilities by just producing the included schemes.There are numerous other bonuses integrated in the initial package for purchasers who will be the initial to spot their orders.
Custom checkered patterns are available, along with eight-sided gavels, palm gavels, miniature gavels and extra large gavels. Uk, The Toolwrite-up is extremely a hub associated with items, guidance and instruction for ereally single and fanatics.
The Toolpost has taken together possibly the most effective woodoperating tools within the leading worldwide manufacturers just about all below 1 roof.
The second bonus is a CD containing 150 premium woodworking videos for a better understanding of the directions. And simply considering that the Toolarticle is the reality is owned as nicely as run via men and women enthusiastic and highly proficient in woodoperating, There’s altechniques a prosperity of guidance and assistance with hand to assist the handyman make specifically the proper buy.

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