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Forgotten NY was the first recipient of the Outstanding NYC Website award by the Guides Association of NYC in March 2015! Forgotten New York is a program of the Greater Astoria Historical Society, a non-profit organization supported by the Long Island City community. WWRL continued to broadcast from Woodside until earlier this year (2005), when it relocated to Manhattan.
This modest one-family home was built at the turn of the 20th century on 58th Street north of Northern Boulevard.
Max Sohncke sold real estate and insurance from his home-office in the first decades of the 20th century. Woodside National Bank opened in 1926, and the following year moved into the building pictured above.
Chase Manhattan Bank also opened a Woodside branch in 1926 in a small building on Roosevelt Avenue. Ray’s Food Shop occupied the ground floor at the corner of Roosevelt Avenue and 61st Street in 1935.
Childs, the first great restaurant chain of the 20th Century, erected terra cotta palaces all around town.
At the close of WWII, Arde Bulova, of Bulova Watch Company, founded a watchmaking school for disabled veterans in Woodside.
The Arde Bulova dormitory on 61st Street was equipped with a ramp for easy wheelchair access. The Bulova Watch Company maintains offices a little north of Woodside, along the BQE adjoining the New York Connecting Railroad.
A Parks Department marker on a westbound Queens Boulevard traffic island at 58th Street declares the intersection to be the geographic center of New York.
There is no dispute, however, that Woodside remains a center for the Irish- American community of Queens. 1873 map of Woodside used as background for this page from Brooklyn Genealogy Information Page. The photographs for this page were taken on March 20th, 2004, August 27th, 2005 and September 11th, 24th, & 26th, 2005 and the page was completed on September 27th, 2005 by award-winning Forgotten NY correspondent, Christina Wilkinson.
The Diamond Diner was in a prime spot on Roosevelt Avenue right under the LIRR overpass. Was is the correct verb.

One of the murals shows an anachronism that persisted until the 1980s at one of the #7 stops: a sign advertising a connection to the 2nd Avenue Elevated, which had a spur crossing the Queensboro Bridge and joining the Flushing Line at Queensboro Plaza.
Pizza Boy II Inc ReviewsAdd your review for Pizza Boy II Inc. Love the eggplant parm sandwich! Sixteen people were reported injured in a school bus crash in Woodside, Queens on Friday, Dec. NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Several people were reported injured Friday afternoon, when a multi-vehicle crash sent a school bus plowing into a building in Woodside, Queens. As Joe Biermann reported from Chopper 2, two cars – one silver and one dark in color – were involved in a crash at Woodside Avenue and 59th Street in Queens late Friday afternoon. The school bus was also involved in the crash, and ended up slamming into a building that houses a pizzeria called Pizza Boy II and a shoe store, Biermann reported.
As 1010 WINS’ Darius Radzius reported, a witness said he heard violent screeching and crashing sounds as he walked away from the intersection.
The FDNY EMS initially told CBS2 that 17 people were injured, with two of them were seriously hurt. There were 15 children on the bus, all between the ages of 6 and 10, officials told CBS2’s Jessica Schneider.
The bus was later removed from the scene, leaving a hole in the exterior wall of the building. A giant radio tower still rises into the sky at the site but the signs pictured above, taken in 2004, are now gone. The O’Connell family owned the house, and their cows once grazed where attached homes now stand at left. The house originally was on Greenpoint Avenue (Roosevelt Avenue) near Betts Avenue (58th Street). It had to be moved in order for the city to create Broadway east of 54th Street and dig the IND subway line in 1926. In 1942, the bank was bought by Manufacturers Trust, who years later merged with Hanover Trust, forming Manufacturers-Hanover Trust in 1961. In 1996, Chase merged with Chemical Bank, took over the branch at the old Woodside National Bank location, and sold their smaller location to a competitor. They are still recognizable by their maritime motifs and ubiquitous seahorse ornamentation.

The Joseph Bulova School (above), named after Arde’s father and founder of the company, opened in 1944 on 62nd Street south of Woodside Avenue.
The school stayed open through 1993. The Church of Latter Day Saints has occupied the property since 1997. One of the murals harkens back to a magical October when the Yankees and Mets fought each other for the World Series title and the World Trade Center was still standing. However, according to the Department of City Planning, the geographic center is in Bushwick, Brooklyn, on Stockholm Street between Wyckoff Avenue and St.
The small brick building to the right is now an industrial site, but was once where the Moskowitz’ barn stood.
When a new street was cut through, the house had to be moved to where it stands today south of Roosevelt Avenue on 57th Street. A wheelchair basketball team was organized here in 1947, and played at the gym pictured at right. The first two buildings are in immaculate condition, but the dorm currently stands behind a chain-link fence, with its door covered in graffiti. A steepled structure was built at 58th Street and Woodside Avenue in 1896 on the former site of the Kelly mansion. It was not unusual for contractors to find old bones or Revolutionary War relics as they prepared to lay a foundation for a new house. The church was replaced by a combination church and school building in 1926, which still stands at the site. Sebastian in November 1998 to stump for Chuck Schumer in his successful bid to unseat incumbent Senator Al D’Amato that year. For 50 years, 1010 WINS has been a news and information utility for the New York metropolitan area.

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