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Antique reproduction is lead by Scott Richter, master woodworker and carver with 30 years of design and carving experience. The business end of the desk was engineered by Geoff's Woodworking in collaboration with the hotel management. When you need new electronics installed or something isn't working right, marine electricians are the people to call. Skilled wood craftsmen can tackle any project, from a custom table to a complete new interior, in teak, cherry, mahogany, or the wood of your choice. Riggers can handle any service or installation need for your mast, stays, shrouds, and running rigging. TAMPA a€” Walk down N Franklin Street most mornings and there they are: three or four figures stooped over brooms and bags of trash. For business owners along this growing downtown strip, their morning ritual is about more than rehabilitating this end of Tampa Heights. It's also about cleaning up after good Samaritans who they say are helping at the expense of the neighborhood. On any given day, three or four vans roll in to drop off food, clothes and toiletries for the local homeless population. Those groups may be trying to help the area's homeless population, but Franklin Street tenants say they're also making the strip a magnet for loiterers and trash.
On this particular morning he spent an extra 15 minutes scrubbing a foul-smelling stain near the tasting room's door. Owners of yoga studios, restaurants and real estate firms eyeing the neighborhood regularly pop into the brewery, cafe and nearby shops to ask about the area. Ask current business owners why they came to Franklin Street and many cite the same reasons: location, price and potential. Dan McDonald, homeless liaison officer for the Tampa Police Department, is a familiar figure on N Franklin Street.

He's tried to talk to the groups that come to the area to hand out food, often within a few minutes of each other. While the city of Tampa can't prevent anyone from handing out food and other necessities in public, said spokeswoman Ashley Bauman, the city is trying to help the cleanup effort.
The Tampa Bay Times was unable to reach the groups that bring food and clothes for the homeless. When McDonald approaches those groups, some have told him they want to do things on their own terms.
Salvation Army spokeswoman Wonetha Hall said they try to partner with local businesses, organizations and religious groups to provide free meals at their facilities.
We are a high-end custom finishing, furniture and architectural millwork shop in Richmond, California.
Over the last few years Scott has become well known for his mastery of Art Nouveau and Beaux-Arts style furniture design.
Engine service, metal fabrication, fiberglass and wooden boat repair, custom cabinetry, sailboat rigging, and painting. Some specialize in power systems, including batteries and inverters, while others focus on installation of electronics such as radar and GPS equipment. Nautical woodwork doesn't come cheaply, but there is nothing like natural wood to lend warmth and style to a boat. Nearly every part of the San Francisco Bay has at least one boat yard that can haul your boat, paint the bottom, and take care of countless other boat maintenance tasks. Propeller shops can balance and repitch your props, and well as provide new ones when needed.
Unfortunately, local businesses say there's nowhere to dispose of the waste that results a€” including human waste. Cheong Choi said he often comes in to find piles of clothes outside his door at 1540 N Franklin St.

The locals say they reassure potential tenants that the homeless who gather on the sidewalks rarely cause any issues a€” but then they never hear from those business owners again. For as long as he can remember, people have parked across the street, headed into the neighborhood with Styrofoam containers of food, and then driven off. When he's not responding to complaints from business owners, he's referring those in need to agencies and service providers who can help them. Their work isn't illegal, he said, but could violate rules against cooking without a permit and blocking the sidewalk.
The nearby Salvation Army said they didn't know who specifically has been passing out food in the area. Others, however, have agreed to partner with organizations that serve meals in their own facilities, like the Salvation Army. It's safer to prepare and serve food from the Salvation Army's kitchen, and the trash ends up in garbage cans, not in the streets. Many will come to your boat, and some have work docks at their shops to make major repairs more efficient. If you're boat is in a boatyard, they can remove the props; if it is in the water, a diver can do the job without having to haul the boat. Bags were dropped off the evening before, rifled through, and then left behind for his staff to clean up. Each night the organization provides shelter and a free meal to about 130 people at its facilities along N Florida Avenue.

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