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Located in Centerville, Utah, Lewis Custom Woodwork is the perfect choice when it comes to new construction, finishing your basement, or updating existing cabinets. Although we all see air vent covers every day, you may not have ever considered them a design element of a home.
Wood paneling in the bathroom may sound like an impossibility, but decorating with wood is a fantastic way to add color and depth to a bathroom. Are you remodeling your kitchen and looking for a sensible, space saving idea for your pantry?
Thanks to advances in lighting technology, LED lighting is better than it’s ever been and a huge improvement in efficiency and energy use over traditional incandescent light bulbs.
In designing a kitchen, you might not think of hardware for your cabinets and drawers, but it’s a detail that can really impact your kitchen’s look. When  decorating your new home there are many decisions to make about color and flooring and decor, each reflecting your personality and the atmosphere you want for your space. Decorative Woodwork is the proud exclusive dealer of an exciting new decor product called FriendlyWall™. If you’ve ever wanted the richness and warmth that wood paneling can add to a room but worried about the cost and how long it would take to install, we have some great news for you.
Custom cabinetry can dramatically increase a home’s value while giving kitchens and bathrooms an instant facelift. If you prefer to have a bigger say in how your property is adorned, nothing compares to custom woodwork.
If you don’t know the difference between maple and cherry, can’t fathom narrowing down hundreds of staining choices or aren’t sure where you want to start, don’t worry.

Did you know we have on display over 2,000 cabinet handles, 9 styles of barn door hardware, LED lighting , cabinet optimization, bath hardware and more? Do you sell to the public?Our products are primarily design driven, and most clients have a design professional they are working with. That’s why the team at Intermountain Mantels & Woodwork specializes in custom woodwork for your home or business that’s designed using only the best materials and with top of the line craftsmanship. Custom mantels provide the ultimate frame for that cozy fireplace or as a foundation to showcase treasures such as souvenirs or family portraits. In some instances, those ready made mantels, shelves or cabinets are exactly what you’re looking for. Located in Sandy, Utah, Intermountain Mantels & Woodwork has been serving the local community for years.
You’re beautifying your home, upping your property value and preparing to showcase your great taste to friends and family. It’s a large selection and we guarantee we have something that is perfect for your residential or commercial project. We know that fixtures are an important part of translating the interior theme of the home or space. We will sell to the public, but our industry discounts are reserved for our industry accounts. Where you are welcome to come in and browse by yourself, we can’t guarantee someone will be available to assist you at all times. How do I figure out what parts to order?You don’t need to figure it out, we’ll do it for you!

I bring all my clients in to pick out cabinet handles, and Jason is always very helpful and enjoyable to work with. Mantels, shelves and cabinetry can all be hand-selected and even personally designed so that your home is beautiful from the inside out. Adding more shelves to the home not only optimizes storage space but also injects a dose of character.
They might be made of the “right” wood, have details so gorgeous you couldn’t have dreamt them up yourself and they could be just the right size and shape to effortlessly accessorize your home. Professionals can help you choose or design a mantel, cabinet or shelf based on your taste, budget and personal style. Make the most of it by depending on a proven business that specializes in the highest quality woodwork. Benefit from our experience and learn more on our blog, where we share some tips and trade advice on choosing the right fixtures for the right look for your project. If you would like our undivided attention, it is recommended you call in and set up an appt with Jason. By combining the absolute best in skill, materials and customer service, Salt Lake Valley and surrounding community residents are guaranteed a one of a kind, incomparable addition to the home.

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