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Wondering how Sandor Nagyszalanczy's Table Saw Dovetail Jig from the August 2010 issue of Woodworker's Journal performs in the shop? Our latest issue features plans for a miter saw station, counter-height bar stool, curved front vanity, and a canoe paddle. Field Editor Chris Marshall covers what you'll find in the October 2011 issue of Woodworker's Journal magazine.
This Classic Project Plan, brought back and updated from Woodworker's Journal's archives, makes a perfect complement to any yard.
CLICK HERE Free Woodworking Plans Ever wanted to create woodworking projects easily and quickly and looking for free woodworking plans? Woodworkers journal magazine subscriptions Get the best rated woodworking guide with over 16 000 woodworking plans. Free gun cabinet popular woodworking plans Download the best rated woodworking guide with over 16k woodworking plans. Free shopsmith woodworking plans Get the best rated woodworking guide with over 16 000 woodworking plans included. Project Plans here: Chris Marshall of Woodworker's Journal shows everyone at the Craftsman Experience how to make a wooden luminary. Editor in Chief Rob Johnstone covers what you'll find in the April 2011 issue of Woodworker's Journal magazine. Woodworker's Journal August 2011 Issue Preview I always wondered how you were supposed to store your pen collection. We received this photo from a reader after we ran a previous letter showing his work in our June 2011 issue, all of which are variations on the Arts & Crafts Blanket Chest featured in the April 2010 issue. First, thanks for the credit and photos of the arts & crafts blanket chest that I built from the April 2010 issue of Woodworkers Journal. One day I just got plain old tired of all the clutter on my dresser, so I designed this sweet valet.
Make the blank (piece 1) that the lid, lid front, back and ends (pieces 2, 3, 4 and 5) will be cut from (see Figure 1, Ash Blank Layout). Finish sand the exposed surfaces of the front (piece 6) and the inside faces of the other box parts. Carefully mask off the wood where light-color stain will be applied so that when you apply the dark stain, it won’t bleed onto those areas.
I noticed sanding swirl marks in the darker stains (which is typical), so I knew I needed to straight-line hand sand prior to staining. Even though all the finishes looked good, I decided to use the spray-on lacquer for a few reasons.
Apply the light-color stain after the dark color stain has completely dried – wait at least 24 hours. This issue’s Hoosier Step Stool plan will let you reach your inspirational copy of Hoosiers no matter how high a shelf you’ve put it on. Having trouble accessing these plans or have questions about the free plans offered through the Woodworker’s Journal eZine? Hoosier Step StoolGet a leg up when you need it with our Hoosier Step Stool plan, an homage to a classic item from your grandparents’ kitchen that can also do double-duty as extra seating. The best grinding wheels for sharpening your turning tools are cubic boran nitride (CBN) wheels. Choose the right sander and sanding techniques to add the finishing touches to your projects.
So come on down to the Craftsman Experience Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (or all three nights!) to witness this amazing confluence of very cool woodworking experience supporting a very worthy cause. Chicago is so far away, when are they having one of these, or similar, down in the southeast? Here are your search results for scroll saw christmas ornaments free woodworking plans, project instructions and blueprints.The Internet's Original and Largest free woodworking plans and projects links database. Angel Ornament  Get your scroll saw out and make these 3D angel ornaments for your Christmas tree. TwitterContact us if you want us to link to your free woodworking plans or if you want to advertise on this web site.

Having spent a weekend being dragged around innumerable shops selling tables I relented and made my wife exactly what she wanted. This woodworkers list of woodworking plans features a collection of woodworkers journal PDF plans, blueprints for woodworkers journal and video instructions for woodworkers journal, schematics and CAD drawings. Boring an accurately-placed hole into a round piece of wood, either a cylinder or a sphere, can be a tricky feat to accomplish.
Whether used for baking, food prep tasks or as a mobile serving station, this rolling island project offers versatility for any busy kitchen. With scrap strips giving the appearance of a jigsaw puzzle, this stool is a handy home solution.
I just came across a site with over 16, 000 downloadable free woodworking plans at: If you want to start a woodworking project, you need all the necessary information, including schematics, blueprints, materials lists, dimensions etc.
A pivoting trammel jig and a plunge router can make these latticed trivets one after the next in very little time.
As I counted, there are approximately 90 individual parts, not counting the boards individually for the tops or the bottoms or the splines, with 28 mortises and tenons. Complete instructions for building this jig will appear in the next issue of the Woodworker’s Journal. When cutting the ends of the lid, lid front and box back, mount a fence to the jig to define 90° to the blade. Remember, orbital sanders leave swirl marks, so a final hand sanding with the grain should occur right before applying stain. I also know from experience that straight-line hand sanding produces darker staining results because it opens the grain more than orbital sanding with fine grits, and coarser grit hand sanding will make even darker results.
It was very easy to apply, and it would be easy to get it into the nooks and crannies of the small valet. Be very careful when you apply the stain so as not to smear it on the inside of the valet, which is intentionally left unstained. Since Arbor Day is coming up later this spring month, our Garden Arbor plan also seemed appropriate.
Marquetry is the practice of creating pictures and designs using different colors and species of wood veneers. At the end of the build, the guitar will be presented to Guitars4Vets, who will then auction it off to benefit their organization.
I want to get pretty intricate into detail with it, so any tools that do just that would help the most. I want to thank you for all your work in helping to give our vets something to improve their quality of life. Round things roll (of course) and adding to that challenge is the complication that cylinders and spheres are hard to clamp securely because, by definition, they don't have many (or any) flat surfaces. This plan includes instructions for the step stool and an assembly form to keep the parts properly aligned during glue-up and clamping. You can even mix species, bits, spacer widths, and edge treatments to create your own custom designs. I finished the three down-sized chests yesterday, trying to make them to scale of the original version, and finished them out with the asphalt stain treatment and then waxing with tudor brown Briwax. I’m now convinced that as a project gets smaller, the precision required goes up exponentially.
Use a band saw to rough-cut away the waste pieces from the ripped pieces, and separate the box ends and lid from the center section of the blank. Updated daily, there is a lot to offer.Below you will find categories and links to woodworking resources across the Internet.
Each time I assembled one of the chests I learned something that made the next one easier to assemble.
Take a look at the ash blank layout (see Valet Blank Layout) and it should become clear how it’s done. That said, this is not a hard piece to build, but it does takes time and patience to get it all fit together precisely. T-tracks, hold downs, and stops secure and position the parts for consistent receptive cutting.

It allows you to set your table saw blade at 90° while you cut the mitered and beveled edges of the valet parts. My hope was that it would hold well enough so I could align and open the lid to drill the screw pilot holes, but it didn’t hold. I feared wiping on a finish could drag some of the dark stain onto the light stain and mess up my hard work.
It’s surprisingly easy to sand through the finish and remove the stain, especially on edges.
Central time (same time, all three days) – all from the comfort of your own computer. All the timber was recycled from building that was demolished years ago and left as a pile of rubbish. Having purchased the lumber through my son-in-law in Mississippi I got better quality lumber at a better price.
I couldn’t find a piece of ash wide enough for my blank, so I glued it up from well matched boards, and hid the glue joints under the brass inlay grooves. The jig is shown here and will be explained in detail in the next issue of the Woodworker’s Journal. I routed the inlay grooves a smidgeon wider so I could press the inlays in by hand with minimal pressure, and I glued them down with CA (Cyanoacrylate) adhesive. Set the fence parallel to the saw blade when cutting the crosscut mitered edges of the box end pieces. I carefully laid out the centers of the dowel holes in the box ends, and drilled them using my drill press.
The depth of the mortise must be equal to the total thickness of the hinge when closed (measure the hinge barrel). I let them dry 24 hours, divided the width in thirds, and applied three sample finishes (satin wipe-on poly, gloss wipe-on poly and gloss spray-on lacquer). I applied two coats of the red mahogany color stain, applied the lacquer, and that gave me the results I wanted. I tested all of my saw blades and found that a new cutoff blade (typically used with a miter saw) worked best with no burning. The results showed that my maple color stain was a good choice, the early American color stain was not the color I wanted for the dark areas, the red mahogany color stain was good but too light, and the finishes were all fine. I made another sample to be sure the maple color stain would still be good for the light areas, and it proved to be spot on. It is a quick and easy craft and you will find yourself making more than just one stocking!
The design is country farmhouse, all major tennons are doweled to make this consol table child and teenage proof. Adjust the fence and make a second pass to slightly widen the grooves so the inlay pieces will go in easier. I drilled shallow pilot holes for #4 screws, and then I carefully inserted the screws watching to be sure none penetrated through the rear of the box. Then I remembered I had some super sticky peel and stick tape call SpeedTape made by FastCap.
I found that if I used a very fast feed rate with those blades, I could minimize the amount of burn. The pattern can be enlarged and with holiday lights use it for a window decoration or make it even larger and use it for yard art.
I used one long piece of SpeedTape, and it actually stuck too well and it was hard to get the hinge off of the lid!
Once the hinge and lid are aligned, drill the pilot holes, shorten the screws and insert them with light pressure.

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