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In response to Rob’s editorial last time out asking if any of our eZine readers were prizewinners at your state or county fair, we discovered that there are indeed some among you who bring home the ribbons.
Woodworker’s Journal staff members turn to a certain favorite hobby when the holidays come around. Almost two years ago, our family was fortunate enough to take a trip to Africa, and we purchased an original watercolor painting from our guide to remember our time in the Masai Mara National Reserve. This was my first holiday season as a woodworker, but once I got the idea to make one gift, it quickly spiraled out of control and before I knew it, I was even making gifts for people I hadn’t seen or spoken to in months. In order to raise panels on a table saw safely, you need a tall auxiliary fence secured to your rip fence. Before fastening the two together, I drilled a pair of holes into the edge of the narrower piece to fit the mounting posts of two fence clamps. Avner Zabari did not grow up as a woodworker during his childhood in Israel, and, as he traveled the world after finishing his required military service, it was in painting where he first practiced his artistic skills.
Avner works in different materials, including wood, metal and leathers, and will often combine them together. In his next generation of work, Avner said, he is combining his pieces with painting, although he is not yet sure in what manner.

The wood he was working with earlier in his career, shortly after traveling to South America, was mostly pine. The position of my radial arm saw and dust chute doesn’t leave room for a blast gate. My friend has an articulating bed and was tired of the split dust ruffle that made it obvious that it was actually two beds. Now that we won’t be spoiling any surprises, here are some of our projects given as gifts this year. In addition to numerous turned pens and bottle openers, I completed not one but five butcher-block cutting boards (technically six if you count the one I cut in half).
This picture frame was an experiment to see how a simple beaded edge might enhance a pretty straightforward mitered frame.
You could go to the trouble of making one with a brace that wraps around the fence beam, but my approach is faster and easier.
The metal, he said, might be steel hinges, or handles, shaped into different forms such as faces, leaves, butterflies and more. He just came back from two months in Europe and the Middle East, where he noticed the architecture in particular.

Instead of building a custom blast gate, I found that a softball fits snugly into the intake and blocks the airflow effectively.
The cutting board pictured is the one I gave to my wife – the majority of the board is walnut and cherry, with the edges done in purpleheart and zebrawood. I attached a narrow piece of plywood that matches the height of my rip fence to a wider one to form the new fence face. I used to buy damaged pine and create a design where the wood split, or a design where the nail pops out. A pivoting head allows you to rough out large objects like bowls and platters in an outboard position, and the positive locking tool-rest features redesigned clamping for greater control at the point of contact to reduce slippage. I used half-lap miter joints to bring the frame members together and added a beaded profile to the walnut to create shadow lines. An optional extension bed can be mounted in three separate positions for larger outboard turnings; the extension bed increases the lathe’s capacity to 60” between centers.

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