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Ariele Alasko started her own woodworking business from salvaged wood she dumpster dives for in Bed-Stuy. With a hand saw, wood glue, sandpaper, hand planer and some chisels, Alasko carves and builds incredible, and functional, works of art. Alasko finished her dad’s restaurant in 2011, rented a 16-foot truck and drove across the country with her friend Amelie Mancini, the French-born, Brooklyn-based painter and printmaker who founded Left Field Cards, collecting wood and chairs along the way back to Brooklyn. Alasko custom makes everything from small wall panels to king-size headboards and dining room tables.
Custom orders range from $225 for small panels to $1,200 for king-size headboards; table prices are available upon request. Brooklyn Based delivers free daily emails about the borough's best food, events, attractions and innovators.
I have to get something off my chest: It is hard as hell to attempt to live alone in New York City. It almost seems that writers and filmmakers have grown weary of weaving stories around human emotion—they’re become more interested in crafting worlds devoid of it. My ten-year-old tore open the envelope, a slightly unhinged smile of anticipation on his face, and pulled out the sheet of paper inside. For a more extensive investigation of power saw safety and the industry's role, see Power Tool Industry Circles the Wagons as Disabling Saw Injuries Mount.
Adam Thull was building a checkout counter for a local bookstore when he noticed a wood panel falling off the edge of his table. Adam Thull with his wife, Courtney, 4-year-old daughter, Stevie, and 8-year-old son, Cyril. Thull, 32, who was working at his shop at home in the small community of Crosslake, Minn., was airlifted to a hospital.

Still, after three years of treatment on his ulnar bone and nerve, Thull has yet to recover full use of his arm. Thull acknowledges that when the accident occurred in May, 2010, he wasn’t using the saw guard, which fits like a hood over the top of the blade. But Thull is suing Ryobi, its parent company Techtronic Industries and the saw’s retailer, Home Depot, in federal district court in Duluth. The defendants deny responsibility for the incident, one of thousands of serious accidents suffered by American workers and do-it-yourselfers using saws from the major manufacturers that lack skin sensing technology. Thull, who said he “kind of grew up with a hammer in his [my] hand,” had planned to continue supporting his wife and two young children with his home-based woodworking business. But now Thull’s wife, Courtney, struggles to keep the family financially afloat on her own. Thull said he went from “working and providing a life for my family to being the stay-at-home parent. Thull said he and his wife weren’t able to keep up payments on their student loans, and they are now in default. If his family wasn’t getting a break on their rent by living in a home his uncle owns, Thull said, they would be out on the street. She seeks out discarded wood in Bed-Stuy, where she also lives, and turns it into one-of-a-kind headboards, coffee tables, dining tables and wall panels.
Turnaround is slow–a headboard can take four to six weeks, a coffee or dining table up to five months, depending on how much wood and what type she finds in her dives.
In Drake Doremus’ third feature film, Equals (which stars Kristen Stewart and Nicolas Hoult), we’re invited into a place called The Collective. As he lunged to catch it, his right forearm got caught on the blade of his Ryobi table saw – and the machine quickly cut completely through one of his forearm bones and a nerve.

That was the beginning of a medical odyssey that has included seven surgeries and visits to a specialist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., more than 200 miles away. He also remains unable to work and reluctant to go through surgery and a lengthy recuperation again.
According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, most operators work without the guard at least part of the time because it limits visibility and must be removed for some cuts.
He contends that his saw was defective because Ryobi had failed to adopt flesh detection technology, a system that can virtually eliminate serious injuries by immediately shutting down the blade on contact with skin.
For about a year after the accident, Courtney handled a night shift as a nurse and also worked at two coffee shops, one of which was 75 miles away. Not only is that emotionally devastating to us, but, financially, it’s devastating as well because she can’t produce the money,” Thull said, adding that he is still unsure what he will do in the future to help support the family.
Their daughter was just one-year-old when the accident occurred, and Thull said, “I couldn’t even change her diaper at the beginning, with my left hand.
She showcases the construction process for her pieces on her blog Brooklyn to West, a website devoted to both her work and her love of woodworking.
She mainly scores plaster lath and small beams, and the only thing she buys is plywood for the bases of headboards and tables. The stress of juggling three jobs, Thull said, sent the couple back into marriage counseling.

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