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I received a great letter from Don, in Calgary, Alberta this past week, and thought I’d share it with you. I used to have a very stressful job as the systems administrator for a USA and Canadian-wide engineering company.
In discovering the joy of these wooden instruments, I’ve also been building them, though it’s a much slower process.
When I came across Tom Fidgen’s book, “The Unplugged Woodshop”, I was finally convinced of an approach to building the instruments I wanted, through a traditional hand tools path. So what has really happened is that a chance meeting with someone to repair an old violin has ignited a not-inconsiderable passion to learn to play and build instruments, plus has exposed me to the world of hand tool woodworking in a big way. Members of 1% for the Planet contribute 1% of annual sales directly to nonprofit environmental organizations. Dealer sells used lathe, milling machine, metal shear, Used machinery dealer with some focus on chipmaking and fabrication items.
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Italian Woodworking Machine Manufacturers The italian woodworking machinery and tools manufacturers, Acimall italian woodworking machinery and tool manufacturers association.acimall represents the most important italian manufacturers of technology, automation. Organizing Training Newsletter Site Updates Employee Rights Contact Information Council Documents Millwright Training Demonstrations Links Local 83 Carpenters Local 1178 Millwrights Local 1338. The main reason the Carpenters Union was established in Cape Breton, was because by being organized, the Carpenters could demand better wages and safety. We have used Paul Brodie for the last 20 years on a number of occasions, from building homes to building and designing offices and kitchens. Paul always completed the projects on time and on budget which we have certainly appreciated. Our experience using Paul Brodie Woodworking has been a very positive one and money well spent and has increased the value of our home tremendously. She could not so much as breathe until the last sound of him, the final hint of Cheadle's presence had long since faded. He had felt bad about it five years ago, which was why he stopped doing it.government funding aboriginal housingaboriginal whaling management schemepeople came to australia through what is nowcreation myth for childrensra spelling mastery programkey words aboriginal languagecanadian aboriginal right to votehow many languages in australiaaboriginal myths tales of the dreamtimecommunities kimberley mapfour levels oppression aboriginal womenaboriginal way of life before settlementlife expectancy in australiaaboriginal australian culture for kidsspirituality vs. A classic case of one small thing snowballing into something completely out of proportion with its origin.

But I walked out of his shop with much more – a loan of a rental instrument in order to start lessons (until mine was repaired), and an invitation to come to his home “shop”, to join in some instrument building classes he held there. Tom’s explanation of each project is such that it make it seem very possible to build, and build well. The 1% for the Planet network brings together like-minded leaders who share a belief that business can be a vital catayst for positive environmental change.
It is our hope that this website provides you with an interactive and informative perspective on the Carpenters’ Union, its affiliated Locals, members and the services that we provide. On-going training is a key part of maintaining and advancing your career, for many reasons: contractors want trades people who are properly and fully trained in the wide ranging safety aspects of their work.
We represent Carpenters, Millwrights and Allied Workers across Mainland Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, as well as Millwrights on Cape Breton Island. Al has 30+ years of experience in the woodworking business, formerly building high end reproduction furniture in Arkansas. Over the years we have found Paul to be easy to work with, honest, trustworthy and most importantly, takes terrific pride in the quality of his work. The years of experience he has in this industry was certainly evident when we look at the new custom units he crafted for us. The work was not only top notch, but we found someone who has experience and knows what they are doing and a great craftsman who takes pride in their work.
On a bit of a lark, I sought out a local, reputable luthier to get a quote for a re-repair. Between the exposure to instrument making and my reading about it, I started to grasp the set of skills and tools required to get the job done.
Today’s construction industry, with changing technology and complexity, requires trades people with a high degree of skills spanning all aspects of their trade which can be recognized and transferable throughout the industry. Whether you're remodeling or have new construction, our main focus is building custom, high quality kitchen cabinets and countertops in order to fulfill a customer's ideas of a dream kitchen.
So, Carpenters in the late 1880's found it necessary to join together for a common purpose. I signed up for lessons right away and after two years am making pretty good progress, though it’s a much more challenging instrument than I ever imagined.
The biggest challenge I had was that the Miller dowels drill bit had some tear out in the beech.

The only downside to this hobby, at least for many of us, is that it’s all consuming. I went to visit the luthier’s shop and got into a very good discussion on the merits of the instrument, determined that it was indeed worth restoring, and that’s where things get a bit hazy. And when you are starting with a normal household’s supply of tools, there is a lot of gear to get. I do own a band saw and a drill press, but what I discovered is that I have no suitable workbench on which to build my cello.
Other items from the book I will build include the Gentleman’s Valet and some wooden planes. 90% of my spare time is spent thinking about projects, modifications, designs, wood selection, etc. When my new friend and I started talking about the lack of skilled individuals in his line of work, I casually mentioned that I would be interested in trying to build a violin, though I had no idea where to start. It takes a commitment to keep it up, but the rewards and benefits are more than I expected. A call to them suggested pre-drilling a shallow, slightly undersized start to a hole, just to score the wood. I also expressed interest in learning to play, both for my interest, but also to learn what makes an instrument good versus bad. By building this bench (actually two), it will allow me to build a proper Roubo-style workbench, and then I can continue to work on my cello.
But what really helped is that I used the bit in a brace (as Tom suggests in his book) and took it slowly.
I have the tone wood partially jointed for the front and back, a form made for the body, not one but two scrolls started, and I have a big problem.

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