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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A must for every shop with space limitations, this project is an outfeed table for your saw that transforms into a low-height assembly table for your larger projects. Finally, an easy way to cut plywood and other sheet goods, quickly, accurately, and most importantly, safely, even when working alone! Designed By a Professional WoodworkerThese PATENTED Infeed and Outfeed units were designed by professional woodworker, Lee Jesberger, who is also the creator of Pro Woodworking Tips, a woodworking website, created to pass along tips and tricks used in his cabinet shop.
These devices will save you a huge amount of time and effort, while providing the same control over the sheet as a sliding table saw costing many thousands of dollars! Regardless of the type of woodworking you do, these professional Infeed and Outfeed systems for table saws will provide you with a fast, efficient way to rip plywood and other sheet goods with amazing accuracy and control. Review on Woodworking Forum by Cabinetmaker Tom M.I had considered buying the Ezee-Feed Infeed Table for quite some time.

Oh, and one more thing…they work great with rough lumber, too!Not only will these units make ripping sheet goods easy, but in our shop, we use it to rip heavy boards too, as shown in the picture on the right.
With our unique mounting system, they mount and dismount to the saw in seconds, making them convenient to use, even if you're only making one cut. Army, at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Municipalities, College and High School woodworking programs, large cabinet and furniture companies, small professional cabinet shops, and our largest customer group, the home woodworker.
In fact, we use our Infeed unit in combination with a rip sled, to joint the edges of rough lumber.
The design is perfectly suited for contractor's saws with motors that extend behind the base. These Infeed systems help prevent back injuries to their workers, as well as greatly increase accuracy, production, and most importantly, safety. Trying to hold a sheet of plywood up and keep it against the fence was getting to be a struggle.

It's 1 pass through the table saw, as opposed to 6 - 8 passes at the jointer, for a glue quality edge.
I was getting burn marks and uneven cuts and I felt it was really hard on my Forrest blades.
With over ten years of heavy use, we know first hand, they really do make cutting sheet goods easy.

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