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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Repetitive flutes are a great way to add style to columns, molding or furniture parts, but machining them can be a true test of patience. Free wood router jig plans – how to build a wood router jig, Build the wood router jig shown on the right with just a few tools using scraps laying around your shop!
Woodworking jigs at rockler: router jigs, saw jigs, Quality top brand woodworking jigs at rockler.
Router (woodworking) – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, A router is a tool used to rout out (hollow out) an area in the face of a relatively hard workpiece, typically of wood or plastic. Dirt-simple router jigs – woodworking projects, plans, The greatest thing about this jig is the ease of clamping.
Here's a closeup shot of the work area showing the rough slab with the freshly flattened section.
I live in Brazil and all this talk of "readily available" or "ebay" are the stuff of dreams.
For you guys out there who would rather buy one than build it, Woodhaven makes 3 different versions from 27" wide to 51" wide, and they do work really well. These do work VERY well for flattening large panels and glue-ups, and for planing rough stock as well. One more thing to mention, this will also remove a cup or a twist from a board, where a standard planer often won't unless you use a planer dog (AKA planer sled). I did attach a dust collection hose to mine though, as this creates a lot of dust and chips!
Mich_Brian writes: I like this jig because it is a unique, cost saving approach to a tough problem.
SamW writes: I have used a poor man's version made of 2" angle iron and a couple pieces of wood.

The best bearings are "Thomson Linear Bearings" or "Thomson pillow block bearings" They are listed almost every way on E-Bay. Used with a bearing-guided flush-trimming bit, this jig makes pattern cutting as easy as possible. Read more about this jig and see how to make four others like it in an article by Schlebecker. ONLY I GLUED SAND PAPER TO TOP OF JIG AND MADE A SET OF PATTERNS OF EQUAL LENGHT WITH NEEDED CURVES. Seems to me not many shapers are used much any more, but it is a great machine and far superior to a router table for heavy cuts.
I would prefer plywood to MDF despite higher costs, as MDF is a more 'dusty' to work with, and screws (for the clamps)hold better in plywood.
Now you can machine 35mm hinge cup holes with your router instead of a drill - a nice option when you don't have space for a drill press.
Fortunately, this innovative jig makes it fast and easy to rout perfect flutes with even spacing — every time.
With your router and this handy, easy-to-use jig, you'll be able to make picture frames, mirrors, signs, tabletops and more in just a matter of minutes.
It will be built with 2 sections of 24 inch long 1x3 aluminum extrusion with 3 slots and a cut down router table insert plate drilled for my Milwaukee 5616-20 router that will slide in the center slot of the 1x3 extrusion.
I recently made a wooden frame to guide a router and flattened the top of my 6x3 foot workbench top.
Bent nails and rubber bands are things more readily available and certainly add to the challenge of making jigs.
It looks just as well engineered as the 37" sled I bought from WoodHaven, and likely didn't cost $180 either. It's a 2 piece design, head and shaft, and is also a down-shear bit, which leaves an excellent finish.

It's a break down design that just rests on saw horses and hangs flat on the wall when not in use. I rarely use my Porter Cable lunch-box planer since I bought mine, as even planing rough stock is just as fast if not faster with the sled. It's made from a piece of medium-density fiberboard (MDF), with plywood locator blocks screwed in place to hold  the workpiece tight.
In case the bit gets damaged, you do not want be in the way of pieces of broken metal flying around in the workshop. Toggle clamps add extra control and make convenient handholds when moving the jig past the router blade. The router mounts to a pre-drilled acrylic centerpiece, which slides laterally to rout out flute after flute.
Some boards can be held in place with carpet tape but I buy a lot of rough sawed lumber so I can mill it to the thickness I want and carpet tape doesn't work so well with it. It doesn't take up much room at all to store, definitely a lot less than a conventional planer with similar capacity and cost a lot less too. As you move the router through the cut, the jig's sliding dovetail mechanism keeps the router precisely on the cut line. The base is 115" long and I use about 35 inches to duplicate gunstocks, which leaves a lot of room to flatten a slab for a table or bench. The base would also be easy to make using flat rails with skate board wheels on the top and sides for front to back movement. The key to any jig is to use what you have or what's easily available to do the job at the lowest cost and least effort.

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