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For most Americans, Lee Valley Tools is a catalog filled with objects of lust for the workshop.
Lee Valley Tools has 15 retail outlets in Canada, and they are quite different than the typical retail woodworking stores we have in the United States.
The Lee Valley retail stores I’ve visited are always well-organized, brightly lit and (as far as I can tell) overstaffed to a fault. What is fundamentally different about the Lee Valley stores is that they function a lot like the hardware stores in the States in the 1950s.
After poking around the store for a couple hours I gave a two-hour seminar about my latest tool chest – how it is designed and the tools that fill it. Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press. Fifteen specialist woodworking stores sounds like a lot to someone who’s got access to basically one chain and with those only one store per 500km or so!.
It sure would be nice if the Popular Woodworking website would set up a picture viewer that allows seeing multiple pictures as a series (just keep clicking next or an arrow). Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years.

Over 1000 free woodworking plans projects build, Over 1000 free woodworking plans are available in a dazzling array of ideas and wood projects. Quality Woodworking Workbench Workbench (woodworking) – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, A workbench is a table used by woodworkers to hold workpieces while they are worked by other tools. Wood Deck Chair Plans Free Rockler – woodworking tools supplies hardware plans, Shop for woodworking tools, plans, finishing and hardware online at rockler woodworking and hardware. Wood Lawn Chair Plans Free Wood – definition of wood by the free dictionary, Want to thank tfd for its existence? Wood Stain Effects How to stain wood floors without the blotchy effect, How to stain wood floors without the blotchy effect. Wood Finishes Pdf Understanding wood finishing –, Understanding wood finishing how to select and apply the right finish by bob flexner why finish wood, anyway? Great Convenient Location ( Next To Guest Parking (No Trudging Through Promenade With Groceries). This week I’m in Waterloo, Ontario, to visit and give some seminars during the opening of the company’s newest store. Despite the fact that the company specializes in hand tools, their stores are designed with modern lines.

Instead of having all the products out on the shelves where you pick them out and take them to the register, all the stock is in the enormous warehouse behind the showroom. You can ask one of the sales clerks for help in examining a tool, or you can just fill out an order form – either a paper for or on one of the computer terminals. I’ve always wondered about the cast iron workbench legs (sweet), and the carver’s workbench (also cool). It would keep the user on the same webpage without having to arrow back every time they want look at another picture.
I visit Waterloo every few months on client business, now I’m going to have to leave my credit cards at home.
Just click on close or exit, or hit the Esc key and it removes the viewer, and you’re back on the blog page which stays in the background while viewing pictures. You can feel the weight, examine the finish and get a feel for the scale of the hardware in a way that no catalog can deliver.

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