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Todos los sabados de enero, TCM Autor ofrece una agradable velada con Woody Allen viendo, en un programa doble, algunas de sus mejores peliculas, como Annie Hall, Delitos y faltas o Misterioso asesinato en Manhattan, titulos que constituyen un verdadero compendio no solo de su trayectoria como cineasta, sino de su manera de ser y de entender la vida. A lo largo del mes podremos, gracias a Manhattan, comprobar el eterno amor que siente por Nueva York, la ciudad en la que transcurren la mayoria de sus peliculas. El pasado 1 de diciembre Woody Allen cumplio 77 anos pero lejos de pensar en la jubilacion o en su retirada, mantiene su habitual ritmo de trabajo, es decir, estrenar una pelicula al ano. La suerte que tenemos sus seguidores es que esos “trabajos manuales”, no desaparecen arrinconados en un oscuro y perdido trastero sino que acaban viendo la luz, proyectandose en los cines o emitiendose por la television. Every so often there comes about a celebrity scandal that is both intriguing and hard to read and watch.  As a fan of the celebrity, it makes it even harder to watch and follow the story because of preset expectations and fondness of this celebrity.  In other words, if you like someone and all of a sudden it comes out that they are actually a murderer or, god forbid, a child molester, how can you justify liking their artistic endeavors anymore? Even if the accusations against Woody Allen prove to be true should we all boycott his films and burn any DVDs with his name on it?  Should we do the same to Roman Polanski’s body of work?  Damn it, I like Rosemary’s Baby!  I don’t want to lose my BD of the film just because he is a lecherous old geezer that can’t keep his hands off of young girls and takes advantage of them when they are drunk.
He lives with his wife and young son in New York City, writing professionally and working as an elite personal trainer. In this episode we talk about the career of Woody Allen, including his new film Blue Jasmine. We each choose a favorite film as well films we think someone new to Woody Allen should watch.

A pesar de eso, cada nueva pelicula que estrena este cineasta se convierte en una cita imprescindible para millones de espectadores que acuden al cine para ver como se encuentra ese viejo y entranable amigo. Y asi, en 2013, llegara su nuevo largometraje, protagonizado por Cate Blanchett y Alec Baldwin y rodado en San Francisco.
After stipulating that Annie Hall is the ideal entry point, we came up with second movies for newbies to watch. When I was 18 I went to a Woody Allen double feature at my college; the first movie was Stardust Memories, the second Bananas. I agree that Love and Death and Take the Money are classics, and represent Woody’s early style. Over the course of his career spanning more than 50 years, he has been nominated for a record 24 Academy Awards.
Y ver sus antiguas peliculas es un agradable rencuentro que siempre nos deja dibujado en el rostro una sonrisa o una sonora carcajada. Given his accomplishments, I think it’s safe to say that he has a respectable and, more importantly, relevant point of view on screenwriting. The movies you guys recommend, all made in the last thirty years, don’t measure up to something like Love and Death or Take the Money and Run.

Yo soy como esos enfermos en los hospitales a los que ponen a hacer trabajos manuales para que esten mas relajados. Pues lo mismo me pasa a mi: escribir, dirigir, editar y elegir la banda sonora me resulta terapeutico”, repite a menudo.
The 84-year-old veteran journalist even got into a fight with cohost Sherri Shepherd for defending Allen.
In a recent interview for Vanity Fair, the actress said that Sinatra was the great love of her life.
Woody Allen got married to his own sister (Mia’s adopted daughter to her then-husband, Andre Previn).
Soon Yi (now 41) started her odd relationship to Woody back in 1991 when she was just 21-year-old.

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