V4K Ultra High Definition USB Camera captures a variety of subjects — including
standard letter-sized documents, three-dimensional objects, devices like
smartphones and Apple's iPad, and even A3-sized documents and larger — and
streams high-definition live video to your computer.
The Basics
Customer Service
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Quick Start Guide
V4K Ultra High Definition USB Camera
V4K is compatible with a variety of software as long as they recognize the video
source coming from V4K, which is a standard UVC camera. You may wish to use
it with our IPEVO Visualizer software. You may download IPEVO Visualizer at:
Software Compatibility
Getting to Know Your V4K
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1. Focus button: Focuses the subject.
2. AutoFocus switch: Sets the focus to Single (S) for static subject, or
Continuous (C) for moving subject.
3. Exposure toggle: Provides exposure customization.
4. LED indicator: Turns white if V4K is in use and providing an image.
5. Microphone: Turns on when V4K is in use. You can select it as your audio
device for video recording.
• Camera: 8 Megapixel camera. Camera head can be swiveled for customizing
• Multi-jointed stand:
- Quickly and easily change the height and position to capture your material.
- Tighten loose joints by turning bolts at connecting joints clockwise with
a coin.
• Weighted base: Provides a stable base for V4K.
V4K consists of three parts — an 8 Megapixel camera, a versatile multi-jointed
stand, and a weighted base.
Multi-jointed stand
Weighted base