V4K Anti-glare shield / DIY instructions
Required Materials:
01. A3 or legal sized 200p grade paper
02. Hobby knife or razor blade
03. Double-sided tape or glue
A3 Paper or
Legal Size Paper
Step 2:
Make folds across the 7 dashed lines as shown in the diagram.
After folding, please apply double-sided tape or glue to the shaded
regions marked ‘Adhesive Area’ and make sure to hold in place for
a few seconds to allow the adhesive to secure properly.
Tip: Using a pen or a blunt object with a ruler to first make a crease along the
dashed lines can make folding a little bit easier. It is also recommended to first make
the folds before applying adhesive.
Step 3:
Rotate the head 90° to attach the anti-glare shield as shown in the
Step 1:
Print template directly onto the 200p grade paper and cut along
the solid lines, including the 2 holes within.
Note: Please make sure scale is set to 100% before printing.