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5SOS have signed a record deal, recorded a brilliant song, and are about to take over the charts. Liam Payne joins Jack Whitehall and Clare Balding to be trained by Andy Murray and some BIG BALLS for UNICEF.
We’re inviting you to our 5SOS album listening party and only cool people are invited. Georgie Burgess:February 11, 2014 at 2:50 pm5SOS are the most down to earth artists I know and I genuinely enjoy their music, I will support them endlessly!
Brush those crumbs off yer PJs and come over here, will you - because 5 Seconds of Summer have just arrived on the American Music Awards red carpet and they look nothing short of glorious.
GettyAdvertisement - Continue Reading BelowSEE WE WEREN'T LYING.We're not sure what we're more in love with to be honest, Calum's adorable expression, Luke's tongue (control yourselves), Mikey's dusky red locks or Ashton's glasses. GettyHere they are again, doing some smiley poses that have turned our insides to jelly.The boys are set to perform 'What I Like About You' *and* 'Good Girls' during the ceremony tonight, not to mention the fact they're also up for an actual award - so it's no wonder they're looking pretty darn happy.
Every city on the tour will have its OWN exclusive poster design to celebrate the show, each poster will be numbered and there will be ONLY 100 per show.
The band is working with their favourite designers to create a limited edition range of posters for their world tour, just for the 5SOS Family. Michael Clifford courageously opens up about his mental health in front of 5SOS’ Detroit crowd. 5 Seconds of Summer release limited edition vinyl record for Christmas with exclusive song! 5SOS have won NME’s Worst Band award again and here are 5 reasons why they are THE WORST. Following the story of Lily Ross, superstar singer and adored by fans upon fans, who decides to take a break from all the press frenzy after her latest break-up. However, while taking some much needed time-out from all the fame craziness, she meets a boy.

But “when it’s time to return to her tour, who will the music scene’s darling choose? Cornwall, writing and surfing: Everything you missed from Chris Vick’s Twitter takeover! They can also take over your barnet with this black beanie hat with roll-up edge and the bands’ embroidered logo. They have also brought me close to other members of the 5sos family and i have bonded with these girl to the extent that i have best friends all over the world and i have 5sos to thank for that. They always take time to message us, follow us, and make updates on their lives, and not a lot of other celebrities are as open as they are with their fans. In an era when boy bands are coming onto the scene more than ever, 5 Seconds of Summer is a fresh sound with an eclectic group of funny, talented personalities. GLORIOUS.Even our laptop is fangirling and it's an inanimate object - that's how blimmin' hot they look.
Because there’s always another boy ready to fix that broken ticker, and we can’t wait to meet him!
If you could invite 3 women to join your Spinster Club, who would they be? Caitlin Moran, because her book changed my life. Which book would you like to force into everyone’s hands? It’s not YA, but ‘Station Eleven’.
Are there any YA cliches that drive you a bit bonkers? I really, really hate the word ‘trope’ when it comes to discussing books, especially YA books. Because we all want to see where the magic happens, could you send us a pic of where you write? I wrote the entire Spinster Club trilogy on my commute into London. AND EVERY TIME THEIR IS A DRAMA IN THE FANDOM THEY WILL TELL US TO CALM DOWN, AND TRY TO FIX IT. Feels good to love a band like 5sos as much as I do because they appreciate everything we as fans have done for them.

As well as the fact that as they get bigger and bigger they seem to be in awe, like they never imagined to get this far. Check out the brand new lyric video they've just shoved on the interweb while you compose yourselves. Their first album reached number three on the Aussie iTunes chart, with almost no promotion! They've been working super hard since they formed in 2011 - it just goes to show that hard work will pay off!
To me, it reeks of judgement and, often, cliches are cliches for a reason – because people enjoy them! They make music that touches our hearts, and they always make us feel appreciated, much like the appreciation we have for them. The one thing that does get me though, is the romanticisation of abusive relationships in some YA romance books.
Well, not Evie, for her own sake, because she’d probably find a road trip quite difficult to be honest. All in all, I love them because they've made me feel wanted when I felt like digging my own grave. They never fail to make me smile with their stupid jokes and dumb keeks, and they've never succeeded in making my smile disappear.

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