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When going through puberty each gender will experience their own changes, but some changes are not gender specific and happen to both boys and girls. When girls go through puberty they are changing in to a sexually mature adult capable of giving birth. Our discussion forums are full of fascinating information and news about zoos and animals, and our amazing collection of photographs of animals and zoos worldwide is unsurpassed. Part of this is the body becoming ready to reproduce and create another human being (sorry, I had to put it in). You get facial and chest hair, you grow more muscular, your voice breaks, you get more frequent erections, your family jewels get bigger and you start to have the dreaded wet dreams. They go through changes that include their hips growing wider, getting breasts, beginning to have periods and gaining fat.
You may also find our zoo maps interesting and useful, and our chatroom is a great place to hang out and talk about your favourite zoos.

For this to happen both boys and girls need to go through some physical changes, especially in the genital areas. When girls go through puberty they prepare to have a baby by lining their womb every month. But this can also be a problem, because every time you shave, the hair growths back twice as fast and twice as thick. If an egg is not fertilized during that month the lining breaks down and is released through the vagina along with some blood. If anyone begins to tease you about this, don't worry, it happens to pretty much everyone and is a perfectly normal part of growing up, but if your case of acne is really bugging you it is possible to by treatment from a dermatologist and get some good advice from them as well. This happens because your voice box is growing larger and your brain hasn't mastered controlling it yet and sometimes even the greatest minds make a mistake. Some girls may experience period pain, which is pain or discomfort when they are having their period. If this is happening to you it is a good idea to have a warm bath and maybe use a hot water bottle.

It is normal for some people to have one breast grow faster than the other, the slower one will most often catch up near the end of their development. Although it is a good idea to clean up after yourself, wet dreams are nothing to be embarrassed about. If they do not it is extremely painful for them to run or participate in physical activity.Girls will also start to develop hair under their armpits and in their genital areas. Girls' hips also grow wider during puberty so they can fit a baby through their pelvis when they are giving birth.

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