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Remember, coupons cannot be use once your order processed, so ensure you have a valid promo code before clicking the payment button when at the checkout page.
Time spotted that through today you can rent a DVD for free using promo code "sweet" at checkout. On March 21, Business Insider’s IGNITION Mobile conference in San Francisco will bring together the top minds in mobile. We’ve gathered a mix of CEOs, founders, and visionaries to share their perspectives on what’s happening now in their industry, what’s next, and how they plan to connect with consumers in what is fast becoming an always-addressable world. For the latest speaker news and conference updates, follow us on Twitter  and join our IGNITION group on LinkedIn.
From Kanye and Kim's surprise pregnancy announcement to Beyonce and Jay-Z at Obama's inauguration ceremony and later the Super Bowl, the duos have been media gold for online and print publications.
After co-founding LXTV, longtime TV executive Morgan Hertzan acquired, and is now co-president of, Plum TV — a lifestyle network reaching more than 5 million of the most affluent viewers in the country. We talked to Hertzan, who tells Business Insider he is going after the "$100K customer not the $500K customer," to discuss the importance of multi-platform content for a focused, upper-middle class audience. Morgan Hertzan: The thing that makes us unique is that we decided to pursue a strategy of over-the-air broadcast for distribution. But I also believe being on linear television — I think you can't be on one place or the other.
MH: If people see something in one place and like it, they're more likely to consume it in a lot of other places. BI: With Plum, do you see that more people are going to the website or watching it on TV; what do your numbers say? MH: What you're seeing in the media landscape right now are two things that are doing very well.
But then you have the other side where you're seeing success is in much more targeted programming, and I think that it's difficult to be in the middle, you either want to be the big guy that appeals to everyone or you want to be a kind of great specialty product that has a very loyal and dedicated audience. I think what we decided to do with Plum is say we are a network that is really focusing in on this idea of living the good life. I think that's a little bit of a different brand position than there is in the market place. We think that in this space there's a place for premium content — original content — and we think that appeals to an audience that appeals to advertisers. BI: Do you think that it's more important to have a wealthy audience than a large audience?
MH: I wouldn't say that it's important to have a wealthy audience, I think that it's important to have either a very cohesive target audience or a large audience.
In other words, you don't want to have an audience you can't sell against or market against. BI: What do you think is the future for programming and original content on independent stations? MH: When I think of what we, everybody in the industry, is seeing is that the content is becoming more platform agnostic, but the number one driver continues to be high quality content.

BI: What do you predict, or what are your goals for the next five to ten years with Plum TV? Former "Melrose Place" actress Amy Locane-Bovenizer was sentenced to three years in prison Thursday after killing a New Jersey woman while drunk driving in 2010. In November, the 41-year-old actress was found guilty of vehicular homicide in the death of 60-year-old Helene Seeman after her blood-alcohol level was almost three times the legal limit when her SUV hit a car carrying Seeman and her husband, who was injured in the crash.
The actress had previously faced up to ten years in prison, but the judge lowered the maximum sentence because of the hardship on teh actress' two children, one of whom has a medical and mental disability. The victim's husband, Fred Seeman, reportedly yelled, "What a travesty!" at the judge after the verdict was announced.
Randi Zuckerberg, who is best known for being Mark Zuckerberg's sister and creating the single-season Bravo TV show, Startups: Silicon Valley, is on to her next venture. Zuckerberg is writing a book called "Dot Complicated" about her time as Facebook's Director of Marketing and becoming a mother in 2011. The memoir is being published by HarperCollins and the deal requires Zuckerberg to write at least one other book. The problem is, as the book deal shows, she can't seem to cut professional ties with Facebook or her brother.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Kim Kardashian's divorce case is returning to court Friday with her attorney urging a speedy end to her marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries.
Lawyers for the pregnant reality star and the Brooklyn Nets power forward disagree over a timetable for a trial to end the marriage, which Humphries wants annulled. Setting a trial date may be complicated by a filing Thursday by one of Humphries' attorneys to leave the case, citing "irreconcilable differences" with Humphries. Kardashian's attorney Laura Wasser has repeatedly sought a trial date so that the marriage can be ended and denies that the couple's televised marriage was based on false pretenses. The case has already drawn in West, the producers of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," and Kardashian family matriarch Kris Jenner. This page contains a list of all current LensPro To Go coupon codes that have recently been submitted, tweeted, or voted working by the community.
If you don’t have DMFL, then you will receive 40 minutes free for a total of 160 minutes.
In another deal from TracFone, you can get free overnight shipping on any order over $19.99 for a limited time only. See all current Tracfone promo codes at the page I set up to keep my readers up to date with this information. This entry was posted in tracfone promo codes, tracfone promotional codes and tagged buy minutes on tracfone, free tracfone minutes, tracfone, tracfone promo code. The online store sells chic menswear, womenswear, footwear, shoes, jewelries, accessories, and bags primarily aimed for people age 18 to 35 for fair priced. The coupon codes also known as promotional discounts provide substantial savings to the user or anybody using it when shopping at Asos.
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Happy movie viewing!If you want a double feature, Redbox's Facebook page says the promo code HIGHFIVE should give you a 1-day DVD rental also. It is a very challenging environment for independent networks with cable providers these days and I think that if you are one of the small guys, the way that you can thrive is by having your content in as many places as possible and that includes your content being on things like YouTube and Hulu.
Is that taking away from people needing to tune into Plum or another network if you have the content online already?
So if you see something online and say, 'gosh I really like this show' and you also know it's on TV you're more likely to then watch the TV show.

Very big, broad services like ABC or TNT — things that are very, very appealing to everyone — there's still a place for things like the Olympics and the Golden Globes and the Oscars. We're not super upscale, we're not for super-duper wealthy folks but what we really are for is people that enjoy great food, great trips, taking care of themselves, spending time with their families. The most valuable thing in media is a huge audience, right under that is a very targeted audience. You want to have an audience that you can say, 'these are who our viewers are, this is what our brand is and this is what our identity is.' A very clear proposition to both your consumers and also your advertisers and partners as to what that is. So I think that what we'll see as a trend is a continued investment in premium content regardless to what the platform is. The attorney, Marshall Waller, had stated in recent court filings that he was still seeking evidence from several companies that produce Kardashian's reality shows to try to prove their fraud claims.
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If you aren't doing deals directly with cable operators it's very difficult to get your content in as many places as you need if you're small, so what we decided to do is work with over-the-air broadcasters. So online is, in addition to being its own revenue stream and its own destination, it's also a great place to generate sampling so people who may not be watching Plum on TV are able to watch it online. I don't think "Downton" could have a premiere like it did without all of the digital viewing that it's had when it went off television for six months or whatever it been. Especially in a world with so much media and so many content creators and where you know everybody has a web camera and can create content and upload it online and you know just an explosion of product. She told The New York Times then that she aspired to sing on Broadway, become host a talk-show, and be an active philanthropist.
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The online clothing retailer favored by celebrities and those that appreciate fashionable clothes offer more than just fabulous clothes for men and women but also generous savings in the form of Asos coupon codes. You may also join Asos newsletter to know the latest products, updates and the newest coupon codes that you can use when shopping online. It allows us — because of 'must carry,' you know FCC 'must carry' rules — it allows us to get our contact on cable and also in lots of other places too.
There's lots of examples like that, where shows are on TV, then go off TV then the audience consumes them and samples them and when they come back on TV the numbers are bigger. People used to think "well people will watch anything on any platform." Well, that's not really true.
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