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You have to pull a permit (I assume) to alter the roof framing, inspector might question the footer (or lack thereof) and make you fix it. The addition is grandfathered in according to code, but if you add to it or alter it in any way, you are responsible to bring it to code.

You might be able to get away with a footer on each corner, then a post up to a structural header (in the 2x4 wall) that the rafters would then set on. At least then you are only messing with 2 areas, maybe 16" diameter footers, rather than the whole bearing wall. I also realize that this my require the advise of a structrual engineer, but its raining here and I just want to get you guys take on the situation and see if ya'll think im nuts or not. So are you proposing I dig under the slab on the edges down to the frostline and pour it up to the slab?

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