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The CEOs of more than 30 consumer magazine publishers are on board for the MPA’s Magazine Media 360 — the new measurement tool that for the first time tracks both the print and digital readers. The new Bauer Supreme 1S skates feature a 3D lasted Titanium Curv composite quarter package, complete with Total Edge Comfort. Beneath your feet you will find the Bauer Supreme 1S skates now include Bauer Speed Plate technology. Check out the Bauer Supreme 1S skates below and let us know what you think in the comments!
TO be honest, I do not especially like the MX3 design, but I absolutely adore it as a skate.
Yes – enough with the inserts – how about making the sole plate wear better on the outside edge of the foot and on the inside edge at the ball of the foot?
I have tried the 1x skate with 3 different pairs every pair on the left skate have been slipping in the ankle inner heel area. So I just got a pair of RBZs and I've been intending to swap the holder out for a pair of Tuuk LS-Edge holders.

If I were you I would get a combination radius on your runners as opposed to going a size smaller in holder size. If your boot is sized correctly then it is safe to assume you need the extra length, unless personal preference dictates otherwise.
The Titanium Curv composite quarter package is an innovate new design engineered to help make the skates both stronger and lighter. This is going to help you create an incredibly powerful stride, and is customizable via inserts.
This is going to provide great energy transfer with each stride, and the vents will help with airflow and assist with keeping your feet dry.
I'm talking about replacing he tuuk because I want to still use the step steel I have on my totalones. Looks like if you are D width, you will have to get the smaller than normal holders put on the APX2 (288 vs 296). Yes obviously any size holder can be mounted on any boot (nearly), but a steel size 288 was not made to fit in a 296 holder.

Granted I could redrill the hole lower, but I'm in the whole "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" wagon. The 1S skates will also feature lightweight memory foam ankle pads on the inside for additional comfort.
The Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder will be used on the new 1S skates, as well as Tuuk LS4 stainless steel.
I was set on the 1XLE skates and had to pass on them as my heel was slipping, even just in the store. If you REALLY want that step steel in it, just get a sized down LS2 holder put on the APX2.

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