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FTP Trace Mode – Send a trace of the FTP session and any errors to either a File, designated by the FTP Trace path and FileName, Event Log, Both, or None.
Use Passive Host Address – Some FTP servers need this option for passive data transfers.
Tumbleweed Certificate Common Name– The FTP_FTPS_SFTP Adapter  can connect, authenticate, transfer files to a Tumbleweed Secure Transport SSL FTP Server. Active Port End Range – When Active FTP Mode is used, the client-side is responsible for choosing a random port for each data connection.
Active Port Start Range – This property, along with Active Port End Range, allows the client to specify a range of ports for data connections when in Active mode. SSH Private Key Path and File Name – Authenticates with the SSH server using public-key authentication.
SSH Create Disposition – SSH Create Disposition is a way to provide more control over how the file is opened or created.  The following are the list and meanings of the keywords. SSH Create Disposition Additional – SSH Create Disposition Additional allows additional control over how the file is opened or created by using a comma delimited set of keywords listed below.  appendData = Data is always written at the end of the file. I tested FTP, FTPS connections using FileZilla Server.  I tested SFTP connections using COPSSH and Sysax MultiServer.
We are trying to integrate to a Tumbleweed server but failed with both the adapters from n software and Eldos. FTP and SMTP are simple text based protocols, I show you how to get some files without a graphical FTP-Client. In passive mode, the data connection is initiated by the client sending a PASV command to the FTP server, and the FTP server responds with the IP address and port number where it is listening for the client’s connection request.

The FTP_FTPS Adapter will automatically choose whichever is supported by the FTP server during the secure channel establishment. This may be required when using FTPS with AUTH TLS where the FTP client is behind a DSL or cable-modem router that performs NAT (network address translation).
Choose which version of SOCKS and provide the SOCKS Proxy Host Name, SOCKS Proxy Password, SOCKS Proxy Port, and SOCKS Proxy User Name. I connect to a Sun Solaris v10 FTP server to poll for files and it seems the Sun system is periodically resetting the connection; causing much warnings in the windows event log.
Getting this error message in BizTalk Admin Console “Cannot read transport configuration. Use temporary remote directory to ensure full files are written to final folder.  Ability to check best authentication method to FTP(S) servers.
When the Use Passive Host Address property is set to Yes, the IP address in the PASV response is discarded and the IP address of the remote endpoint of the existing control connection is used instead. If the control channel is encrypted, the router is unable to translate the IP address sent in the PORT command for data transfers. Authentication will succeed if the matching SSH Private Key Path and File Name is provided.  Load a private key from a PEM file. This means that if multiple writers attempt to append data simultaneously, data from the first may be lost. After setting properties, I see a warning message in Application Log and it contains: An unexpected failure occurred while processing a message. By clearing the control channel, the data transfers will remain encrypted, but the FTP commands are passed unencrypted.

The FTP_FTPS Adapter method works by checking to see which combinations result in a successful directory listing download. The FTP_FTPS_SFTP Adapter requires the Host Name, Username, Password, and Port and returns a string containing an XML report of the results.
Data MUST be written atomically so that there is no chance that multiple appenders can collide and result in data being lost.
By choosing Implicit SSL, the FTP_FTPS Adapter connects using SSL on port 990, which is the de-facto standard FTP SSL port.
It is a blocking call that may take approximately a minute to run.  It is executed via the following screen that opens when the ellipses is pressed.
A backup stream is a system dependent structured data stream that encodes all the information that must be preserved in order to restore the file from backup medium.
The only well defined use for backup stream data read in this fashion is to write it to the same server to a file also opened using the backupStream flag. However, if the server has a well defined backup stream format, there may be other uses for this data outside the scope of this protocol.

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