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What I am trying to do is that when user clicks on a button, I want to calculate and display the difference between two dates.
In your sample you are already calculating the business days between the dates when you change the dates with the datepickers. By the way you should also not use dl dd dt tags for the kind of things you are trying to implement.

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How to Calculate Number of days between two calender dates which are in text format in Javascript? What are some waterproof materials that meet my criteria for folding origami stars and cranes eggs? Finding the difference in dates with the DATEDIFF() function is simple if you have two date dimensions. The trick here is to compute the difference between each date and a constant reference date. From the Dimensions pane, drag Date to the Columns shelf.From the Measures pane, drag Difference in Dates to Text on the Marks card. On the Marks card, right-click AGG(Difference in Dates) and select Quick Table CalculationA > Difference. Get detailed answers and how-to step-by-step instructions for your issues and technical questions.
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For the button click, you have to change the way you implemented: use click on submit button, not submit. However, in some cases you might have only one date field, and you want to calculate the difference in dates within that field. Then use a quick table calculation on this computation to show the difference between dates in your date field.
As long as the dates in your data are later than this reference date, you should not expect any negative values.
If you wanted to calculate years or days, replace month with year or day in the above calculation. Also make sure to replace the [Date] field in this example with the name of the date field in your data (which is listed under Fields in the Calculated Field dialog box).

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