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Obviously I wouldn’t recommend picking your dating style based on what is cheapest (there was an episode on Extreme Cheapskates about someone who dates on the ultra-cheap, and there’s no doubt that he will be eternally single if he truly behaves that way). But dating tends to be more expensive in the beginning of a relationship: that stage when you are getting to know each other and are not feeling comfortable together just yet. On the other hand, when you’re dating casually, you’re in that beginning stage with every single person you meet. Whether you try one of the naughty dating sites aimed at casual dating and one-night stands, or a dating site aimed at finding a romantic long-term partner, either way your membership will cost about the same.
Of course, you will meet people with very different intentions depending on the site you join, and this may also have an impact on your costs. When it comes to finances, there is a definite expense you don’t have to worry about in casual dating: gifts! Roses, anniversary gifts, chocolates… long term relationships can slowly eat at the pocket. There are also other expenses to worry about: shopping for food, trips, inviting your date out, gas, and so on. One thing is for certain: even though dating can be expensive, experiencing love, flirtation, flings, meeting new people or getting to know someone on a deeper level is priceless and worth every cent spent!
I was never really a casual dater, though I know a lot of women who loved casually dating, and still do, if only for the free dinners.
A casual dater isn’t my kind of thing, I have always been more into some far more serious.

When my husband and I started dating, he had just been laid off, so we had lots of cheap or free dates. We're Dana, Ronnie and Jess, three frugal ladies who are all about saving money and finding great deals.
Here you’ll find us taking on the world of travel, shopping, entertainment, weddings, and more - but all from the perspective of being female and on a budget.
BuzzFeed contributor Grace Holliday and writer Flo Perry illustrate what casual dating versus being in a serious relationship looks like via this amusing collection of drawings. Many can likely relate to these evolving behaviors, including feeling comfortable performing some of the most unglamorous behaviors in front of your other half, telling it like it is and placing a different level of emphasis on personal grooming. You can also check out these comical drawings that reveal the unrealistic expectations that porn creates in men. When interviewing for a professional position at a traditional company, it's always important to dress professionally and to dress in your best business attire, regardless of the dress code of the organization. Once you’re in the relationship longer, dates transition from parties and restaurants to sitting at home watching a movie eating home-made pasta. For example, one-night stands may be very direct and to-the-point, requiring no actual date. Yes, in a long term relationship you need to think of gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, or just to randomly show your love. These can all add up, and chances are that in a long term relationship, they will be adding up more frequently.

Everyone dates differently and how you spend your money in dating is an individual issue based on your personal decision-making. We all date differently so one way would be more expensive for some and the other way would be more epxpensive for others. For other more casual workplaces, business casual attire is more appropriate.Dress Appropriately for Your WorkplaceAfter you have accepted the job offer, you may be working in an environment where business casual or just plain casual is appropriate workplace attire. In some cases, business casual attire means pressed khakis and a button-down long-sleeved shirt.
I wrote an article in the past about  the cost of online dating sites and why they are worth the investment. She loves to figure out how to spend less money and takes on the challenge of finding great deals and cheaper options every day. Regardless of whether you are going on casual dates or long term dating, you’re bound to go out on dates, and these activities will cost money. I tend to be a little more frugal and come up with cheaper or free ways for us to spend some quality time…so between the two it works out.
One classic bracelet or ring, for example, will impress your interviewer or employer more than an armful of bangles or rings on every finger.

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